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Warning: NSFW... or anywhere
Tiffany from K-Pop Ranter inched slowly into the cold, dark room, her eyes circling the expanse, reassuring herself that there was nothing there to stop her as she put her eyes on the prize. She sighed with relief on her face, her breath having the sweet scent like kitten turds and a newborn oxen's glistening hiney in the moonlight, a smile planted on her face and her member kicking in the depths of her pants excitedly, waiting to go out (lol). 
Stop, she heard quietly, one of those tiny angel things you only see in delusions and when you get too high appearing on her left shoulder, a frown on its face. It's not right.
But as she was just about to hold herself back, a microscopic devil appeared on her other shoulder, egging her on with a loud and thundering "Do it!"
She nodded her head in agreement, continuing her walk towards the laptop in the corner of the room and shuddered at its beauty, shielding her eyes in case she got too excited but continued onward. When she finally got to it she smiled and took off all her clothes, pooping on the computer screen in content and satisfying her member with the action.


You might think what you read up there is seriously odd, but honestly, that's about what 90% of K-Pop fanfictions have except with both better quality writing and a fluent English speaker writing it. I'm not going to lie, I've been one of those people who would write about my oppars (*cough* SHINee, specifically) in a NSFW mannered-fanfiction, random twists and dips of delusion jam-packed into around a hundred chapters that actually managed to garner more than 550 subscribers in the holy grail of K-Pop fanfictions, asianfanfics. However, after my nearly year of putting my odd, overly dramatic thoughts on the Internet, I stopped. Why? Because not only would I look back at myself and be like 'dafuq did I just read' and realize that it was from my own two hands on my own keyboard, but I truly do think there's a bit more behind fanfictions than just the measly "oppar! kiss juseyo? wow daebak, gomawo oppar saranghae".

As taken from the handy-dandy wikipedia (which can sometimes be a fanfiction itself... once upon a time when the B2ST's Yoseob page was a clusterfuck of fangirls hidden desires), a guy by the name of Lev Grossman told TIME magazine his own definition of a fanfiction.
Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

Which is completely true: fanfictions aren't for money, are written solely by fans to give to other fans and of course, if literature was recreated to match the ideals of pop-culture junkies in a sealed bunker, it would be a definitely fanfiction... or juice. But to take away from the obvious, is there an underlying meaning between fanfictions and what they reflect on the person?

As taken from tumblr, this is basically how every single SHINee fanfiction goes and I can't even say I don't agree with it because it's quite an accurate depiction:

i want banana milk~
whats masturbating?
im so innocent hehehe

*waves around a spatula*
omg i love shopping and im such a DIVA
taeminnie is my son~
i-its not like im in love you b-babo
minho get away from my son!

ugh i love him but ill never tell him
no taemin is too innocent
help me jonghyun hyung
help me onew hyung
i love him key and theres nothing you can do about it

i love chicken
yes minho, taemin likes you back
yes jonghyun, key likes you back
why am i always in the middle of all this shit?
did you say chicken?
key are we having chicken for dinner?

key lets have sex
god im so hot
key, sex, now
i love you

With every fanfiction, there's a pot of gold at the end of it:
It caters to the fan base whether or not they'll be emotionally fucked afterwards.

Your writing technique develops drastically and you self-teach yourself the right and wrong in writing stories if you want to be an author... or a blogger. Not to mention, it can definitely assist in boosting confidence depending on the amount of subscribers and love you manage to grasp onto, you, feeling more 'needed' in the world in a sense because of the numerous comments asking you to 'update plz, unnir' (even though you updated literally five seconds ago) and you gaining more 'popularity' and love through the virtual world of fanfiction... some people actually might be lacking that in real life from loved ones or peers in school.

However, the negatives are somewhat indigestible:
Most fanfictions tend to kind of demoralize one main character and can be a mirror image of what the person sees themselves as or their thoughts. There's always that one side that's the confident and cocky side, harsh and egoistic... most likely the person who's not the protagonist but rather, the protagonist's lover which is usually the idol that they're writing about, and not only do they tend to over-exaggerate the actions and emotions of the human being, but it somewhat leaves an impression that 'this is what the idol acts like in real life' especially if you see it as a common theme in most fanfictions (I literally thought Jonghyun was a sex maniac for the longest time) and it goes against the bitter reality. Likewise, if the protagonist's lover is instead a loving, caring and innocent being, it again makes the reader and sometimes even the writer a bit gullible, somewhat believing that's the truth to it all when it's not.

Yet, with the protagonist's character, they're usually weaker, feeble, innocent and so easy to break down and take advantage of kind of person. This character actually is a mirror image of the person writing, whether or not it was intended, some elements even deriving from the writer like the height, the hair color or basically, the whole body (the picture comparing Stephanie Meyer's physical aspects to her written character, Bella Swan, makes it seem like Twilight was just a big, long fanfiction). And with these rape-influenced and guy-grabs-a-hold-of-girl-and-forces-her-to-do-something elements, not only can it show the writer's personal well... desire for some type of forced sex but also can reflect the writer's insecurity and inferiority towards others, so if they were faced a situation as brutal as that one in real life, instead of choosing from the fight or flight method, they'd most likely resort to the freeze-and-have-whatever-happen-to-me route, not even trying because of course, they're weak and useless beings, anyway, and need someone stronger than them to help them with their way of life and teach them lessons of sex (what's weird is that in fanfictions, after a brutal attack the person is usually never even murdered and left to live, that not happening in real life all the time...).

Likewise, as seen on the Marcus Butler and Tyler collaboration video pasted above which shows what happens with the fanfic-ee reads the fanfic-er's fanfiction, it obviously gives them a bit of discomfort at the thought of people even having these kinds of fantasies and write them down for the whole world to see... people actually reading them (to be honest, I wonder if English speaking idols read their own fanfictions).

To conclude, whether it's horny fangirls trying to get off on simple words due to their inability of having that 'perfect'--exaggerated and unrealistic--moment in real life or just a simple joke, fanfiction can actually basically 'peer into one's soul' and reproduce the writer's inner desires, some for the best and some for the worst. With those typical haughty rich kid characters, painless anal sex, rape-like themes as well as lack of pregnancies for sexual actions despite no one wearing protection or the dude just conveniently finding a spare rubber after falling into the abyss of hell and climbing back unscathed, fanfictions can dull the reality for most people and sometimes even make people believe that a reoccurring thing is true, whether it's Onew eating chicken 24/7 or it's the fact that whenever you're raped, you actually enjoy it, have about fifty orgasms not including the partner's and of course, walk away happily without a bullet lodged in your noggin or a knife slashing inside your throat. Though I'm not against fanfiction-creating because hey! If the writer wants to do what they want, who am I to judge? as well as the fact that once upon a sad time, I actually wrote 2 of them (internally shuddering), but I'm simply pointing out that while every fanfiction is roses, orgies and a happily ever after, at the end, it's surreal, comes from the writer's inner thoughts, can cause them to dull or perceive reality in an unrealistic way and well... it's way too good to be true.

What do you think of fanfictions? Cray or yay? Comment below!

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  1. That is why I stopped reading fanfics. And you are right kpopranter, onew chicken jokes are getting old...I think ;-;

  2. In all honesty, fanfictions are a guilty pleasure of mine. Whether fluff, angst or comedy. And the clichés... they so cliche to the point that I enjoy them XD

  3. It's fine! No worries xD! I can understand though because it's a great way to pass time and actually... some fanfiction writers aren't half-bad (others are seriously just crappy and should enroll in some writing classes)

  4. I left fanfics almost 1.5 years ago and somehow reread my works a few days ago. Um. Insert awkward laugh. While I don't think I suck, I do plead guilty to cheesy cliches. And to think I'm almost tempted to write for my new-ish fandom.........


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