Posted by : Anonymous August 21, 2013

Heartstrings - 넌 내게 반했어

What did I like about it?

Good music, eye-candy, well-known actors, sweet (yet stereotype) storyline. What I liked the most was and will always be the music. The OST 'you've fallen for me', which by the way is also the actual translation for the Korean name of the drama, is sweet and catchy. The other songs they played and sung throughout the drama found their way in my heart too. 'The Stupid' the band the main actor is the vocalist of, is portrait by CNBlue (my favorite Korean band ;D). 

What did I NOT like about it?
Yong-Hwa's character.. He was a jerk, and not even the sort of jerk who has a reason to be one. He had no oh so sad background story which could bring him some sympathy, oh no, he was just the poor guy who had so many fan-girls that even the 'ugly' ones wanted to talk to him..and he doesn't like ugly girls.. 
The ending. To be honest, until now I only found one ending (white christmas) I liked and loved, but that's it. What is it with Korean dramas and their sucky endings? It's so obvious and cliche, boring and sappy and just not enjoyable.

Even though Park Shin Hye, one of Korea's best actresses played the lead, my favorite Korean band and my favorite female model Woo Ri took part in it, it wasn't all that good. It had it's cute moments and quite the High School Musical feel to it, but there wasn't much more. I've seen better and was quite disappointing.

2 out of 5 stars for 'Heartstrings'

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  1. I admit the show has a bit of a cliche ending but I think its such a good show. Its so good that I watch it 5 times already, now lie. Its my 3rd favorite K-Drama of all time!<3


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