Site News: Site Down, Site Up

If you're reading this post, you have made it past the K-Pop Ranter apocalypse. If you are reading this post, the site is back up because this post has been written when the site was down and I'm just a hopeful fucker waiting for the site to come up again. If you're reading this post, I really appreciate that you've came back to visit the site after the scare. For avid readers of this blog, you have seen that basically this whole week, the blog has been down. I feel like I was the last person to know about this--the blog being down, at least. I was on vacation (still there) and didn't even realize it until approximately three to four days after it went down and was so confused.

Apparently, the site had something that triggered Blogger to remove it. Well, I'm going to take a guess and think that it was because of the advertisements (I was too noob to use Adsense which is a Google advertisement thing and used this random advertisement site) and really, I didn't really know if the ads were a pain in the back side for you guys because I don't visit my site page regularly. What I visit is the author studio where you write posts, change the layout and so-on-and-so-forth (I only go on when replying to comments).

Anyway, the site should be cleared now. 

In fact, when Blogger locked the site, they had to scan through the site to make sure it's safe prior to putting it back up so I'm sure it's safe right now. 

I'm sincerely sorry if something happened to your computer. 

I'm new to this blogging thing and learning everything on my own without any help or long-term mentor and don't really know the lefts or rights of blogging so don't think I'm like Lord Voldemort trying to inflict pain. I'm just a female young adult, interested in music and intrigued by Oreo ice cream Popsicle thingies who's bored out of her mind and finds a hobby talking to herself through long ass text posts and gets excited when like one person comments. In fact, like I really don't know what I'm doing when I blog so this locking thing kind of got me a bit shaken and I texted my only friend who even knew I blogged about South Korean men and the writer Andi. 

Like, really, yoU DON'T UNDERSTAND. This site is like my pride and joy cause I'm a weirdo and I'm so happy that even though this site isn't as popular as other sites, I can express my opinions which are unpopular and can get people agreeing with what I'm saying or disagreeing or whatever. As I stated above, I'm a noob. Like, level five on Runescape type of noob. Like, Katara from Avatar kind of noob because she was, in my opinion, the most useless person on Avatar. Like, person who doesn't even know how to throw a plasma bomb on Halo 3 kind of noob.

I don't know what I'm saying, I'm just rambling on.

So yeah.
Hope you read this without choking.
The site is up. It will stay up until... whenever.

Is Dancing a Talent?

To dance. When asking Google's definition, the exact defining words are given as so: move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps, with the synonyms (that aren't really up-to-par, in my opinion) being sway, trip, twirl, whirl, pirouette and gyrate. When asking a normal person's definition, it would probably be similar to the scientific, wordy phrase used by the biggest website in the world. However, if questioning a Korean pop fan their definition of this "movement of music", there would be two different answers being fought over across the board: Dancing is moving to the rhythm and beat, following a tune, and requires hardwork and practice to improve because it is a talent, and, dancing is moving to the rhythm and beat, following a tune, and requires hardwork and practice to improve because it most definitely is not a talent. And while there is a constant argument throughout the Korean pop fandom (under all the fanwars and jitters over whether a new comeback is awesome, of course) questioning which statement is the most valid, I want to go into this further and confirm which side is correct: is dancing a talent or not.

We can all dance.
But we can't all dance well.

We always say this about singing, whether or not someone is trying to prove that singing is more than just breathing out a note or making harmonious sound in conjunction to the track their playing, however, whenever someone says the same about dancing, there is always backlash coming from the other side. Now, now, I'm not saying that the other side is wrong, however, this statement is true.

We can all dance, of course.
But we can't all dance well, and therefore, should give the good dancers props for being able to well, move their bodies better than we can.

But, because I'm a fan of Google definitions, I took the liberty to try to prove the claim as to whether or not dancing is actually a talent, looking at the sentence as if it was actually 'dancing = talent' and wanting to know what the actual, factual definition of talent was in order to continue going on with this blog post. Here's what I came up with (I made sure to link the Google definitions if you guys think I'm just pulling these out of my ass):

If you can't read that or emitted horrifying screams after seeing my smiley face with a moustache, the relevant definition of talent is as so: natural aptitude or skill (Aptitude's definition: natural ability to do something). Look at my other opened tab, natural's definition. Since I'm too lazy to create another masterpiece of the definition of natural, here is the most relevant adjective definition of natural (since natural is used as an adjective defining talent):
existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.
basically, this means that you are born with it.

This is not something training can bring to you.
This is not something vocal lessons can bring to you.
This is not something that fans can pretend you have.

This is something that you have been gifted with.

A talent is natural.

All the stans of any group but SPICA, Ailee or Brown Eyed Girls (i.e. not known for dance) getting shaky now

What does this mean, though?

Dancing can be a talent as a talent can be dancing. Some people are naturally born with being flexible, for example, SHINee's Key who noted something about him dancing to the beat at his audition. However, for some idols, it's not the case. It's virtually impossible for some idols to be considered 'full of talent in dancing' because they inherited the talent for dancing through training.

They did not come our from their mother's womb knowing how to dance perfectly. In fact, knowing most of these idols, they probably did not come out of the mother's womb knowing how to do anything at all but look pretty.

You cannot fucking sit here and tell me SM Entertainment took YoonA because she was talented in anything. I'm not hating against YoonA. It's just that she's the perfect example in this case. She exhibits confidence and likeability (aka she'll be able to make money) in her audition if anything... but if you call that talent, Hyoyeon must be a fucking god in dancing. A fucking god.

There's no hard feelings against idols who learned how to dance however, using YoonA as a perfectly good example as shown in the audition clip above. Clearly, she was not a good dancer then however, improved to be a good dancer now. Is she talented? By definition, no. She's currently a good dancer, yes, a better dancer than I could be anyday (here SONEs, I self-depricated, happy now or are you going to argue with me that YoonA is actually talented?) however, she is not talented. There is no skill. No skill that was naturally given to her at birth but was rather learned in years and years of practice. 

And there are tons of other idols that fall into that mold, this, not just applying to YoonA but rather, to many other idols in dancing... as well as in different 'talents' like singing and rapping.

To conclude, dancing is a talent. Dancing can be a natural apititude or skill you are blessed with at birth. However, the word talent is flung around like a rag doll without people actually knowing what they're saying. Many idols are not 'talented' in dancing, singing, rapping, etc. but are rather 'good' at it. Of course, there are idols who do have talent in their specific skill however, the majority rules;

The majority (not all) of Korean pop idols whom are not talented in singing and can dance well are not talented in dancing but are rather, good at it. They improve their dancing overtime in training and there's nothing wrong with that. 

"The K-Pop Effect" - Plastic Surgery: A Positive or Negative Force?

It's undeniable--K-Pop has gone global, it's largest anchor being none other than PSY's fantastically viral hit song, Gangnam Style, which not only placed #2 on the iTunes chart (much higher up than any other K-Pop song known to man) but also, replaced Justin Bieber's Baby as the most watched YouTube video, LMFAO Party Rock anthem as the most liked and other celebrities who were releasing songs as the most talked about at that moment in time. But rather than thinking of simply the 'one-hit-wonder or two-hit-wonder, still-more-hits-than-your-biases', why don't we look more in the depths of the music, analyzing and viewing the positive and negative effects of not only K-Pop itself, but the Hallyu Wave and figuring out this question's answer: Is the K-Pop effect a positive or a negative force?

Us international fans mostly forget about Korea or simply, don't have a good view and make up the opinion of what Korean's think through netizen comments that have 100 likes and simple assumptions and guesstimates so to say, not really upholding the true effect of K-Pop. K-Pop in Korea can best be described as a 'fascination', hooking people with their catchy songs and receiving love with their outstanding and charming looks, the influence of how K-Pop infects daily lives otherwise known as 'The K-Pop Effect' , inheriting its name from SBS's Dateline. Watch the clip below which projects the actual effect of K-Pop on national Korean citizens starring the lovely Annie Ko of LOVEXSTEREO who was also interviewed by us and asked a question pertaining to her views on surgery.

Teenagers are the biggest victims of the K-Pop effect anywhere including the origin of South Korea, everyone knowing about Girls' Generation or Big Bang regardless of what age group they belong to (which is similar to that of your country knowing of the biggest pop artist--everyone not liking them but everyone acknowledging their existence), but the young ones usually being the most gullible and influenced. As seen in the video and can easily summarize the 16 minute clip, appearance is a huge and key factor for normal people especially for ones who acknowledge the existence of K-Pop. Most normal people apparently resort to plastic surgery as said by a Korean female in the clip who has lived overseas in America and most inspired by their favorite idols to get plastic surgery. To be honest, it's hard to escape the 'pressure to be perfect' when your favorite celebrities have gone through changes that are inexplicable when judging from past photos, idols being simply everywhere as stated in this article pertaining to idol actors.

Nevertheless, a Korean female who's otherwise known as 'JW Cinderella' of the JW plastic surgery clinic whom had actually went under the knife revealed her side of the story:
If you have a complex, you should have a surgery and be free from the complex, I strongly recommend. Of course, each person has their own beauty. However, surgery could improve their complex, it will be good.
I agree with this to an extent, plastic surgery can free you from a complex and will be good if it does. But from the popular MTV show Girl Code, the girls decoded plastic surgery and the cast members even said things that can be summarized like this:

Makeup can fix anything plastic surgery can fix but plastic surgery is permanent. They can screw up surgery but if you're good at makeup, it'll be okay.

Maybe we should all be like Tanisha
But with Korean women as well as almost every single woman in the world, make-up just isn't enough. Yes, you can probably add maybe one or two points onto your attractiveness scale out of ten but believe me, after you take up all that eyeliner, foundation, concealer and mascara off of your face at night and look at yourself in the mirror, you just think you see a terrible, little monster that just happens to be you. 


Because the media influences you to aim for perfection, all of those women who are a size 0, have the most radiant looking faces and are marketted as goddesses change your view on yourself. 

Which is exactly what K-Pop does to women.

And that's the thing.
Now whether the strive to be perfect is a positive or negative force is debatable. I mean, of course, there are some cases where it could drive a woman to be less lazy and care more about herself, maybe taking a jog once in a while and actually washing and moisturizing her face. However, with the plethora of Korean women (and I mean plethora) throwing their money out of their pockets in order to get a straighter nose, larger eyes and a prettier smile just because of a few women on the television screen, I want to say that the K-Pop Effect definitely is not something positive. And whether or not we can fix the consequences of it is still unknown.

My Thoughts on Hyomin's Nice Body

Better late than never, Hyomin came out with a solo music video some time ago, shaking her barely-existent ass without shame and giving off a Marina and the Diamonds' Primadonna vibe (I recommend clicking that link if you disliked Nice Body) but without the satire. Since I'm late, if you haven't watched it, shame on you. If you have, here's the video below again to refresh your memory.

I've been waiting. Waiting to release this article. It's been weeks since T-ara's newest project, soloist Hyomin, was released and I probably watched that music video in horror about as many times as I blink. No, this isn't a STELLAR's Marionette-like review where I pity the girls since they're simply trying to rise to the top after failed comeback after failed comeback. This debut lost my sympathy after I realized what the hell was going on...and what was happening wasn't at all great.

Hyomin. She's my bias in T-ara. She's secretly the girl I yearn to scissor with. She's undeniably amongst the most attractive, if not, the most attractive female in the group. And she's the one who blew this debut up in flames. 

Regardless of the plagiarism controversy which I honestly could give less fucks about, Hyomin had this chance with Nice Body to create a satirical masterpiece displaying the hardships of women, especially in a country as image-centric as South Korea, as they constantly strive to be the beautiful through horrible acts like anorexia, bulimia and weight loss treatments/pills. I mean, the lyrics were aiming towards it, saying:
You’re so hungry you look like a log
in what seemed like irony. However, she did not use this opportunity to be angry at societal standards like f(x) did, which I appreciate them for, with Red Light. She used this opportunity toliterally boast about having a nice body, not even adding irony or just a small bitter sweet chuckle at the end because apparently, this concept will not only sell more but recover T-ara's tainted image more.

Anyone can realize it with her facial expressions which clearly show how much more sexual prowess one has if they were 40 kilograms rather than a whopping 51.4 kilograms (I just gave my weight for the whole world to see. #teamfatass) which clearly is worth it to impress men who care only for appearance and not inward beauty. 

I just wish Hyomin, instead of shaking what her mother gave her, used this opportunity for the good. I wish she made fun of societal standards and presented a call-to-action (or at least lead us to one) since she was on the right track with this song. It would have been more pleasurable and possibly give the girls more street cred. Also, I'm usually a feminist but she plays as if all guys are idiotic buffoons, really. I've met plenty of sapiophiles in my lifetime (THAT'S THE ONLY WAY I GET MY LERV) as well as guys who don't want women to be size -2 so please.

Likewise, this track did not make me lose respect for her, so don't get me wrong. It's just disappointment since she really could've... stood out amongst the crowd of overly provocative concepts. 

I give this comeback a 2 out of 5. I didn't discuss the music video or song directly but for people who might shit themselves saying this is not a review: the song was average. The tune was not memorable but it was audible for the time being. The music video for the 15 version (the only one I saw) was worse than I anticipated. I thought there'd be more of a story other than 5 seconds of a fat Hyomin at the beginning and ending, but no. Hyomin lost quite a bit of weight, too.

What do you think of Nice Body? Great solo debut or could've been better? Place your comments below and remember to starve yourselves to meet the needs of men!

Review: f(x) - Red Light

The f(x) cats came back with their song Red Light as promised. Following their Pink Tape album, the five girls were looking to go beyond limits and make their craziest concept yet, and with the challenge placed on the table, they clearly accepted it as well as conquered it. Check out the video below... if you dare.

Reviewing while watching the video and listening to the song for the first time:

When you first start the song, the beat they drop is undeniably inviting. I mean, I actually was starting to put off all the comments regarding how sucky this song was until around when Victoria was done rapping/singing/basically talking her part at around 0:50. Of course, it could have been a little cleaner, but for the most part, it was something I could get into with a few listens just like their other songs, especially their last comeback, Rum Pum Pum Pum. The hook came in, a slower tempo, but sounding like it was going to build up to an amazing, indescribable chrous, highlighting and explaining all that is life to the listeners, making us find another reason to love f(x), making us find another reason to know that our anticipation for this comeback was not wasted.

Fuck sense.
And then the chorus came in like a Wrecking Ball. This isn't like Girls' Generation's I Got a Boy shit. No, this is more like 4 Minute's Whatever shit, a sloppier (how can IGAB get even more sloppy) version of the sloppiest possible slop. I literally had to go back and replay this one part about 4 times to realize they were actually being serious. It was by that time that I realized SM Entertainment really actually didn't give two shits about f(x). I mean, for crap's sake, they even reused one of the highlight dance moves (slowly creeping out of line) of their last Rum Pum Pum dance, easily caught by me.

When I time out of my day to even make a gif, you know I'm serious.

Likewise, did no one else catch the recycling of 1984's Apple Macintosh Commercial's concept at approximately 1:53 of the video (approximately 0:34 of the Apple Macintosh video if you're watching it?). WELL, I DID!!1 If that's from a different commercial/video, I'm still in confusion about the implementation of so. 

Anyway, after giving this song a go, I'm completely confused. However, I do realize that some parts of the song actually do by themselves? I mean, it's not horrific. The beginning is tolerable,  harmonizing part of the chorus actually isn't bad, the hook is good but the bridge is probably the largest saving grace of the song.

Elle Goulding... is that you?
Listening to the song about five times without the video:

Anyway, after giving this song a go, I'm completely set to actually like this song a little bit. Just the opposite of what I did with PSY's Gentleman, I'm giving the song a go without the crazy video just to see if it eases the confusion. Aside from the Illuminati-like (fuck, I said it, beat me with a stick, you fucks) concept, it really did seem to add more to the confusion for me therefore, I wanted to give it a chance without it.

Without the video, and listening to it five times (the amount of replays it usually takes me to get to like f(x) songs) the song is more tolerable, but honestly, not the best. It's not something, for me, anyway, that's adjustable like Rum Pum Pum was. It's okay but still a bit... weird? I don't know, maybe because I actually don't like fifty songs in one but the worst part is undeniably the anticlimatic chorus after the building up hook. It's like a... lie, to me. I'm not going to shit myself about my feelings about this song just to get more likes and people not arguing about how completely right I am. I like f(x) but I just don't like this friggin' song. Some parts are insanely good and I wish they built on those individual parts (the hook and the bridge, especially) more than they did so this convulted jungle. I mean, it worked for their other songs but now, they met their quota.

A plus? Luna got much prettier. I don't know but she really did. She's really killing the mysterious, blue-haired elf look. Victoria on the other hand? The Russian con-artist bob cut isn't really working.

All-in-all, not that great of a comeback. The video was good on SM Entertainment video standards, at most, and the song was tolerable at most yet forgettable. If you want, you can watch the live version placed above but... not the best work done by f(x) or on SM's behalf.

Update: However, I just found a really great analysis of the video on Twitter. Long story short, it's about how society's standards are so screwed up and everyone is naturally okay in their own way but we keep striving to meet society's standards. We shouldn't really, though.

I'd put a score below but I really don't know what to put. Out of five stars for this comeback, what would you rate it? Put your comments on the section below!

This gif tho

Let's Get Down to Business: Bom's Drug Scandal

I was initially going to title this: Dispatch is the #1 News Source: Bom is Not a Druggie, and even had a whole article written, ready to be published a few hours ago, however with new speculation about this whole Park Bom drug scandal coming up, I had to change my original rant about... well, everything.

For those of you who haven't been following this blog for long, 2NE1's Park Bom was, is and will always be my ultimate bias alongside Girls' Generation's Tiffany. Maybe I'm just a legs and thighs person (but no buscuits!!) or maybe I'm just a lover of all singers who kind of sound like they have a dick in their nose but still, I am deeply in love with these girls and when I found out that Park Bom was in a scandal, and not just a scandal but one about her abusing drugs, I have to admit, my heart rate soared and I started having uncontrollable flatulence.

But for those of you who also have not followed this blog for long, regardless of who my bias is, I will tell my unbiased, truthful opinions surrounding a scandal and am not a delusional fangirl, therefore, won't jump the 'THIS BITCH IS B-DRUGGIN' nor the 'PARK BOM IS INNOCENT' wagon just yet. To everyone else who is still shitting themselves defending either or side, here's probably the only friggin' fact that is circulating the Internet around this whole scandal.

So please, feel free to stand up from your computer chair, stretch a little, do a little EXO Overdose dance then take a huge, long seat.


For the people jumping at YG Entertainment at this, you have to be among the funniest comments I read on the Internet. What? A company lied and is trying to make their artists' image, an artist who is still racking up money for the company, as crystal clear as possible by making lies and excuses? This is a first in all of entertainment company history!

Regina is just as shocked as I am

Not really. It's a company's job to save an artists' ass. Why? Because without the artists' crystal clear image, they would not even be the kind of money-makers they are now. Of course, there are usually some bruises or hits to their record but for the most part, with a good company not only giving the entertainer discipline as well as excuses whenever they screw up, a performer can sustain years and years of being in the limelight. Though, I usually wouldn't encourage lying, I just feel like it's understandable for them to do so. However, after reading over Yang Hyun Suk's official statement to the press regarding this scandal, I honestly did feel a little bit bad. People are going ape-shit about the part where YHS stated:

...from what I have seen in the 9 years watching over 2NE1, they do not smoke, drink much, or go clubbing for reasons besides official events

but for fuck's fucking sake, exaggeration isn't going to kill anyone. Pull the actual, meaningful stuff from the long ass message he read to the press. Likewise, most media outlets do not even add this part into the YG Entertainment statement because it's irrelevant as hell! It's like people are literally fishing for something even a little bit bad to have severe diarrhea over. Enough for once. 

Likewise, the Dispatch article seems clear to me. All this speculation that Dispatch is being paid by YG Entertainment could be true (or just a rumor for people who want to see a bad ending to this scandal) however, with:

1) Park Bom was never actually even charged with actual reason behind it rather than giving her celebrity treatment
2) The prosecution giving a damn good reason as to why she was not charged and people shitting themselves that this practice is deemed illegal (their rules are selling the drugs to people unprescribed it) however, because it isn't for illegal purposes it becomes a loophole (think medical marijuana)
3) The apparent thing going around that when you catch a celebrity in a crime, you get a raise and all this money bonus stuff so legal teams actually strive to put celebrities behind bars

to me, I really don't think there's much... wrong? I mean, the biggest question to ask is:

Why is this even coming up four years past the date?

Nevertheless, there's a lot of things popping up with this. People are questioning Park Bom's actual age, through Segyo Ilbo, a popular Korean news source along with Dispatch, in which people obviously fail at math because even if you do the math, Park Bom would still be 30 years old in American age since the school mentioned how Bom was 14 in 1998,

Slaying K-Netizens who can't even do simply addition and subtraction since 2014

people wondering if Bom actually did know if the drugs were illegal in South Korea (this one is tricky, we can only use this by word of mouth, to be honest) and people wondering if she really did use the drugs for depression or just for weight loss (I honestly would say that truthfully, she probably used them for depression as I wouldn't doubt that she is/was depressed and either:

a) possibly found out they also came with weight loss
b) labelled them as weight loss pills to not freak out her grandmother with depression pills
c) the news about the pills being as true about the news about Park Bom being approximately five years older than she actually is

However, we will never know the full truth as with every scandal. With the lack of use of pills as stated by prosecution, Park Bom clearly could not have been using the pills for things like getting high or whatnot therefore, the only thing left to question is her personal health. I probably will do an individual post surrounding Park Bom's mental state especially with this news (I wanted to do so prior to this but never found the evidence, now it's here!) and can only tell you guys to stay tuned, stay posted and stay seated if you're planning to shit yourselves on either/or side.

In conclusion, Park Bom may or may not be completely innocent however, what I can take from this?

1) She wasn't actually druggin' (over-consuming the pills; she obviously took them)
2) There's a problem with her health (whether it's mentally or physically)
3) This is just petty news

Hopefully, the people who made fun of Bom for the past few years would quit it because she actually, to me for a long time, seemed to be a sensitive person. She may laugh or not actually admit it, but she probably does get sad at everything that is thrown at her as every single idol. We never know what's going on in the interior regardless of how the exterior acts. Maybe instead of idols reflecting, we should reflect at how low we are. How hypocritical we are. How insane we areAfter we take a moment to vote on the polls below and comment.

Park Bom's Drug Scandal. Innocent or Naw?

Tuesday Talk: Taeyeon & Baekhyun. Your Thoughts?

Hopefully, I don't have to explain much. I trust that you guys, as in-sync with K-Pop as you are, know the situation already (if not, the post about it is a click away). Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO-K's Baekhyun are dating. It's been confirmed by SM Entertainment. It's been talked about by Taeyeon on Instagram in which she felt remorseful for it coming out the way that it did. It's been 'Dispatch-ed', with images of even the two snoodling up in a car and kissing each other. So for all the crazies who believe it ain't so, for fuck's sake, screw your head on tighter. 

Anywho, this dating news has been getting a lot of talk lately so I want to see what you guys think about it. There's no right or wrong answer. There's no shaming or angry mobs surrounding your house if you go against the relationship or support it. 

It's all you.

Don't know whether to be sexually aroused or
 confused because of this gif.
What do you think of the Taeyeon and Baekhyun relationship? All the components: the reaction towards it, the way it came to light, the Taestagram/Baekstagram... everything.

Give me your thoughts of the relationship below.

End of the Era: Girls' Generation ft. Taeyeon & Baekhyun

Girls' Generation has gotten themselves into a whole bunch of dating rumors this year however, this one gave them their biggest blow yet. Despite all the little 'ranters' guessing that Jessica or Yuri will be the next one in Girls' Generation to come out with dating news, it was actually Girls' Generation's leader, Taeyeon, who we all thought would, if she did end up to be dating, come out with it gracefully... as she is the leader, after all. But alas! She did not! And as we all probably should know by now, her relationship with EXO-K boy, Baekhyun, gave both groups a painful blow, fans feeling betrayed (as usual) but also the general public being sickened by the lovebirds' actions, similar to INFINITE's Myungsoo casual but painful use of Twitter to communicate with his then girlfriend. Regardless, both groups are popular however, Taeyeon's group has been around for nearly a decade when Baekhyun's has been for only around three years yet with both sides getting the hate, I want to decode the reasons why people are viewing this one differently than the other Girls' Generation dating scandals.

1. This scandal busted Taeyeon's act

Remember the post I did a few months ago about how I was scared for Taeyeon's well being? She seemed like she was about to crack at any moment! On all kinds of Girls' Generation appearances, Taeyeon did not seem like her usual idol self... which is seemingly nothing different than the rest of Girls' Generation's recent behaviors as they are now starting to realize that no matter what they do, they have a group of fans who will be with them (read the article about how idols should not treat fans like crap for some reference) therefore, different from back in their debut days, they now give bored, gloomy and tiredsome faces. However, Taeyeon's was different, as she constantly complained about loneliness, making people sympathize the fact that idols were not supposed to date. But, just like Sooyoung how literally the day before her own dating news came out, she complained about how she was lonely in response to YoonA's dating news, fans felt kind of betrayed that they were fooled into thinking that she did not have a significant other and that she was getting depressed because she did not have a significant other. I mean, I actually feel a bit betrayed, too, because I usually don't even show empathy but I did for Taeyeon's case and I'm not even a Taeyeon fan! 

2. Taeyeon acted immaturely being the fact that she is the senior & Baekhyun betrayed his already betrayed group

Despite the first one being my own sentiments, this one seems to be more of the general public's feels as they believe that Taeyeon should have acted more 'maturely' for her age being that she's ten years into the music business while he's barely even touching his second. She should have taken into account that EXO is just rising in popularity and that they are still in the midst of a scandal in which people were sympathizing Baehyun for. ¿¡Why would Baekhyun, during the midst of the Krisis (Kris vs. SM Entertainment scandal), even think about doing stuff that is remotely human?! Why would Baekhyun go out and do the naughty with Taeyeon when he should be remorseful in his dorm as the public is sympathizing him and his other ten group mates and should take advantage of the situation to get more popularity and fans (this one is actually a serious question)? And why the hell make it so. damn. obvious? Taeyeon should have acted different instead of making it so obvious, different from the other girls, being that she's the leader and should be the most responsible. Taeyeon should have realized that Baekhyun's group is in a situation right now that should not have scandals towards the remaining members of the group and realize that Baekhyun is a rising star. Baekhyun should have realized that the lie about being '35 years old before dating' really hurt gullible fans being that he was the first in EXO to have such a scandal. No one was really expecting him to wait till 35 but he was the first so it put a bigger blow.

3. They messed with their fans

Taking this all from Netizenbuzz, long story short, fans feel betrayed. Instagram, by Taeyeon's definition, was a way to communicate with fans. But instead, she fooled fans and communicated with Baekhyun in numerous posts as did Baekhyun. Fans dug out a lot of places where they communicated/made their relationship obvious (summarized from the same Netizenbuzz article. The astericked ones are ones that I'm somewhat iffy about correlating to dating):

a) Baekhyun and Taeyeon's similar Instagram IDs
Baekhyun had put on his Instagram, ExO, not EXO like the others. Why? E and O in English look like the first letters of the first syllables of Taeyeon's name ㅌ and ㅇ in Korean. Because he naughty, naughty.

"I like you. Can I like you?"

b) Taeyeon's ruthless post about liking Baekhyun/being in a relationship with him.
She put that fugly doll in the picture as a distraction/excuse. She's asking if she can like him because she realizes they're both celebrities and this going to the public can ruin them both.

c) The trip for my dreams, Pikachu!
Long story short, after Kris left the group, fans made the slogan 'This is the beginning' to give the guys strength. He put the picture on Instagram of the slogan as well as, as translated by the same Netizenbuzz article, 'This is the beginning! For my dream! The trip for my dreams! Pikachu! This is the beginning!'. Fans were gullible into thinking this was starting a new and the guys found strength but in actuality, before, Taeyeon wrote 'This is my beginning now for my dream~ The trip for my dreams pikachu'. aka they dun fucked

d) Baekhyun posted 'Euri'. 
Taeyeon later posted 'Very eurieurie shikye drink! Euri #Euri'. If you don't know, Euri doesn't mean shit in Korean but it must be an inside joke for the two.

You're eating sugary snacks?! You're betraying us!
e) Taeng kyung very mang ching*
Okay, I don't really understand this one that much/correlate it with the scandal. Taeyeon received a special made Starbucks cup from her fans. For saying thanks, she said 'Taeng kyung very mang ching'. Everyone is blowing shit up since Taenggo is her nickname for fans and Baekyung is his therefore, she must be making a couple name.

f) The famous oreos*
Taeyeon posted, a day before the news, oreos. Baek means black and Hyun means white in Korean. Oreos for Baekhyun, by fans point of view... or maybe Taeyeon was just hungry for oreos.

g) Birthday se--flowers
On Baekhyun's birthday, Taeyeon posted birthday flowers as well as a heart.

h) They went to see Seohyun's musical.
Suho saw Seohyun's musical the day before, but apparently being that Taeyeon was going, Suho went again the next day with Taeyeon in clutch.

i) Taeyeon posted a picture of light.*
Taeyeon posted a picture of light when she went to the beauty salon on Instagram. We all know Baekhyun's power in EXO is light. MUST BE A CODE FOR BAEK DICK.

j) Kyahing
Kyahing means nothing, just a cute thing for Taeyeon to say to fans. However, Baekhyun was seen using Kyahing when talking to his fans on EXO's 2 year anniversary.

Though there are other more subtle reasons (fans just mad cause they're dating), these seem to be the most prominent. People are getting testy with the Taeyon and Baekhyun kissing picture (apparently, Hyori mentioned that when pictures go out to the public and the company admits to the dating, that means there are pictures far worse than revealed to the public. This has to be one of the most 'sexual' images for a idol dater to reveal... a kissing image... therefore, if they are kissing in a car and if Hyori's claim is true, who knows what more they could have done in that hot and steamy Benz?), people are feeling betrayed just because they don't like idols dating... all in all, a bunch of negativity for the two, people were also getting mad because with all the dating controversy in Girls' Generation, they felt like Taeyeon was the last source of singleness that they had left (since apparently, they don't want Seohyun, YuriSunny or Jessica). And although I would be happy and all for the two dating, there's something inside me that actually understands were the betrayed people are coming from (probably because I feel a bit betrayed, too).

Likewise, I just want to bring light on my old articles that I wrote when Tiffany's dating scandal was revealed, asking if Girls' Generation is on decline as well as my hypothesis for Girls' Generation's future and how long it would take for them to disband/who would still be famous post-disbandment. Now that this scandal broke out what do you think? Is Girls' Generation on decline and how long do they have left? Comment below and don't forget to vote!

Girls' Generation on Decline. How Long do They Have Left?

Review: PSY ft. Snoop Dogg - Hangover

After Gentleman, I gave PSY the benefit of the doubt to deliver one more awesome song that is comparable to Gangnam Style. I mean, Gentleman wasn't that bad but was obviously worse than Gangnam Style therefore, ol' PSY oppar still has some juice left to concoct a memorable, amazing, fucktastic song that promotes Korean culture and makes me less ashamed to admit that I am a Korean Pop fan to my narrow-minded peers, right? 


Wasting the second chance (I'm giving him three, his new single entitled 'Daddy' said to come out within the next few months), PSY featuring ol' Snoop Lion (more like Snoop Lion featuring ol' PSY, to be honest) released a boring, mundane, mainstream and less entertaining song than the previous two, PSY falling to rock bottom while he's trying to meet the expectations reached with Gangnam Style and no longer deserving my defensive pleas against said 'haters'. If you want to watch the trainwreck of a song, go ahead, it's right below. However, I don't advise anyone who wants to keep their ears intact to listen to this... mess.

Realistically, I'd give the unfunny music video some slack if it was accompanied by a fun song and vice-versa, however, I can't even slide in some pity slack. This was a waste of time. 

I thought it was PSY's comeback. Not Snoop Doop's. Regardless, no one took interest in whoever's song it was being that Snoop sang/rapped/basically talked the lines of the verse and PSY only basically took over the chorus, the exact opposite of the smashing American hit that is my guilty pleasure entitled Fancy, with Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX however, Charli XCX rightfully being the featuring artist therefore only getting the chorus while Iggy took over the verses.

Wet PSY is becoming a bit dry in comedy

The music video rightfully portrayed Korean drinking culture however, and that's the only applaud I can give to this shameful piece of shame even though it did anger some Korean citizens, blinded by the pure facts that they're reckless when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. However, it added a bit of a more American hint to it, the video, somewhat reminding me of Trey Songz's Bottoms Up in meaning and going into the large pile of mainstream songs.

The only memorable part of this? 'Hangover, hangover, hangover, hangover-over-over~'. I'm not even going to mention the bend over they tack on to the end of the only good part of this song (kind of like Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, the memorable parts outweighing the disgusting parts) because that's a whole other rant that I can go on for days about, including the new trend for American pop/rap artists to include the phrases relating to 'If yo girl don't swallow kids, man, that ho basic' (that's Juicy J and his basic ass for you) in which girls are simply objects.

Nonetheless, ol' Psyduck tried. But he failed. I mean, I'm not exactly against PSY because I mean, he is spreading culture around for eevryone but I wish that he didn't try so hard. Try a different concept for once, dammit! I suggest something a bit more slow because these dance pop songs just aren't working for you anymore, ol' buddy. Likewise, to sum, I believe that this has got to be one of PSY's worse songs and the viralness of this video is... undetermined.

What did you think of Hangover? Loved it? Hated it? Comment below and tell the reasons why you loved/hated it! Also, vote on the poll below.

PSY's Hangover. Opinions?

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