Tuesday Talk: Who'll Be the Next in SNSD to Reveal They're Dating?

The Girls' Generation girls are falling down like bowling pins when it comes to revealing their relationships. After YoonA and Sooyoung revealed theirs at the very beginning of the year, it was almost every fan of the group was sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next person to reveal their relationship, Tiffany coming out with her relationship with Nickhun not even a few weeks ago, Hyoyeon revealing she had recently broken up with an actor literally a decade older than her and Jessica allegedly in a relationship with a supposed asshole which was declined by SM Entertainment since of course, there were no pics so it couldn't have happened.
On the side of the site however, since the beginning of April, there has been a poll in result of the company confirming Tiffany's relationship of the reader's view as to who would be the next Girls' Generation girl to reveal their relationship. And although there were votes for literally everyone who's name was shown on the poll (Sunny having only one vote as of now which was surprising to me), there was one name that stuck out the most:

Girls' Generation's Jessica, currently gathering more than half of the total votes while the second runner up, Yuri literally has less than a third of her votes.

But my question to you, readers, is why you picked Jessica? I'm not saying that isn't the person who I guessed--in fact, if I had to say someone, I would say Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny were going to be the next people in that order. However, I want to know your sentiments towards this topic because I am actually really curious.

Why, if you chose Jessica, do you believe she would be the next to release being in a relationship/why do you think Jessica is in a relationship?
And for the people who were not thinking Jessica, why did you pick otherwise and why do you think your person would be the next to reveal their relationship/are in a relationship?

Comment below in the only place you can comment--the comment box below.
I'm honestly looking forward to your sentiments.

Comment-Ception; Is Girls' Generation on Decline?

The couple whom everyone, except rowdy KhunToria shippers, already knew were a "thing", has recently confirmed that they are actually a "thing" to the media. 2PM's Nickhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany are now the fourth confirmed to have-happened-at-least-once relationship, with Girls' Generation's YoonA, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon whom we have speculated was dating on a previous article, anyway, in the lead. This couple, different than the rest has been met with more than just love: many people are taking Girls' Generation more into account than just the coupling and commenting as to how Girls' Generation is at their last straw. Whether that's true or not, we'll have to wait and see, but for now, I'll mostly focus on these sort of comments as a whole:

[+79, -10] SNSD is slowly on the decline
[+523, -155] SNSD's over now, farewell

And a comment from a regular non-K-netizen: 
i'd say snsd is one step to their downfall.. sones can say its not true but their popularity isnt only about their fans

Even Girls' Generation's Yuri has pointed out the validity of the statement. She realizes the short span of girl groups for example, S.E.S, FIN K L, even foreign ones like Spice Girls and Destiny's Child, reaching the top then plummeting to the ground in just years with maybe one or two from the disbanded group remaining in the limelight. And although no SONE wants to admit it, Girls' Generation is not free from that obvious ending. Their recent scandals, more specifically, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon apparently attempting suicide and hitting her now ex-boyfriend (who's nearly a decade older than her) has emerged this feeling of bitterness towards the group of 9 girls. Many people have turned their backs on the group for years simply because they're growing weary or tired of them, however, after the poor feedback from their recent albums, starting from their Japanese works to even the I Got a Boy and Mr.Mr. album, even the smallest things are taking a blow on their buit-up image. Don't get me wrong, Soshi is still strong, but I wouldn't be very surprised if a few scandals later (at their rate, another scandal is simply inevitable), less and less positive comments will appear and will rather be overtaken by hatred. I mean, they're not getting any younger. Their music is not getting any better. Their attitude controversies with Taeyeon and Jessica nor their dating scandals are getting any less memorable.

Perhaps they truly are at their last straw. 

Regardless of the empty threats of SONE fans on the Interweb, the resilient truth should still be made known. No one can say they haven't yet reached their potential or they still have a lot of time left as we always hear and see defenders argue. 

They have reached their potential. 
They don't have much time left. 
They have already begun their gradual fall from the top since The Boys was released. 
I'm sorry but not really sorry to break it to you.


The top girl group, Girls' Generation, will not remain Girls' Generation for much longer as stated in a previous article in which bitter argument was released in the comment section, delusion on SONE's part. Although we should be happy the girls are dating, we should also be aware of their obvious fate which is just around the corner. Splitsville. Disbandment. SoshiGone.  Likewise, Girls' Generation's Yuri is intelligent and should shed more light on their fate to soften the blow of delusional fans. The fate is simply inevitable. Even though many promise to hold their favorite girl group at the top, it happens to everyone and it can never be changed.

My Love Hate Relationship With Lee Michelle's Debut

You remember Lee Michelle from K-Pop Star Season 1, right? If not, listen up since I'm saying this one time and one time only: She was the half-black, half-Korean singing goddess who not only lost the competition but didn't even make it to the finals solely due to the fact that she was not full Korean, as stated by Park Jin Young himself. Anyway, she was supposedly supposed to join this group in YG Entertainment called SuPearls that Lee Hi and her would be the main vocals while the other two who weren't nearly as popular as them in the competition would kind of just attempt following along, however, that didn't end right and therefore, she left the company as well as was thrown into the caverns of oblivion and erased from the public's minds for a few years. However, now, she apparently has debuted with Without You about a week ago, the music video being able to be found below and it being a short tale about her life apparently in which she was faced with racism. Watch the video below.

We all get it. Michelle has had an extremely hard time as a child in a homogeneous society. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing to try to promote equality in your video and to try to help other kids who were born to parents of different races continue to fight on however, what I just can't... decide on is the music video portrayal, though, me, still wondering whether the music video is trying to imply that the people who hate others just because they were born differently is bad... or if they're implying... in general... that...

being black is bad?

There's a difference between disliking racism and disliking the race itself and sometimes in the video it seems like, in this video, Lee Michelle simply dislikes the African-American part of her more than she dislikes the people who dislike the African-American part of her.

In fact, the lyrics of the video are filled with bipolarness of self-confidence.
Lee Michelle first exclaims that she's beautiful and has meaning without the audience she is singing about (I'm guessing this implies the people who were shitty to her), and has cried puddles but then in the next line, she's claiming that she's beautiful and has meaning even without the audience and then is saying how she's smiling and frolicking in flowers.

This girl is too cute, though.

Then in this one part of the music video, the little girl who is apparently playing Lee Michelle as a child is putting on make-up. Of course, she goes for the whitest powder and puts in on, creating the illusion that she is possibly that white and then old Lee Michelle comes with a huge pancake load of the same powder as well as a wig to look well, more Korean.

Again, double meaning for me. I could see the symbolism that she, as a mixed Korean, has had thoughts of being Korean and finally, when she's white enough to be their standards, she's happy (hence why she smiles when she has it on) however, right after, she then realizes that she actually isn't full Korean then starts crying because the make-up didn't work enough however, later in her life realizes that she should be proud of who she is.

But then I can also see it meaning that she hates herself as a mixed person and put on the make-up to show her want to be Korean and never really letting it go, hence why that make-up is still visible when she transitions from younger Michelle to older Michelle in the video.

Likewise, the part when the little Michelle is throwing colors.

It could either mean that hey, being a colored person is amazing because of course, that life-size portrait of Michelle is literally as white as paper, and needs something to spice if up.

But it could also be like throwing tomatoes at someone you don't really like and the little girl attempting to cover up Lee Michelle since shit, half of them even made it close to Lee Michelle's face and therefore could mean anything.

There's never a clear... defining point to this video and the question still remains in my head what exactly were they trying to portray. Regardless, the song is phenomenal, the music video is meaningfully created (not like the majority of Korean music videos) and Lee Michelle has been my favorite SuPearl since SuPearls was created and even after it ended. Likewise, I hope Lee Michelle has a great career and becomes as popular as her ex-group member, Lee Hi.

If you think you have the absolute meaning to the music video, please comment below as I would love to hear the input and what you think about Lee Michelle's debut.

Analysis: What is Media Play

Ever heard of Lee Seong Min from Five Senses of Eros or Goddess of Marriage? ...Probably not. Well, ever heard of that one chick who kept whining about how she was about to be a Girls' Generation member and her regret for not agreeing to the offer? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Not only is she, Clara, the actress (seems to be unknown to most K-Pop fans) who constantly cries or verbalizes her pain and woes, but she also is the actress who gifted her face in Jay Park's JOAH music video, started controversy with her boobtastic exercise routine and the queen of media play. What is 'media play' you might ask? Though there's no official definition (unless you're into educating yourself on 1992 Musicland media) however, in my words Media Play would most likely be described as what it actually is:

A play on the media.

A way to get your group or artists' name known in a subtle (or not so subtle) way.

A way to advertise without spending money or straight-fowardly advertise a product which is usually seen on journalist articles.

Yes. All of those describe media play. However, although to most netizens, they vent their frustrations almost all the time that media play is the most repugnant thing they have ever seen and they wish that it didn't even exist, I want to analyze both sides and bring out both the good... and the bad of media play.

Media play may not always be a bad thing. Many people complain about media play and whatnot however, without media play, all of our favorite artists potentially would not be as famous as they were now. I mean, in the beginning when artists such as Girls' Generation, 2NE1 or Big Bang were trying to rise to the top, I am almost positive that they used this same method to tell people around the country that hey, this group actually exists. Media play is just a less time-consuming method of going on variety shows or advertising a new song however, a lot of media play can not only be entertaining but also be something to pay attention to. For example, when Girls' Generation's Mr. Mr was released, a small boy group still in nugudom called Mr. Mr took that opportunity to strike at SM Entertainment by media playing and venting their frustrations that Girls' Generation didn't know the nugu group and made their promotional track as well as album go by the same name as their group. Although many SONEs thought this was outrageous and said the group Mr. Mr were nothing but attention whores, I have to admit, that article did bring some conflict in my mind, me seeing substantial arguments to both sides and even taking a few minutes to google the group, Mr. Mr, and check out what they were about. As noted before, without shameless media play such as this, many groups would not even be discovered or spoken about, another great example being Girls' Day's Hyeri during the time when it was revealed she was dating Tony Ahn and articles bringing that group to famedom.

Media play may not always be a good thing either. Media play only deems useful when an artist is either at the brink of losing relevancy or is not relevant at all and is basically useless when an artist is well-known. Many companies, YG Entertainment being the prime suspect of this, already have all of their artists being well-known with pockets stuffed however, still takes the liberty to media play tiny aspects such as scouting Yoo Jae Suk. Though it's not always bad to have a company on the public's mind, over-saturation of media play can lead to lack of trust, diminishing reputation and simple tiredness from the general public turning the media play to a negative in the case of losing fans.

Hello, media play. Hello.

Nevertheless, media play is an aspect of every single entertainment industry in the world regardless of the company. As noted numerous times, artists are simply a by-product of entertainment companies success. For more people to know who they are, the better at first, however, when the maximum limit of fans is already met, the constant flooding of the same ol' tactic gets old. And although many people hate or love media play, there's one thing for certain: media play either brings or reflects success.

What's your take on media play? Love it? Hate it? Comment below!

Sticks & Stones may Break your Bones, but Words will ALWAYS hurt you

It's a miracle if an idol doesn't screw up their career by saying something or doing something that either offends or is inappropriate in the eyes of the general population. With just a few simple words, they can lose thousands of fan club members, be un-contracted by an abundance of endorsement deals and be pushed to group disbandment. These idols get targeted daily, the idiom "forgive and forget" playing no pawn in the chess match and people who were unconditionally and indescribably in love with the speaker yesterday are now the same blood thirsty hounds today, their leaches off and their teeth clenched, wanting nothing more but the ultimate punishment--death-- being ensured to the doer, no mercy at the trial, no sympathy implored. And with this are just those few seconds that they wish nothing but to turn back. Those few seconds that they may have mildly wounded the persons unknowingly--like a tiny paper cut--yet are subject to exile. Those few seconds they released those words that left scarlet wetness to gorge from their bodies' open wounds like a poked water balloon, to leave a brutal scar that's looked upon every, single, day, that continuously awakens the memory of their fault, to push them off the cliff into the depths of thought and make them wish they have never been born or even--should remove themselves from the world because the convoluted, sickening and ultimately wrong idea that if the world doesn't find them useful, they are not, wanting nothing but to quickly satisfy the world with their lack of existence. To inflict pain and leave it aching and spreading around their bodies engulfing them and swallowing them into the pits of darkness, all because a few




Remember Hyosung? The girl who single-handedly wiped out her whole group with just a simple sentence when trying to act like more than just a pretty face on a radio show.

“Our team respects each other’s individuality so our group doesn’t utilize democratization.”

Just like Hyosung, almost everyday, an abundance of Korean idols have a 'slip of the tongue' by saying something more naive than reasonable. This is the reason why numerous Korean netizens claim that idols are brainless baboons who, without idoldom, would be nothing but a burden to their parents. To them, they're insipid. They're bogus. They're deranged. And while a plethora of defensive international fans will nearly kill themselves saying that kind of language towards celebrities is false and unnecessary, you can't help but realize that those accusations actually aren't just filled with the rage towards idols in general and truly stem from somewhere--and with Hyosung, just like numerous other celebrities like INFINITE's Sunggyu who claimed women aged 30 and over are hags, anchorwoman Eun Young claiming women over 50kg are pigs and Super Junior's Shindong stupidly noting that women should not be fat and there is a standard between men and women for fatness in which men can be as fat as they want and women should not weigh more than a toothpick these remarks of stupidity and wishing for reflecting which cause the celebrity to lose fan base, respect or even their careers should not be taken lightly.

Variety Shows are simply the home for idols to make their biggest mistakes, the best examples yet, KARA on Radio Star, in which bottles were thrown, useless tears were shed, insults were emitted and careers were ruined in the mere minutes given to the girls on the show. It's surprising to me that though so many idols like Girls' Generation's Tiffany are manager-like and control their group and themselves on what is being said, many other idols still believe that wherever they go, it's still a playground, where no rules are enforced and they can do whatever they want. Because of this, idols are faced with accusations of being rude, misbehaved and unmannerly and their images are hurt despite the years of training that are not used to develop talents but instead are used to better visuals, improve verbal utterings on live television and not look like an idiot outside.

The problem with many variety shows however, are the fact that they continue to ask questions as if they have no boundaries. Going straight in for the kill rather than trying to relieve stress on the idol when asking their questions and forgetting to edit out parts that could otherwise make the idol seem idiotic or hurt their image.

Social Network is another way for idols to lose control. To them, websites are more than just a way to connect with fans. It's a 100% guaranteed way of getting attention from the people who will do almost anything to even breathe the same air their biases are breathing. It's not the ability to waste time dilly-dallying rather than going to a schedule that draws them to Instagram, Twitter and even more rarely, Facebook. But it's rather the attention they will receive and the overall growth of people giving them attention as they release more and more pictures and videos of them acting "dorky" or "a person just like you and me". Many idols play it cool with social networking for example, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon who has one of the most popular idol Instagram accounts to this day, nearly hitting the 2 million followers mark and still having yet to stir up controversy however, other idols such as T-ara and IU who both plummeted to rock bottom (IU rose from the pit, T-ara still has yet to improve) simply with either typed messages or images uploaded online? Pure victims of the word infection that's been spreading all throughout idols since day one. What many idols don't understand is that though they feel as if social networking should be a safe haven, more than just die-hard fans check their pages each and everyday. And being that the fact that the people who aren't deluded in the idea that 'oppar is so perf!', they tend to see around their words and are more critical on their actions.

What does all this mean?

There's no actual answer to this question. Idols tend to employ words, phrases or sentences in order to get their point across, add laughter to shows, tell secrets or simply not fall into the stupid category that idols always fall into. No matter what fans, companies or even the idols do, none of them can get away with the fact that the words they say can persuade, influence or hurt fans or even themselves. Even at the height of careers, there's always a camera watching, there's always a person listening and there's always a crowd waiting for them to fall to rock bottom just so they can spend their thirty minutes on lunch break laughing at how much an idiot the idol because that's simply what us netizens do. Idols are no more than a by-product of entertainment companies hands and should realize they are just tools to wallet stuffing and aren't looked at as even human beings to entertainment companies, to journalists, to anti-fans and to even fans. And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, fan cafes close, a plethora of articles release and careers are ended almost as fast as they began, it should always be remembered before hitting post on that one social networking site, before saying that one tiny little word that can change the whole meaning of a sentence on a variety show, before even thinking of a funny-to-you-however-maybe-not-so-funny-to-everyone-else kind of joke that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will always hurt you.

The Big, Ugly Post about Beauty in Korea

V-line. Double eyelid. High cheekbones. Pale, milky skin... all small elements which add up to equation of beauty in South Korea. With the high demand of being beautiful or at least a somewhat 'physically attractive' addition to the country, it may seem a bit challenging to express oneself and be unique with their own individual charms and style. Whether the beauty standards in Korea is an concern or something we really don't need to worry about, it's undoubtedly obvious beauty standards are popular and valued heavily in South Korea and should be a topic that's openly discussed rather than just simply looked at then brushed off to the side.

Miss Korea 2012, Kim Yumi
The problem
First off, all societies are different. Just because own countries ideals are against Korean ideals of 'one type of beauty' doesn't mean that it's wrong because let's face it--subtly, most people in every single country find the traits showcased and desired from Korean beauty standards as the best traits to possess, anyway, and isn't much different than your's. 
Nonetheless, rather than blaming the set beauty standards on the whole Korean population themselves, how about we blame it on the Korean society and how they portray, incorporate and basically shove down people's throats beauty in everyday lives which causes people to feel insecure about themselves? To be honest, it's nearly impossible not to be persuaded to go under the knife with:

 ads and images of it everywhere encouraging the procedure celebrities
  role models whom you follow and basically worship having indescribable changes on their face from their past photos to their current photos.
  even the mere existence of shows like 'Let Beauty' which promises plastic surgery to a person with apparent physical problems (for example, an underbite jaw) however, going over and above with the surgery and correcting things that never required revision (like getting a boob job, double eyelid surgery, etc.) are things that can persuade the public to do it. Likewise, the show 'Let Me In' where a bully victim shares a measly sob story, then goes to plastic surgery as a reward isn't helping either, simpler to the American television show 'Teen Mom' and basically encouraging people who are bullied to hate themselves even more and want to get a billion surgeries as if that will make things better.
  clinics showcasing and giving discounts on plastic surgery for graduation presents as well as 'packages', equivalent to like a "buy 1, get one half off" deal.
  When applying to jobs in Korea, you have to send in a picture of yourself first... some people not even getting jobs due to their 'ugliness' and are forced to go under the knife if they want to put food on the table.
  If you're pretty and go into a store, they'll give you discounts and all kinds of shit. The ugly people? Nothing but full price.

With a society that projects 'beauty is everything' and 'will help you overcome all your problems', it's difficult not to want to fix one of your attributes that sets you different from everyone since you want to be live everyone. With literally one in five Seoul women going under the knife (and one in twenty men), the society also makes it seem like 'hmm... plastic surgery isn't that big of a deal since it's common therefore, get it!'.

The solution
I'm not going to be optimistic and beat around the bush--I don't think there's anyway possible in the near future of clearing any of this up. What unrealistic foreigners don't understand is that, sure, you can attempt to teach one person one thing, but the second you try to shove your testimony of how not just one person, but millions of people in one country has to change their perspective and basically how they live their life in order to live a happier and more fulfilling one down their throats, there'll be absolutely nothing good coming out on either end. I mean, it's just the society and culture they grew up in and accustomed themselves in so of course, they have different beliefs and views of the world. As mentioned before, not every single society needs to fit the standards of your country just because you see your country's ideals superior to the next country's. Not to mention, South Korea is doing fine as is, and from the looks of netizen comments it's obvious that people know the right and wrong with beauty, going too far with it and can tell that the world is different through everyone's eyes.
All these comments about how women should have some fat on their thighs (replying to an article about thigh gaps, most comments are saying gaps are good) just because men like it that way are stupid ㅋㅋㅋ Women were not born to fulfill your sexual needs. Your preferences on the issue do not matter. 
Certainly, educating South Korean children and possibly the immigration of more foreigners would help, people being able to see and of course, mix more cultures together and see that beauty isn't everything. Ultimately, it's great to remember that little nursery rhyme, Pease Porridge Hot that subtly builds the idea that people have differences and not everyone is the same and have different preferences:

Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old;
Some like it hot, some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot, nine days old.

Because there are different tastes and different eyes when seeing things around the world and to set up almost everyone in a country's beliefs as though 'this is the only thing that will make you beautiful' is a bit harsh and discouraging if you ask me, everyone having their own flaws and should have the chance to embrace it... rather than hating it and turning to a whole different person.

Analysis: K-Pop Is Losing It's Sheen (Big 3 Break Down)

I've said before and I'll say it again: K-Pop is not what it used to be. With the flooding girl groups releasing sexier and sexier comebacks, new boy groups releasing masculine/I'll bash your head open type songs and all groups just fading in the background, there seems to me to be little to no groups that can stay standing passed the disbandment of the current top tier idols.

Companies are the true culprit as to why K-Pop itself is losing its sheen and dying down, most craving money and realizing that people will buy anything that's given to them will put out music lower than the quality it used to be. Although JYP Entertainment seems to be the only company that's relieved of this being that they have fallen from the top-tier of companies yet still constantly release never less than good quality songs even though their groups are either promoted terribly or not managed correctly, with JYP's new pride, Sunmi as seemingly the only one who does not fall victim to the JYP effect. Nonetheless, in JYP Entertainment's case, I feel like if they don't push their acts which still have some life left in them instead of just leaving them on the back burner to die like they did Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment will only have Sunmi.. and Suzy to rely on. Regardless, JYP Entertainment is not the biggest offender as to why K-Pop has been losing its flavor in music quality and therefore cannot be discussed as much.

SM Entertainment is definitely the most guilty of releasing low quality songs, I think most of their jumbo roughly starting around 2011 with the release of The Boys which was undoubtedly a bad promotional track when comparing previous others like Hoot, Run Devil Run and of course, The Boys, was reflected through digital sales, them supposedly not placing #1 with that song digitally ever. They focused on Japan more, specifically during the year of 2012, where they released songs of nothing less than decent quality to garner a larger fan base and of course, a bigger wallet, while leaving South Korea almost literally empty-handed. During that time, of course, was when Super Junior were reaching the point where we all can proclaim 'basically over', their members reaching their 30's, planning on entering the military if not in already and simply just getting out of the eyes of Koreans. I'd likely say only BoA and TVXQ remained at the same level while SM Entertainment's biggest groups, SNSD and Super Junior, f(x) and SHINee seemed forgotten or neglected. EXO debuted, of course, definitely confirming that Super Junior was shafted yet, them, not actually proving themselves with their debut more-or-less due to the already dwindling Korean market. EXO truly only appealed themselves to already-have-been SM stans and some international fans. With that being said, at the beginning of 2013, Girls' Generation released their song I Got a Boy which not only was their worst title track ever quality-wise, but also sold terribly compared to how supposedly popular they are, being outsold digitally by SISTAR19, 4Minute, new artist Roy Kim and nearly outsold by Akdong Musician if just speaking of 2013 but if speaking of within top acts, apparently was outsold by TaeTiSeo, Lee Hi, Big Bang and even Miss A. Their newest track, Mr. Mr, also did not prevail and is still not ranked as high as others wished it to be.

Though most SONEs will deny the obvious fact, Girls' Generation has been falling from their throne for some time now, their height being back in 2009 with Gee. Apparently, netizens as well as Girls' Generation's Tiffany even hint that because of the fact that Girls' Generation's age and time in the industry is a huge factor as I said in a previous post, the netizen comment
10. [+103, -31] I'm a guy and I'm losing interest in SNSD with each release. I think they're losing their worth as a product... And they're 25 years old now, their name's a bit of a mismatch.
and Tiffany revealing on SBS's last episode of Strong Heart:
...Tiffany said that the time to keep a girl’s dignity has come. “People keep telling us not to use the word ‘girls.’ The average age of the members is 24.5 years.”

Tiffany added that during music show recordings, fans watch the SNSD members quietly out of respect, but when other girl groups appear, the fans go wild.

“We’re still cute and bright, but they watch us like we’re elderly,”
Ultimately, because I feel as if since Girls' Generation's expiration date is around 2 years at most and since and as said before, SM Entertainment is most likely fucked when they disband, SM Entertainment's continuous let-me-down by releasing tracks with aren't up to par with Girls' Generation's impact still remains a mystery why they don't try to cater to the fans more than to their pockets.

YG Entertainment faces a similar downfall, their quality of music going down gradually. Even though 2NE1 recently released an amazing new album which has numerous songs topping charts, they still aren't well with managing artists and therefore let's some of their best people die down. With the constant postponement of work only to release something different, YG Entertainment continues to disappoint. I feel like the real problem with this companies' music is not the SM Entertainment curse where they know they have fans that will eat the music up and therefore, release songs that are only two out of five stars, however, I feel like it's losing its sheen since there's typically Teddy producing songs which don't meet up to the public's standards. When 2NE1's CL composed, produced or became lyricist for most of the 2NE1's Crush album, there was basically a standing ovation for how beautiful the album came out. However, when Teddy attempts to create masterpieces, it always ends up south from expectations.

Likewise, as noted before, another big problem are the lies this company brings out and the constant disappointment. If they want to keep up their reputation and credibility, it would be best to do something as said once in a while.

Others try their best to mimick these three and their success and therefore, never really get to where they want to be. Realistically, the only groups I would see having a future after these groups reach their expiration date would have to be Girls' Day, Ladies' Code and arguably Crayon Pop as they climbed their way to the top or at least to a decent level with their own hard work, sweat and tears while still releasing up-to-par quality music. Different groups, however, such as STELLAR? You can only last a little time with an excessively raunchy concept. The public will either grow tired of it or expect more when you cannot possibly live up to those expectations.

Lastly, in my opinion as a relatively old Korean pop listener, I would have to admit that the quality of music has been going down. With that being said, it's already evident that the public is liking music that is not all Korean pop, Soyu and Junggigo topping charts for what seems like forever and even knocking down the two groups, Girls' Generation and 2NE1, in which we thought were invincible. If there isn't a change now, there will be demand for a change later.

Comment-Ception: Who's That Girl? She's Really Pretty!

Comment-ception is back! If you haven't read my article decoding female K-Pop idols' hairstyles, you should probably spend your time looking at that, being that I spent a long time trying to analyze female hairstyles because there are just so many idols to pay attention to and to put in one group according to individual concept.

Regardless, I saw a comment on that article by a person named Carly questioning the gif located to the left of this text, the comment asking this:
who's the girl in the long length gif?? she's really pretty!

First off, Carly, in my house, you fucking capitalize the beginning of your sentences. Second off, Carly, the girl in the gif, as noted already in a reply to your comment is none other than Crayon Pop's fabulous Ellin, a girl who has been kind of cockblocked by Crayon Pop and their agency, Chrome Entertainment, though she's hands-down the prettiest in the group.

But because I was so happy that someone finally took an interest in this beautiful little thing, I just thought that I might as well have an article just dedicated to how glorious this creature is, Ellin, being by bae (before anyone else) of the week (Sorry, Girls' Generation's Tiffany, it's not you, it's... wait, no, it is you) and deserving a whole article just surrounding her.

To Carly as well as anyone else interested in beautiful people
Her birth name is Kim Min Young, she's 24 years old and I'm not going to lie, she's not exactly in the group because she's extremely talented... but I won't hold that against her. I'm also not going to lie again and pretend I know a lot about her. I really don't except that she's pretty... and she cusses a lot (thanks, Google!). However, since I'm not going to let that penalize me, here's some gifs of Ellin:

"I gotta go poop"
"yes, it hurts"
"if it hurts, it's a hard poop"

This girl thinks she's slick
it's like she's checking the elasticity of someone's balls by yanking at them

You already know if I make an article about just one single person, that person is really special since I haven't done this with anyone... not even my bias Bang Yong Guk or Tiffany or Park Bom so you should check her out. Long live, queen Ellin.

Analyzing Female K-Pop Hair Styles

As a female, I love hair and I hate hair. I love my hair when I wake up in the morning and it needs little to no work done for me to look amazing. I hate my hair when I wake up in the morning looking like I just got gangbanged by Elmo and the Sesame Street bunch and have to either spend forever in front of the mirror trying to make it somewhat decent or I just say 'fuck it!' and throw my hair in a ponytail or messy bun since I don't really give a damn. Regardless, I think hair is just a beautiful thing. And when you see females in K-Pop throw their hair everywhere, showing you how much better looking (yet worse in quality) hair they have, you get a bit... into hair. And that's why, as a female, I stress again, I feel like it's definitely appropriate to talk about hair especially being the fact that I'm getting it cut in about an hour.

Short Hair

If you have short hair, you're most likely a rapper in the group. Of course, though there are some rappers who have had long hair for the majority or all of their careers (SISTAR's Bora, SECRET's Zinger/Jung Hana--weird how they're bad rappers... coincidence? I think not!), the rapper takes on the role of being the tomboy in the group... whether or not they actually are a tomboy in real life. In addition to the short hair being for the rapper, there's also a medium-short hair style that can most of the time show off the wearer's feminine side like Girls' Generation's Yoona or 2NE1's Minzy. [Warning: This is dangerously short and shouldn't be used by anyone whatsoever, sorry Minzy.]

Medium Length

The medium hairstyle is when you just want to keep it cool and look modest. There's no sexiness, there's no tomboyness... it's kinda like being trapped in a bubble so to say. Girls like YoonA and Sooyoung always rock the medium length hairstyle since they don't want to weigh too much on the super sexy or too much on the super cute side and would rather just go with wherever the new concept takes them. Regardless, the medium length hairstyle is kind of like a safety net for the girl group member as you will rarely ever see a medium lengther be one of the most talented in the group however, maybe the most pretty and most suitable for any concept.

Lengthening to add cuteness. I bet if she cut
it a few inches, she'd be sexier than in this gif
Long Length

Long live long length hair! That shit is a mess to take care of! Most of the girls with the longest hair in the group happen to be the cuter characters since it shows off more of a feminine and young side than both short and long hair can help you achieve. This is why you don't see groups with older/aging members wearing long hair being the fact that it shows youth... but youth + old woman would definitely equal lack of maturity. Regardless, long hair usually doesn't last long because most concepts change to either a sexier concept or simply the girl just isn't as young as she used to be therefore, the company cutting the hair a few extra inches to commonly match the medium length hair. Nevertheless, sometimes aging idols who still look young will inherit the long length hairstyle to add youth to their look.

Other Hairstyles

I've also noticed that crazy hair, for example, 2NE1's Dara can show one of two things:

1) Possibly the concept isn't necessarily going for the normal or cutesy concept where girls wear plain hairstyles which show youth. If you've noticed, more of 2NE1's sad-ish songs which are ballads show Dara with calm, normal hair however, their more bombastic tracks like I'm the Best show Dara with the craziest hair possible. It's not exactly masculine however, it's not exactly sexy. It's more of a fierce statement saying "I can do whatever I fucking want".

2) Experimentation which is probably half of Dara's hairstyles. Dara's a pretty girl, of course and having bad hair will only bring her down a bit. With 2NE1's more crazy concepts, she wears more crazy hair to experiment and to show the degree of craziness of the concept.


Colors can also make or break a girl: colors that are more natural are usually for concepts that are either sexy, mature or towards the masculine side, colors like red trying to create an image of sexiness altogether (for example, Tiffany's red hair... unf) while the colors that are all over the place, unnatural and are shades like green, pink, blue, etc. try to show a more young side to the wearer and can also add cuteness (think T-ara's Qri and her never-ending rainbow). 

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