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It's been quite a while since we've last seen Brown Eyed Girls promoting together as one group. Between their solo promotions, Narsha's acting, and participation with variety shows, fans were starting to wonder if they were ever going to come back together long enough to promote a full album. Of course, earlier in the year they did drop the digital single Recipe which managed to top the charts, but was meant to be more like a taste of what’s to come. Finally, they've returned in full and released the music video for their title song in their latest album, Kill Bill. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!

The Video: Kpop meets Quentin Tarantino with the Brown Eyed Girls take on the popular movie Kill Bill. Normally, I would be highly skeptical about something like this but the Brown Eyed Girls are possibly the only group that I think can pull something like this off and maintains that quirky zany feel of the original movie without going too far with it. On your first watch, it might be slightly confusing, but don’t worry, Andi’s here to take you by the hand and lead you through this to help make sense of it all. Ga-In takes the roll of “The Bride”, the main character of the movie who swears revenge on all of the members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Miryo too seems to be portraying the roll of The Bride but in a different form. However, her death is similar to that of Vernita Green’s in the movie. JeA has the role of Elle Driver, the most vengeful member of the squad who tries to poison The Bride while she’s comatose but fails. Narsha seems to be the female version of Budd, Bill’s brother. Since the whole video is just the four girls, there were a few changes here and there to make up for the lack of a whole cast to fill out the whole movie. It works because they manage to actually combine a few scenes together as one while adding their own little spin to it and you can still tell that they are acting out scenes from the actual movie.

Say goodbye to that eye of yours, JeA
The video starts off with Narsha who is with Bill (who is presumably already dead) while in bed, painting his name on his back. Now because Bill was a player, we can safely assume that they were all in love with him in one way or another. Combine that with Narsha having already killed him, the girls are all filled with anger and jealousy and are looking to exact their revenge on each other. Right off the bat, the four duke it out and kill each other. Ga In shooting JeA in the face, Narsha stabbing Ga In in the head, and JeA’s failed attempt at killing Narsha with a poisonous spider managing to kill Miryo off after she shoots Narsha with her shotgun. We then get an overhead shot of them all laying on the ground dead. Or are they? If they were dead already, how could they continue on with the rest of the scenes in the video? That, my friends, is because they aren’t dead. Ga In’s in a coma because Narsha got her in the head with her hair ornament and JeA lost an eye when Ga In shot her in the face. The other two must have come close to death but managed to survive. Thus they have fanned the flames of eternal revenge.
The rest follows the movie pretty closely with the exception of what might be the most confusing part of it all for me: Miryo and Ga In both depicting scenes that are supposed to be of The Bride. My guess is that they had to incorporate the feeling of being wronged with her having the scene of Miryo being buried alive instead of Ga In because an attempt at Ga In’s life was already made when JeA tried to poison her earlier. In the end, their thirst for revenge gets them all killed by each other. 

The Visuals and Dance: I spent so much time dissecting the story behind the video that I had to make a separate section for the visuals and dance which I usually just include in the video section. The dance is simple and easy yet brimming with sexy confidence as per Brown Eyed Girls tradition. We got a little crotch thrusting here and a little booty shaking there but without the blatant ass shots we’ve seen so often in today’s Kpop. As for the visuals, we usually see Miryo with her hair pulled up in one way or another. It was nice to see her with her hair down for once and it looked really good. Ga In sports the short brunette look again, which in my opinion is much better than the blonde she wore for her Bloom promotions. Narsha always looks bombastic with bangs and JeA looks as cute as ever. The plain hair styles work well with the cowgirl type concept of the outfits they wear in the dance segments. 

The Song: There is so much whistling in this video. Too much, even. I was okay with it at first but it quickly becomes grating to the ears after the excessive repetition. Now that’s not to say the actual song itself has too much whistling. If I were to listen to just the song alone, I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed with it. However, I was almost turned off by the song by the time it rolled around because it started off with that same annoying, whistling tune. Kill Bill has more of an upbeat Abracadabra feel to it rather than the powerful and explosive Sixth Sense or the subtle yet emotional Cleansing Cream. Their vocals aren’t showcased as strongly as they could be but Miryo’s rapping is as powerful and captivating as ever. The song is pretty catchy but again, that whistling just gets in the way. I know it’s supposed to accentuate that cowgirl feel of the song and it does its job well but it’s not my cup of tea. 

Overall opinion: Brown Eyed Girls never cease to amaze and captivate me and despite the few flaws in this video and song, it’s still something that I would recommend to my friends. I would have talked about the lyrics too, which were pretty interesting but that would have made this article a little longer than it needed to be. It’s nice to see that BEG are still going strong and I have high expectations for their album Black Box.

Tell me what you thought of the music video below.

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  1. I loved it. Probably the best comeback of the year.

  2. I agree. Most other girl groups seemed to be trying too hard to pull off new concepts or push the whole sexy girl/bad girl concept when it wasn't working for them. BEG has the confidence to pull it off without resorting to ass shots. I listened to the song by itself a few times and the whistling isn't as annoying to me anymore. I liked the song as a whole regardless, though.

  3. yellowslugreviewsJuly 31, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    Agreeing with this. As a side note, I can't get enough of that whistle but then again I love Troublemaker so I could just have a thing for whistling in pop music.


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