Posted by : KPopRanter May 20, 2013

On May 17th, while performing 4 Minute's newest title song 'What's Your Name?' on Music Bank, it can be seen pretty damn clearly around the 1:45ish mark that Jihyun bra unclipped. Check it out below.

Honestly, after T-ara's ex-member Hwayoung malfunction on Inkigayo as well as other idols' such as SHINee's Taemin's malfunction, I have had it up to here with how stylists' dress the idols before they go on stage. Though Jihyun's didn't show as much as Hwayoung, I still just feel the need to leave an open letter to all K-Pop stylists out there.

Dear stylists, 
I know you're sometimes color-blind when choosing clothing to dress up idols onstage, but I really would appreciate it if you can... ya know, dress them up with something less hazardous and atrocious. I mean, a regular, average looking t-shirt like SNSD pulled off would be fine rather than those pastel, 5 dollar-looking ones. Not only would it save money, but it would save the nip slips and the "Like It or Not" clothing articles.
Would you do that for me, stylists?



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