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As we should all know my now, formerly known as Wonder Girls' Yenny/Yeeun has took the ever-so-common route for Wonder Girls members and started working on her own individual solo life. As a result, she released an mini-album entitled Me? and also started to shine her producer/composer-like qualities, the album being basically "her own" and not falling back on anyone for tracks however, only Park Jin Young for support. As we all should also know by now, Park Jin Young was flabbergasted at her decision to put so many dark songs in the album prior to the release and told her she should at least add a few happier songs however, she pushed against the force of JYP and revealed a 11 paged letter focusing solely on why she should have released the album, JYP being exasperated at her choice and just giving her the go.

There's been lots of huffling and buffling about this case from media outlets, numerous people taking sides and for the most part, international fans siding with Yeeun while Korean fans took the side of Park Jin Young however, I'm going to show both sides of the story and take into account my opinion of who is right or wrong instead of just completely downing Jin Young or Yeeun.

Yeeun's side
The power of individuality is a beautiful thing... this probably being one of the main reasons why international fans are taking the side of Yeeun without much thought in the process. HA:TFELT expressed herself through her own composing conveying a range of emotions that the majority of Korean idols don't even show and I applaud her standing up to the force telling her to go against Park Jin Young. She did it more for herself rather than for the public, I suppose, and though this album didn't top the charts or give her a certified all-kill, it certainly did give her the feeling of knowing she has achieved something: expressing herself. Maybe it wasn't her goal to sell but instead was to not be the bubblegum bitch that Wonder Girls' image forced her to be. She wanted to be more mature, more serious and more well, herself, and that shouldn't be something to get angry at.

Park Jin Young's side

Regardless, I understand Park Jin Young's side and everyone defending him. I mean, he took her in and he wound her up as well as the other Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment entertainers to be artist material. To break out of their shell. To be completely and utterly amazing. Yet now that she's getting some praise for composing on her own, she's not even going to take baby steps but is just going to completely let go of her guardian's hand and walk on her own two feet? Those songs displaying her feelings could have been saved for later when she was more of an established solo artist. Park Jin Young was looking out for her and trying to establish her in the solo career world before pulling the amount of tricks she did. With an artist no matter what, they need to first establish themselves before going out and about and doing the crazy things they want to do in order to succeed and stay successful. Park Jin Young was acting rationally--like a father to his children--yet she abandoned him as quickly as he picked her up.

The verdict

I'm not completely pressed about this case but after thinking thoroughly about this, I really do feel as if there should have been a split between the two. Of course, self-expression is amazing however, she should have expressed herself either after or with better tunes that were more pleasing to the public tastes. It should have been an album that was helped on by Park Jin Young who rose them, Wonder Girls, to the top with his own composed songs yet still have her as a writer, as well, because she should have taken baby steps. All-in-all, the album is tolerable--not exactly my cup of tea after listening to most of the songs--and after hearing that they don't even talk anymore because of this dispute is truly confusing me. I felt that putting this article out was needed to show my opinion in the case through analysis.

What do you think of the Yenny/Yeeun/HA:TFELT vs. JYP conflict? Are you on Yenny's side, JYP's side or like me, split down the middle? Comment below!

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