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Lately in the entertainment world, there have been rumors afloat about TEEN TOPL.Joe being involved in a relationship.
The photo above has been spreading fast and the origin of the photo is speculated to be from a popular messaging service ‘Kakao Talk’.
For those of you curious, the woman in the photo is rumored to be actress Nam Bora.
We’ll try to keep you updated on whether this rumor pans out or not. Meanwhile, what do you think? Could this be a legitimate relationship? Sound off in the comments below. cr.allkpop


The recently posted allkpop article made clear that there is a new rumor going around the k-pop world. This time, including Teen Top's L.Joe (18) and supposedly ONE actress by the name of Nam Bora.
Obviously, this rumor isn't true, even passed the blurred photos you can easily tell that those 2 women, though appearing similar are different, and the supposed ONE mistress turns into two women where one is the famous yet old (30) Kan Mi Yeon. 
I'll give allkpop one thing, this is one of their few articles in which the English makes sense, however, this article is so false, I wonder why they decided to post THIS instead of the numerous tips that were actually worthy of the world to see and speculate upon. This RUMOR is nothing but a rumor in which they all met for just their summer special album.
So for all Teen Top fans or "Angels" who bias L.Joe, this was not a 3-some. It was yet another fail of an article for allkpop which is sadly nothing new.

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