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The only female group to have conquered Japan in such an extremely high level, KARA, is now setting sail towards a new path: disbandment. As translated by allkpop, the member Nicole was revealed by DSP Media that she will not renew her contract when it expires and the lacking aegyo member, Jiyoung, is still in decision on whether she should focus on her studies or stay in the group. Other members are said to have renewed their contracts for yet another two years however, the question whether they'll promote as a three to four member group or replace Nicole with another person as they did Goo Hara back when KARA was irrelevant still remains.


Only a few weeks ago, there was an article about whether Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls and KARA will renew their contracts, everyone being "so positive" KARA had a high chance of all of them renewing theirs and now look what happened.

You guys dun fucked.

But on another note, it seems like the time is somewhat right for KARA disbandment, them having a Radio Star scandal recently and being labelled as the third part of the Big 3... Ra's. Hopefully, being that Nicole was among the two KARA-lites who weren't involved in the bottle throwing, lack of caring for Park Jinyoung, disrespecting senior madness, she can get out unscathed like Hwayoung and Ahreum did and without a storm of shit as she goes on with her apparent solo career without DSP Media.

This just brings you to realize that soon, every group will in fact disband. Whether you're a regional superstar like Girls' Generation, a former success story like Wonder Girls' or a group of Jeremy Scott victims, 2NE1. It's inevitable and frankly, they're all getting too old to keep their rank. It's going to soon simmer down until there's no one left.

KARA's done and they dun' fucked! What's your take on this news? Comment below!

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  1. I loved this article! Not only did it make me laugh, but it reminded me that every kpop group is going to disband eventually.

  2. I wonder if the other three members that recently re-signed with DSP knew ahead of time that Nicole and Jiyoung might drop out. It's hard to believe they would sign up for another two years with such a cloud hanging over the group.

    Kara was probably the most balanced group popularity-wise. Losing two members is going to impact them more than most other groups. Even though Nicole and Jiyoung were probably the two most expendable members, I think this is a huge loss that will be hard to recover from.

  3. yep sadly I think all the great girl groups from the 2007 era are coming to an end. Wonder Girls, Kara, and maybe even girls generation.....
    I know that there's a low probability that SNSD will disband after the end of their contract in 2014 but there's always a chance of a member getting tired of the idol life and hanging the cape.

  4. And so it begins......

  5. While I don't know whether Hara, Gyuri and Seungyeon knew about Nicole (and Jiyoung) leaving, I'm pretty sure they would have resigned with DSP regardless. They probably know that their careers and success are due mainly to the Kara franchise.

    I think the girls renewed their contracts simply because they wanted to capitalize as much as possible on Kara's current success, and buy some more time to prepare for a post-Kara career.

  6. This si bow i think the netizens will react to different bands disbanding:

    KARA- Half and half. People actually give a shit, while others are happy.
    Wonder Girls'- No one's going to give a flying fuck.
    2NE1- meh.
    BIG BANG- meh.
    Super Junior- Split between fans giving a shit, and no one's giving a flying fuck.
    SNSD- Total shit storm.

  7. To be honest, I really disagree with a lot of those.

    I mean, most people are kind of happy KARA is going down the line.
    Wonder Girls, people are going to have a shit storm mostly aimed at Sunye for causing it when in fact, it's JYP's fault for leading them towards that path.
    2NE1 probably meh but Big Bang? Sure, they do great as solos especially G-Dragon but really, I think it'd be news.
    Super Junior, the reaction would be mostly ELFS saying 'NUUUU' and most other people saying 'It's about time' and Girls' Generation it'd be news but mostly for the international fandom while the Korean fandom as with most other groups are starting to care less.

  8. Exactly. I find KARA the most popular group popularity-wise and it'll be kind of hard to have it balanced again even though Nicole and Jiyoung seemed to be the most expendable.

    @Sylarah "While I don't know whether Hara, Gyuri and Seungyeon knew about Nicole (and Jiyoung) leaving" Though I'm not sure either, I bet they were probably not that oblivious. I mean, there had to have been signs of some sort if she didn't just go out and say it, you know?


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