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Yesterday, I've basically encountered two signs from the heavens to create this post, a friend asking me to write posts about idols in the future and me seeing a comment on netizenbuzz that basically just called to me to write an article about Girls Generation's in particular.
8. [+100, -23] It's a worry since all of the kids need to find a career path for themselves but everyone failed their drama attempts last year. It was only that unit with the kids who can sing that fared favorably ㅋㅋ Aside from Yoona and Taeyeon, I fear for all of their futures
So without further adieu, I present you with my prediction of Girls' Generation's individual and group future chances of staying in the spotlight ordered from least to greatest chance.

hyoyeonHyoyeon has nothing going for her in her future. I feel bad because Hyoyeon is actually one of my biases in the group. She can dance the best in Girls Generation however, she's always placed in the back during music videos, given the least amount of lines and sometimes, not even getting a dance solo. And what's funny to be is how people always say that Hyoyeon should leave Girls' Generation and go solo, but I always think to myself, as what? A solo singer? She has the worst vocals in the group. A solo dancer? I haven't heard of one that actually stayed in the public eye. An actress? She still has left to debut in acting let alone prove that she can act well. And though there's a rumor going around that Hyoyeon is in a relationship as well as her saying that she wants to get married quickly and settle down, if she ever changed her mind and decided to pursue staying in the spotlight for longer, she's stuck at a dead end. I think the only thing that she can choose is the be a Korean gagwoman like Jung Juri.

Sunny is stuck at a dead-end, too however, unlike Hyoyeon, she's not the best at anything.
sunny_seohyunShe can sing, but someone can sing better. She can dance, but someone can dance better. I haven't seen her act before and to be honest, Sunny has a 'cute' concept tied down to her which will limit her from elongating her career. I mean, how long can she keep doing aegyo before either everyone gets tired of it or she gets too old and wrinkly for it to be cute anymore? 
Seohyun can sing... but let's be honest, it's not the best in the group. And even then, Seohyun just kind of makes you cringe when you watch her. On her live performances, she looks awkward, on her music videos, she looks awkward... I don't think it's possible for Seohyun to perform without looking awkward. Even if she tried acting and debuted, I wouldn't expect that to work either unless she loosens up.

Next is Sooyoung, and unlike the previous 3, she at least has something that might keep her afloat. Her acting... but she's not that great at it. Of course, there's years and years before and even after Girls' Generation separates for her to continue to better her acting however, if we're just looking at her current level of acting, I wouldn't say that it can prosper that far. And with that aside, her actual idol-related talents face struggles similar to that of Sunny's. She can sing, but someone can sing better. She can dance, but someone can dance better... and unless she chooses acting, she's done for.

After Sooyoung is Yuri, the black pearl of the group. Like Sooyoung, she has her acting that 
yuri_tiffanyshe can use in the future however, isn't that great at it, calling the need for years and years to better her acting. Likewise, her singing is at most average and wouldn't enable her to pursue a singing career while her dancing is pretty good however, not actually considered an outstanding and notable solo career.
Tiffany, oh Tiffany. Tiffany, my girl, I love you but you don't have what it takes either. Your singing is pretty acceptable and you proved that you can take on a crowd with your stage presence especially watching Seohyun and Taeyeon who looked pretty awkward in this Twinkle performance while you shined but eh, I think SNSD... or at least someone else along side you like in TaeTiSeo, would keep you relevant. I remember watching your Rolling in the Deep cover and Call Me Maybe and just not feeling the same as I felt when I watched I Got a Boy or Lost in Love. Not to mention, the more I see you, the more you look like my other love, Park Bom. I think the only way you could keep your singing career afloat is if you bettered your singing technique and were still appealing to the eyes even in 5 to 10 years... meaning you have to stop whatever you're doing to yourself right now.

Tiffany singing Rolling in the Deep

Taeyeon is next and after Jessica which may surprise most people. Taeyeon is undoubtedly the best vocalist in SNSD and has the largest fanbase however, there's two things that I really have to point out. 
1. She has the possibly the second to least stage presence in the group next to Seohyun. In fact, sometimes when you watch her lives her facial expressions like in the Twinkle performance mentioned above, she looks like she's either acting but hardly trying or just uncomfortable. I mean, at least Seohyun tries to act like she's having fun but still looks awkward... Taeyeon just looks like she's not having fun and still looks awkward.
2. And without stage presence, is Taeyeon that great at singing to keep her singing career afloat? I mean, Lee Hyori's singing is average at most but she can kill the stage... Taeyeon's singing is okay but she can't prove that she can take on a stage single-handedly. Also, Taeyeon even admitted herself
What I can't do, the other members can so they complete it. I think I'm more cut out for a group than a solo.

Jessica is second to last after Taeyeon. Jessica is one of the best singers in Girls' Generation and, she actually isn't half-bad at dancing if you watch her older videos... but she doesn't try at all. Yes, SONEs. I said it. She has gotten lazy. When you compare the Into the New World days to the I Got a Boy performances, you can see it's undeniable. I mean, she could probably have charisma on stage if she tried but it looks like she just doesn't even want to. And I don't even think it's the "Ice Princess" image. Her best bet is probably acting.

Lastly, Yoona has undoubtedly the best outcome for her future in the group. She can sing average, she can dance average and she can act average... but because of her beauty, I wouldn't be surprised if her acting kept her fame intact. 

In addition, I just wanted to add Girls Generation as a whole for kicks. Girls' Generation has been around for nearly long 7 years, starting back in 2007 with Into the New World, proving themselves with Gee in 2009 and now in 2013 being South Korea's top girl group. Though they're still going strong as of now, I don't think the strength will last for much longer (my guess is 2 years a most) because:

a) Look at all the long-lasting groups. SHINHWA lasted for 15 years. They're men. Super Junior lasted for 7 years. They're men. If you want to be die-hard-fangirl about it, TVXQ as 5? 9 years. They. are. men. The only groups I can think of that are females and lasted long were probably Jewelry (all of their original members were replaced and they're pretty unpopular now) and The Grace (locked up in SM Entertainment's dungeon. Haven't heard a comeback with all 4 of them in a while), The Grace being a powerful vocal group while Girls Generation on the other hand? Not really. If you still don't understand, look at b.
b) Even if they've been pushing a more mature look as seen in their previous comebacks, they're still fetishized by Korean men as the young, beautiful and perfect girl. Contradicting the young, what happens when the oldest member, Taeyeon is already in her mid-20's and the youngest member is now 22? For beautiful, as said before,what happens when members of the group like Tiffany are already starting to lose their girly sheen and beauty? And for perfect, what happens when girls like Hyoyeon, what happens when that perfect girl wants to settle down and start a family like Sunye did
c) SM Entertainment. It's as if SM Entertainment is already turning them into the next Super Junior, letting them reach the peek of their careers (right now) and when they stop charting so well and doing as good, they'll let them shrivel into the dirt to fend for themselves. Although, SM Entertainment already knows SNSD has a large and strong fan base so they realize they can continue releasing songs that are just meh and people will just eat them up, they're already starting to see a downfall in results and open mouths after the release of I Got a Boy. Like, really, let's be realistic here... how long will the "Power of 9" last?

Furthermore, I feel as if at most only 1 or 2 girls from Girls' Generation will prevail, others maybe trying but stopping short.

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  1. rochelle.bernard96June 12, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    You shouldn't worry about them. You can just look at all the other past girl groups, somebody sings, another acts, and the rest disappear.

  2. "Look at all the long-lasting groups. SHINHWA lasted for 15 years. They're men. Super Junior lasted for 7 years. They're men. If you want to be die-hard-fangirl about it, TVXQ as 5? 9 years. They. are. men. The only groups I can think of that are females and lasted long were probably Jewelry".

    Valid point, but pretty irrelevant now. When SNSD debuted there was so much doubt cast upon them because they were female: "Ha! they'll last 2 years at the most!". Even the members themselves doubted their longevity. But there was a shift in kpop. SNSD made a breakthrough and changed kpop. People doubted SNSD's future success purely because the kpop fandom mainly consists of females, and females tend to be the ones to be more active in supporting their favorite group. What people didn't predict is the sheer volume of SNSD fangirls too. The SONE fanbase is huge, and has as many dedicated fans within it. SNSD are powerful in most aspects now - music, variety, drama, commercials.. They're representatives now pretty much. Although before it was mainly guy groups that dominated and lasted, SNSD has proved otherwise. Not only this, SNSD themselves keep enforcing the idea that they want to last long. And I don't see why not. I'd give them 3-4 at the very least. They have a lot left in them yet. And the comments about Tiffany losing her youth? That's bull. The red hair and cut wasn't working for her. But she looks amazing. They all do.

  3. I wouldn't say irrelevant, to be honest. We still have yet to see a whole female group that lasts as long as those groups without member displacement or being inactive for quite a while.

    The SONE fan base is huge, but then again, weren't all the previous, 1st generation and some modern-day group's fan base huge? But look what happened to them! In fact, even still-active groups like Wonder Girls who undoubtedly lost their high and mighty position as #1 and Super Junior had huge fan bases, but they couldn't escape the decay in popularity because it happens to EVERYONE.

    SNSD keeps enforcing the idea they want to last long but let's be honest, does that really make it that they'll last long? Think of all the other groups that debuted for example Fin K.L, S.E.S, etc. etc. It seems likely that their members also wanted to last long, as well, but unfortunately, life and age got to them and they had to put up their dancing shoes and save them for another day.

    I think the reason why SNSD still lasts this long, as I stated in previous posts is that they look good now. Sure, Tiffany still looks good (what are you talking about? The red hair was her best hair) but comparing her from Gee-Genie days when she looked better and more lively (we can even apply this to members like Sooyoung and Yoona who lost some of their cheek fat), you can definitely see the change.

    3-4? I wouldn't go that high.

    Sure, there's members who can probably pick their own careers up like Yoona and Taeyeon (Taeyeon , who said doesn't even want to continue after SNSD) but that's because their fan bases are the largest in SNSD. What about people like Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung who not only get the SM shaft but have among the smallest fan base?

  4. Pretty accurate assessment.

  5. I still stick to my gunsJune 14, 2013 at 8:38 AM

    That's the thing though, you've mentioned "their uncle fans" like they are the majority. They're not. Most sone I know and speak to are girls, and young ones at that.

    And I think you're making the sone fanbase out to be too shallow. As soon as their beauty disappears we do too? That's nonsense. Everything about SNSD and the fans support the idea of them going on for a long time. (“Right now it's Girls' Generation! From now on it's Girls' Generation! Forever Girls' Generation!"
    I don't think Jessica meant "fall down beautifully" as in their faces. I'm assuming she doesn't want a disaster like DBSK and retire from Girls' Generation with a beautiful send off, a last show if you will.
    SNSD only properly made it big with gee in 2009.

    The reason the Wonder Girls lost their position was because JYP made the decision for them to promote in America. Their inactivity in Korea lost them their place, and SNSD swooped in and took that role.

    Actually, I'm not "deluding" myself into thinking that they'll be top forever. They won't. I was stating that as a group, regardless of position in music, they will last 3-4 years more. Of course SNSD aren't exempt from SM's tendency to neglect groups, but have you also noticed the pattern? SM neglect the groups that don't sell as well, and then don't put as much effort into their next single/album and it continues on in a loop. SNSD have continuously been releasing things people buy - always in the charts. Their popularity and income now will only encourage SM to keep the SNSD fuel going to wring that last bit of money out.There's absoloutely no doubt SNSD are one of SM's top money makers, and from a company with only won on their mind, they're very unlikely to let SNSD go so easily.

    Regarding appearance, I think you're assuming that all people will consume is their "cute" selves. If you haven't noticed, SM has been, bit by bit, reducing the cute concepts and trying to bring a more mature SNSD to the audience. I think that if SNSD did start to really loose their youth (which I doubt they're going to look OLD at 30 - look at Kahi), I think they'll do more mature concepts. And these sexy/mature concepts are successful in Korea. Also, Koreans are very keen on artist 'respect'. The longer SNSD go, the more respect they have as idols/artists.

    I never discussed their future as soloists, so I won't bother now.

    I think you're underestimating SNSD.

  6. I couldn't disagree more, to be honest.

    My mentioning of uncle fans wasn't saying they're the majority when obviously, the K-Pop fandom is overtaken by premature little girls. However, uncle fans do play a significant role which is certainly being downplayed.

    What are you talking about? When did I say once the beauty left, SONEs did as well? I noted that SNSD's fan base is strong now, but 1st generation groups and even other modern day groups like Super Junior and Wonder Girls who had huge fan bases went through the same thing as SNSD undoubtedly will despite the fact that you believe that they will live on forever and ever.

    3-4 years? My mistake, I thought you meant 3-4 members after the disbandment would remain in the spotlight. But still, I wouldn't stretch that high unless SNSD were being given the same treatment SM is giving to Super Junior right now, especially the fact that there's rumors going around that SM Entertainment is preparing for a large girl group similar to SNSD to debut either later this year or early next year. And with what happened to Super Junior (when EXO started to come into play, Super Junior started to get the SM shaft...), it seems likely that once that group debuts, SNSD will slowly go to SuJu status.

    "They're very unlikely to let SNSD go so easily." Puahaha! SHINHWA was a huge money maker back then. They let them go in the blink of an eye. TVXQ? Basically were gods. Now, it's only TVXQ as 2 and JYJ as 3. Fly to the Sky? Gone. The Grace? SM dungeon. H.O.T? Gone. S.E.S? Gone. M.I.L.K? Gone. Even Hangeng. Gone.
    So tell me, what's so different about SNSD? Nothing! They're money makers? They have the power of 9? They have a huge fan base? So were the rest. But they're all gone.

    "SM has been, bit by bit, reducing the cute concepts and trying to bring a more mature SNSD to the audience"
    Not really. They start to reduce the cuteness, but then, they release another video like Beep Beep, Dancing Queen and even Love & Girls. Even I Got a Boy wasn't much of a change if you look at it.

    Underestimating SNSD? What about the other side, you, who is basically believing that SNSD can do anything and everything!
    It's kinda like thinking, hey!, these girls who probably don't have much time left will last forever just because they're my unnirs.

    P.S. Also, their digital sales have been slacking. For IGAB, during the first week they sold almost HALF the amount TTS sold, less than half for The Boys, Lee Hi, less than 1/3 of Big Bang sales and were even outsold by Miss A according to Asianjunkie (

  7. SHINeeGirlinSHINeeWorlfJune 14, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    lamo delulu sone comment of the day.

  8. rochelle.bernard96June 15, 2013 at 4:31 AM

    Your first paragraph is right. If you see their youtube statistics it's always 13-24 year old girls.

  9. rochelle.bernard96June 15, 2013 at 4:34 AM

    I don't think SNSD is like SJ. They started with 13 and now barely have like 5 members. They're old and dropping like flies, unlike SNSD.

  10. Meh, except for the fact they have SM Entertainment.

  11. I disagree with your point on Sunny. On variety shows she does well was the most popular on one of her shows; she shows off skills that normally wouldn't be noticeable if she were with the group. She would go into the comedy side of the industry because she has a strong popularity as a variety star. She has the most variety talent out of SNSD provided we follow the fact she was voted #1. I think a good point to make about her is that is isn't ambitious or rather not as much as you would think she is considered her talents.

    Her acting is passable given that she was nominated for a rookie award for her musical.

    Also I think its a bit outdated to say that Sunny is only known for her aegyo,lots of fans notice the most laidback side of her hense why she won being the pretty and most handsome female idol. Not saying that you are implying that she is pushing that image, I believe SM still wants her to be the cute one to keep fans. However she doesn't do a lot of aegyo unless she is being asked to and even then the last time she was asked on stage she looked like she didn't want to.

    But that is just my opinion still this was a good read.

  12. 3 years might not be as big of a stretch as you think. It's pretty much a given that TTS will have another run later in the year. In addition, SNSD will likely put out another Korean album and an English album. It would be near impossible to do that in one year. Heck, it would be difficult to do it in two years. As long as the members don't quit, 3 years seems possible.

  13. rochelle.bernard96June 24, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    Also, I don't think it's about who has the most talent to survive as a singer/actress. Look at Hyori...Her role in her group was being the pretty one, no? We can probably get a hint of their future by listening to their words, HyoHyo for example, wants to be a married fashion designer with 5 kids.

  14. "I think she can push through the 예능 industry"

    Exactly. That's why I mentioned that she could choose being a gagwoman like Jung Juri. She's probably the one with the biggest charisma in SNSD next to Sooyoung while on camera.

    Secondly, I kind of agree with you about the Hyoyeon placement and was actually going to put Hyoyeon above Sunny until I realized something. I think the biggest thing that will disable Hyoyeon other than the lack of vocals is that she wants to settle down pretty soon and have a bajillion kids as she said in the video linked above. Sometimes, because it's too hard to balance both your career and your family... especially if you're Hyoyeon who's gonna basically turn to a baby factory... so it seems likely she would have to choose between either or.

  15. TWO YEARS, that seems pretty accurate, but I strongly disagree that Hyoyeon would be last in the ranking; have you NOT SEEN dancing with the stars or dangerous boys? She's talented and funny! I think she can push through the 예능 industry if SM allowed her to :)

  16. It's just sad to see those members who have talents being the least popular..

  17. I think Sunny is the future leader of SM Entertainment (at least as one of SM Entertainment's leaders) consider her uncle (Lee Soo Man) is the founder and the owner of SM Entertaintment and her big sister works at SM Entertainment, too. So, I think Sunny will join SM Entertainment management to produce new singers (solo, girl group or boy group) when SNSD disband. With her experience in SNSD, she can also becomes a good trainer for new singers in the future. I don't think Sunny will stuck at the dead-end.

  18. I used to think that yoona could be in this business forever because of her looks (I remember seeing her in drama since like 2009 and was like omg this is so bad)... but now I realize with the kpop world blowing up that she's about to get overridden pretty soon. The most relevant example I can think of is Suzy.


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