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So as you all should know by now if you have been following the site long enough, 2NE1's Park Bom is my ultimate bias as well as Girls' Generation's Tiffany. Regardless of the plasticity of their faces and their worsening singing techniques, I'm still attracted to them in a way that you can coin as a 'girl crush'. So as you can guess, I was kind of shocked when I saw the news blowing up that a rookie group member went to such levels to diss my fave. So shocked that I decided to replace the HyunA's Red and HA:TFELT's Ain't Nobody review (if you're wondering, they were both good songs, in my opinion) to type the shit out of this. If you haven't listened to the track below, you can definitely do so now:

Your bloated, swollen face.
You’re not satisfied no matter what you put in it.
You’re going to become an old person next to an ugly child
You drag your entire body and slap it onto your face
You’re at the point of addiction, “STOP IT!”
X? O? The answer is X, toxic.
Someone call the doctor, someone stop her.
You’re about the same as the Gangnam Beauty [who got plastic surgery 28 times]
You’re weak, and you fell into drugs.
Did the drugs fall into the jelly box?
Who glanced over the 4 pills that disappeared?
Since when were the prosecutors so nice?
The Samsung employee had 29 pills, and was detained at the detention center
You had 82 pills, and why are you innocent? They’re super cool.
The ambassador of the Ministry of Justice? You had a very fitting role, huh?
You took the title of the first smuggling-dol, huh? Amphetamine sh*t.
The articles were taken down so well. YG is no joke.
Try to cover up the sky with your palm. You just got your case suspended??
It must be nice for your fans to cover you up.
I’m jealous that your CEO writes a novel for you.
You set fire on your Roommate friends, and they must feel chaotic, because the corn exploded
You’ll hide behind your influential label and then come back when it gets quiet
Radio Star or Healing Camp, or anywhere. There won’t be a blow to you, huh?
YG, mental breakdown, your fans, mental breakdown.
How do you have time to go to Japan? Hurry and come back, come back home
No one else can be a smuggling-dol without you, can’t nobody.
Listen to this and clap your hands, let’s go party
YG, mental breakdown, your fans, mental breakdown.
How do you have time to go to Japan? Hurry and come back, come back home
No one else can be a smuggling-dol without you, can’t nobody.
Listen to this and clap your hands, let’s go party NOW

First things first: she's actually not that bad at rapping. In fact, she's pretty good. Second, different from what numerous media outlets say... or at least, don't say, A.KOR's Kemy released this track to Soundcloud to participate in a supposed rap competition. Whether she did this rap for publicity/attention or not is still up in the air. For all we know, someone could have found her rap which she wished to keep only between the rap competition and herself, realized it was from a rookie group and then uploaded it to YouTube as well as showed a bunch of people who in turn got the news out. 

When listening to this track, I immediately heard a substitution for 2NE1's CL's famous intro to their debut track Fire and my jaw dropped to the incorporation of the someone who well, isn't even Park Bom, to prove her point. Likewise, later in the rap she even incorporated EXO and their brilliant song Overdose for a reason I'm even more confused about. 

I don't want to be the kind of person who jumps at A.KOR's Kemy's throat however, I don't entirely want to defend her. I feel like, even though I'm utterly in love with Park Bom, if she actually did not use this rap for attention, I have nothing to really be angered about. Why? Because I'm so used to netizens, national as well as international netizens like on Netizenbuzz who claim they're above others when in fact, are the exact same, say the exact same things about Park Bom constantly yet try to cover it up with "I'm looking out for Bom" or "she needs help" when there's no genuine concern. (Yes, I fucking said it.) Not to mention, it's malicious, yes, but if she was using this incorporation for what I believe it to be so, it's none of my business. 

What I found funny is how defenders of the rap say that this is just a 'blowing off steam' kind of thing. Even if she was blowing off steam, why on earth would Park Bom's plastic surgery be something to be so angered about/stressed about that she just had to rap about it? The 'blowing off steam' ploy is nothing but the same hypocritical imbeciles "looking out for Bom by insulting her to her own death (I would not be surprised if Park Bom is suicidal at this point)" looking for excuses for more insults to go away unnoticed.

As you can probably tell, the thing that really disgusted me is her need to not only insult Park Bom's face but to also insult YG Entertainment's promotion of 2NE1 as a whole in Japan. So what they made a Japanese version of Come Back Home? Regardless of the controversy surround Bom, there's no need to bring the whole group down because they want to make money just like every single other idol in the business, including herself. It's a known fact that Japan rakes in the most money and if 2NE1 and the agency feels the need to go to Japan, why is this so much of a concern to the rapper that she has to call Park Bom to come back to Korea in which she's receiving a shit storm of hate? 

The drug scandal bit, if anything, was the most understandable piece to put however, there should have been different wording because realistically, there's just parts of it that really could have been less... malicious? Calling Park Bom weak in that piece definitely was the biggest thing in my opinion. I'm almost positive that Bom has already listened to this track if even the coordi could talk about it. We all know for a fact that Park Bom is not in the state for this bull shit (cue the hypocritical netizens "looking out for her") but is it really necessary to note that? Like, even if this is to be some sort of rapping diss battle, the insult of making fun of someone's mental state is the lowest of the fucking low and well, disgusting.
joins idol group to become famous;
doesn't know how to get fame the
right way
Though, A.KOR's Kemy definitely has to be a Blackjack, her impeccable incorporation of 2NE1 songs, the knowledge that 2NE1 has even ventured to Japan and released a Japanese version of Come Back Home, being a fan of the show Bom previously appeared in as well as something that is known mostly only in the Park Bom fan community that she loves corn, some of this is just a bit... off. There should have been different wording, especially to replace the incorporation of people who's not even Park Bom or even apart of YG Entertainment and to definitely change calling the star weak and making fun of her unstable mental state (funny how the rap is called 'Do The Right Thing' when she's doing all of the wrong things). Again, whether or not this was for fame, I honestly do not know, however, for the most part, I'm literally just being wary about this issue and looking forward for more updates. Bom can't necessarily fight back in this battle unless she takes years worth of rapping lessons in .05 seconds... therefore, I'm waiting for just something to keep this going. It's entertaining, actually... and I'm waiting for more. Am I a terrible person for desiring this? Probably.

What are your thoughts with the rap diss? Stay classy, guys. Calling out full fandoms is not a good representation because this is clearly simply between A.KOR's Kemy and all the people she summoned through her rap. Likewise, death threats from fandoms are as low as the track.

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