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Not even a day into their debut and SM Entertainment's newest group, Red Velvet is in hot waters. Not only have they been in controversy with their name scandal (a K-Indie band entitled 'Red Velvet' who apparently did not buy rights to the name and therefore, had to kind of fight with the agency only to have both group's keep the name) and then this one, SM Entertainment having Red Velvet's own debut music video, Happiness, feature the Japanese Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb incidents as well as a reference to the United States' devastating 9/11 incident. Of course, SM Entertainment is now removing Red Velvet's music video until further editing out of the scenes however, us writers at K-Pop Ranter want to shed light of the scandal revolving this group and SM Entertainment's carelessness.

Tiffany: This is like... explosive carelessness. Not even using just one countries unforgettable moment but using two to simply make a point for this music video? It's seriously beyond my head as to what this company was thinking when they incorporated that in there. There is literally no respect for international fans that don't have a big enough market as SM Entertainment gets with China. None. And what's funny, to people who are defending this (yes, I have actually seen some commenters say that it's 'no big deal'), is that everyone would be up in arms if there was incorporation of, for example, the Sewol Ferry incident, in a music video because that was a tragic accident as were the other two for the differing countries. There's no reason for the defense and especially no reason to believe SM Entertainment's excuse that they didn't 'catch it'. They surely did. They incorporated those elements on purpose regardless of it being a different language. All of those newspapers behind Irene? All English however, all focusing on the Japanese atomic bomb incident. This clearly wasn't a 'let's just google English newspapers' ordeal. This was intentional. The only reason why they're acting like this now is because they were caught, red-handed.

SM's policy: Don't give a fuck til' the public gives a fuck
then act as if you actually give a fuck
Andi: This is both media play and extreme carelessness on SM's part. They attempted to make an extremely bold move by coupling examples of very tragic events with a song that promoted optimism and preached that you shouldn't follow in the past generations' footsteps (at least that's the vibe I got from the lyrics). SM could have used less controversial examples to get their message across, instead they come across as racists with a collage of newspaper clippings all focusing on Japan and the bombing of Hiroshima when there is already a friction between the two countries as it is. Then they even throw in a 9/11 reference as well. Like Tiffany said, SM isn't fooling nobody with their bullshit excuse that they somehow "overlooked" the whole ordeal. Entertainment companies thrive off of scandals and controversies. Take Stellar's Marionette ordeal for example. The controversy behind that music video is what put them on the map. People actually began paying attention to them because of it. Red Velvet just debuted and their song already has a little over one million views. Good or bad, this group is getting a lot of attention and in my opinion, it's for the wrong reasons. Let's just hope these girls' future wasn't ruined by SM's carelessness.

Likewise, as we are focusing on SM Entertainment scandals, we wanted to bring forth the ongoing scandal between Sulli and what seems like the world, starting in 2013 with a full explanation of her scandals here and still going on towards the end of 2014, the scandal mostly revolving around none other than her relationship with Choiza. Because we have time on our hands, we can discuss both of these scandals that are brewing in the SM Entertainment headquarters and causing ruckus especially with f(x) who halted their Red Light promotions abruptly without giving much word as to why.

Tiffany: There's this ping-pong effect over who's fault this whole controversy is. Obviously, f(x)  halted promotions randomly. Obviously, Sulli was in controversy prior and during the promotions. Obviously, the controversy mostly surrounded Choiza. However, after seeing deleted pictures online of Sulli and Choiza's date/vacation with each other, everyone is now putting the blame on Sulli as if it's her sole fault. I truly believe she should be able to date whoever she wants as everyone should. But not only is SM Entertainment continuously denying the cold hard facts that they're dating/not even saying anything anymore (which really isn't much of an issue, in my opinion) but Choiza is just having a ball with this scandal. He's mentioning it everywhere, uploading pictures, doing anything he can to ensure that everyone knows that Sulli is taken by him. And though it's cute that he's claiming her as his girl, it's somewhat... unprofessional especially at this time where she's promoting and the scandal was just dying down. Him leaving his wallet? His fault. These pictures going around? His fault. And no one is realizing that. Sulli shouldn't be blamed for loving him. He should be blamed for acting like a brainless douche who could care less about Sulli's condition but more about his own happiness. I speak for Sulli who hasn't been speaking much at all when I say that Choiza is ruining his own image as well as Sulli's and should just stop. 

Andi: I completely agree with Tiffany. In the world of Kpop, females are viewed more critically and are bashed more frequently and with more ease than males. Choiza should know and understand this especially when his girlfriend is busy promoting her group's latest song. This is when people are paying attention to them the most and here's Choiza, not giving a damn about neither his own or his girlfriend's reputation. Sulli has already been in numerous scandals as it is and if she's trying to make up for her mistakes she made in the past, Choiza certainly isn't helping her situation at all. SM Entertainment isn't helping either by continually denying it. By now, SM should just accept the truth that the two are dating and release an official statement to hopefully put an end to all this madness. 

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  1. Bad timing for f(x) with the promotion of their album to have Suli having a break down, most mean it's a serious issue when she leaves at a such importing time. I hope she will get well and it will not end up in a ugly fight between her and SME.

  2. This is the reason why Korean people is ugly.

  3. True, but it's not just Sulli who stopped promoting. It's f(x). There's something up and it's kind of just... coincidental that that something came up around the 2nd Choiza&Sulli blow-up

  4. Till now, I can't understand why SM suddenly stopped f(x) promoted their song, when they still has 4 members left and it's not like Suli is the main vocal there. The song still sounded same even without her. Hm..


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