Posted by : Jasmine Cornejo May 31, 2013

Dear Diary,

I really am concerned about K-Pop these days.
It reaches goes above and beyond and are still trying to breakthrough internationally but what is it about anti-non-Asian in K-Pop?
Companies spend so much money on their Asians selves to teach Korean, Japanese and Chinese it really frustrates me that they want to do so much yet they limit themselves.
And what about Asians from the the U.S? They aren't native but as long as they know an extra language, the company is at ease. But I would like to ask why isn't there a single non-Asian person?

You people want to appeal in other countries yet you are unwilling to give those people you're trying to appeal to a chance to debut. I mean, for K-Pop auditions,  I don't see not one Non-Asian guy or girl out there who even passed the first round. And remember Lee Michelle? The girl who was supposed to debut in SuPearls under YG Entertainment but left and signed with a much smaller company? I remember on friggin' K-Pop Star when she came up to the stage, those judges looked at her like she was an alien (around 11:00). It really concerns me how K-pop can be so cruel and yet still want that promotion to debut in other countries. How companies spend so much money on something they could save up on.

And what I hate the most, too, is that non-Asians get looked down upon, but lets look at reality. If there were non-Asian people in a group that would mean less money to spend (let's say, if they already know Korean) and more international recognition. But some companies are too stupid to want to do this. I think maybe... only maybe, if they did that, K-pop could finally get a bit more noticed in the United states. With that being said there is no more I could do but watch what lies ahead for K-pop.


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  1. rochelle.bernard96June 24, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Lol, non-Asians in a kpop group. But I agree that a mixed group would be more successful in America than a fully Asian one. A full Asian group would stick out in a weird way.


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