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Just yesterday, SE7EN, Sangchu and other celebrity soldiers caught themselves in quite the pickle, getting caught visiting a 'happy ending' massage parlor (if you don't know, you get laid after the massage!) while not only still on duty, but SE7EN, still in the 11-year relationship with Park Han Byul which he claimed he would be so damn scared if he was caught with another girl while dating her (oh, the irony).
So the story falls out like this, four celebrity soldiers including Rain (who fucked up his career from his military service, too) and KCM (nugu?) were in their motel until around 10PM, then left to go eat BBQ chicken and get drunk. In around an hour 30 minutes, they went back to the motel with their cellphones in hand while the two, SE7EN and Sangchu, went to a happy ending massage parlor afterwards. Later,
The pair came out half an hour later, and when the reporters approached them for an interview, they snatched the mic away and twisted their arms. Undeterred, the reporter asked, “You were just at a massage parlor. It’s currently 4AM, and you came to perform as a soldier. You were just at a massage parlor. Can you comment on this?”. The two tried to snatch and destroy the camera, but when that failed, they said, “We did not commit a crime. We didn’t do anything illegal.” 
The reporter asked, “Do you usually drink and go to massage parlors while you perform?”, and they said, “We didn’t drink alcohol at all. We should talk later”, even though they were filmed drinking beer and soju. The pair then left back to the motel in a taxi. 
The reporter entered the massage parlor and noted that the parlor did not let anyone under 19 inside. The reporter asked the manager and the manager revealed, “They asked things like, ‘When can we get serviced?’, and I told them ‘Not right now’. I refunded them 170,000 KRW (approximately $147 USD).” The manager added, “No one comes to get just a massage. They come for what you’re thinking.

What's funny is that the manager doesn't even give a fuck about SE7EN's career, throwing him under the bus without hesitation by stating the completely obvious:
“No one comes [to the parlor] to get just a massage. They come for what you’re thinking.”


I don't even know the worst part about this: the two guys as well as hundreds of other celebrity soldiers enlist to the military and hype it up like it's the end of the world (*cough* Leeteuk), then get to use their cell phones, go out at night, and of course, get laid, while the thousands of other non-celebrity Korean men unjustly can't use their cell phones, can't go out at night, and of course, can't get laid... or that SE7EN cheated Park Han Byul by going to a massage parlor--the sleaziest, most stupid and probably not even that satisfying of a way of fucking up his relationship with that goddess. Either way, SE7EN obviously didn't end up with the 'happy ending' he was looking for.

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  1. SHINeeGirlinSHINeeWorldJune 26, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    What a stupid move. I really hope SE7EN, Sangchu and whoever else gets the full consequence for what they did.


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