Posted by : Qiyu Hu July 17, 2013

B.A.P is back with Hurricane, their second title track for their third mini album after Coffee Shop. This track is definitely different from first song, Coffee Shop, with all its jazzy goodness. Haven’t watched it yet? Check it out now!

The Song:
B.A.P has had some many comebacks during the past year and eventually, it got to the point where I've lost interest in their releases... unfortunately, this song not doing 'it' for me, either. Hurricane belongs in the electronic genre and for me, it is too messy with the unnecessary synths(?) and the beats. However, I have to admit though, the bass lines in the beginning of the track is addictive. The parts before the chorus sounded weirdly like PSY’s Gangnam Style and I’m not sure if I like that. The dance break came off to me as abrupt and awkward and it did nothing for the flow of the entire song. The saving grace to this song is probably Daehyun’s belting throughout the chorus--he never fails.

The Music Video:
This video was shot in Las Vegas so I expected the neon lights, billboards, expensive cars and the desert scene. It does resemble Big Bang’s Tonight, but that’s completely fine with me. The boys seem to have a lot of fun in the music video, with Jongup and Zelo breaking out in dance. The editing for the video though, made me want to punch someone because changes between scenes are so fast and abrupt that it made me actually dizzy halfway through the video. Other than that, it’s really your typical ‘having fun in cool places and acting cool’ kind of video.  Pretty generic I’d say, especially for B.A.P.

The Styling:
First off, I’d like to defend poor Zelo. He deserved better hair than that crazy grandmother perm he had in parts of the MV. The one he had when he was dancing was much better, thankfully. The golden outfits screamed tacky and I don’t know how to feel for Jongup’s DOPE snap-back. Fortunately, they also had shots in suits and well, suits make everything better! I can’t help but fall in love with Daehyun in a suit... and, lastly, Himchan, please, no more middle parts.

The Dance:
They don’t dance much in this MV, other than some random jumping scenes and them partying in what seems like a bus(?). There are solo scenes of Zelo and Jongup free styling, and damn, those two have smooth moves.

The LMAO factor:
Apparently this song contains 90% English but I really can’t hear it until I looked up the lyrics. Bad, bad case of Engrish, B.A.P. I wonder when K-Pop will finally realize that inappropriate use of random English words is not cool.

As expected, I saved the best for the last.
I’m so sorry Himchan but I’m still laughing at your confidence when you sang those lines. Not forgetting that he also “wanna baby”. Don’t ask me what that means.

To sum it all up:
I'm not the biggest fan of this track as it is generic and disconnected at parts. It gets better with more listens though. One thing I’m sure of is this song is addictive, and it will get stuck in your head. Nevertheless, “Hurricane” a decent song to jam and party to.

What did you think about "Hurricane"? Comment below!

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  1. I should probably stop watching MVs before listening to the songs for the first time. The visuals usually destroy my impressions of them songs- Jello whyyy Jello your hair ;;;; The only saving grace of this song that stuck with me when the song ends is Daehyun's lines, except that I still don't remember how the song goes.

  2. "The visuals usually destroy my impressions of them songs-" Very true. Usually, if the video is bad, it somewhat leaks onto the song and it makes the song (even if it's good) seem like it's bad when it's not.

    "I still don't remember how the song goes."

    I'll remind you:
    Himchan said - The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire.
    Himchan also said - I wanna baby, I wanna baby
    Zelo said - YOLO
    Everyone else said other random English words that were obviously probably the first words they landed on when they opened an English dictionary.

  3. Thank you for waking me up. Couldn't help but to LOL when I see the loof, the loof is on fiyah oh god Himchan xD

    Ugh school.


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