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The longest arm in the history of arms goes to Hankyung

A wild foot has appeared. Do you attack, run or throw your pokeball?

The awkward moment when Ga-In doesn't even look like Ga-In.

Not sure if Jonghyun or evil space twin.

Nickhun XY - When the seen cannot be unseen

No Nips, No Service

Can you guess this one: Hint: There's only 8 legs.

I can't even verbalize my lolz. Taengsic 5ever, I guess?

I don't know about you but that is not Taeyeon.

Neither is this Hyoyeon. Nice try, though.

I'll give you a hint on this one... there's a random arm sticking out of Junsu's chest.

Legs be honest... those are not your real legs

Neither are these, Shin Se Kyung.
Mama always told me I could be anything I wanted to be... I chose a car.

That's not even possible Shawols. Stop dreaming. 

Shadows never lie.... fail photoshop does, though

Arms have never looked so surreal.

Lee Hyori. Why

Cosmopolitan... where they inflate you to the max.

not even photoshop but lol wut

Anymore? /decided not to post the Park Bom picture cause all the fuck wads got a good laugh at it already/. Comment below!

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  1. In the text below your Pokemon picture, you only give three options, attacking, running, and throwing a Pokeball (presumably from the Bag/Pack option). You forgot the Pokemon option.

  2. Pokemon is no laughing matter, friend.


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