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I was initially going to title this: Dispatch is the #1 News Source: Bom is Not a Druggie, and even had a whole article written, ready to be published a few hours ago, however with new speculation about this whole Park Bom drug scandal coming up, I had to change my original rant about... well, everything.

For those of you who haven't been following this blog for long, 2NE1's Park Bom was, is and will always be my ultimate bias alongside Girls' Generation's Tiffany. Maybe I'm just a legs and thighs person (but no buscuits!!) or maybe I'm just a lover of all singers who kind of sound like they have a dick in their nose but still, I am deeply in love with these girls and when I found out that Park Bom was in a scandal, and not just a scandal but one about her abusing drugs, I have to admit, my heart rate soared and I started having uncontrollable flatulence.

But for those of you who also have not followed this blog for long, regardless of who my bias is, I will tell my unbiased, truthful opinions surrounding a scandal and am not a delusional fangirl, therefore, won't jump the 'THIS BITCH IS B-DRUGGIN' nor the 'PARK BOM IS INNOCENT' wagon just yet. To everyone else who is still shitting themselves defending either or side, here's probably the only friggin' fact that is circulating the Internet around this whole scandal.

So please, feel free to stand up from your computer chair, stretch a little, do a little EXO Overdose dance then take a huge, long seat.


For the people jumping at YG Entertainment at this, you have to be among the funniest comments I read on the Internet. What? A company lied and is trying to make their artists' image, an artist who is still racking up money for the company, as crystal clear as possible by making lies and excuses? This is a first in all of entertainment company history!

Regina is just as shocked as I am

Not really. It's a company's job to save an artists' ass. Why? Because without the artists' crystal clear image, they would not even be the kind of money-makers they are now. Of course, there are usually some bruises or hits to their record but for the most part, with a good company not only giving the entertainer discipline as well as excuses whenever they screw up, a performer can sustain years and years of being in the limelight. Though, I usually wouldn't encourage lying, I just feel like it's understandable for them to do so. However, after reading over Yang Hyun Suk's official statement to the press regarding this scandal, I honestly did feel a little bit bad. People are going ape-shit about the part where YHS stated:

...from what I have seen in the 9 years watching over 2NE1, they do not smoke, drink much, or go clubbing for reasons besides official events

but for fuck's fucking sake, exaggeration isn't going to kill anyone. Pull the actual, meaningful stuff from the long ass message he read to the press. Likewise, most media outlets do not even add this part into the YG Entertainment statement because it's irrelevant as hell! It's like people are literally fishing for something even a little bit bad to have severe diarrhea over. Enough for once. 

Likewise, the Dispatch article seems clear to me. All this speculation that Dispatch is being paid by YG Entertainment could be true (or just a rumor for people who want to see a bad ending to this scandal) however, with:

1) Park Bom was never actually even charged with actual reason behind it rather than giving her celebrity treatment
2) The prosecution giving a damn good reason as to why she was not charged and people shitting themselves that this practice is deemed illegal (their rules are selling the drugs to people unprescribed it) however, because it isn't for illegal purposes it becomes a loophole (think medical marijuana)
3) The apparent thing going around that when you catch a celebrity in a crime, you get a raise and all this money bonus stuff so legal teams actually strive to put celebrities behind bars

to me, I really don't think there's much... wrong? I mean, the biggest question to ask is:

Why is this even coming up four years past the date?

Nevertheless, there's a lot of things popping up with this. People are questioning Park Bom's actual age, through Segyo Ilbo, a popular Korean news source along with Dispatch, in which people obviously fail at math because even if you do the math, Park Bom would still be 30 years old in American age since the school mentioned how Bom was 14 in 1998,

Slaying K-Netizens who can't even do simply addition and subtraction since 2014

people wondering if Bom actually did know if the drugs were illegal in South Korea (this one is tricky, we can only use this by word of mouth, to be honest) and people wondering if she really did use the drugs for depression or just for weight loss (I honestly would say that truthfully, she probably used them for depression as I wouldn't doubt that she is/was depressed and either:

a) possibly found out they also came with weight loss
b) labelled them as weight loss pills to not freak out her grandmother with depression pills
c) the news about the pills being as true about the news about Park Bom being approximately five years older than she actually is

However, we will never know the full truth as with every scandal. With the lack of use of pills as stated by prosecution, Park Bom clearly could not have been using the pills for things like getting high or whatnot therefore, the only thing left to question is her personal health. I probably will do an individual post surrounding Park Bom's mental state especially with this news (I wanted to do so prior to this but never found the evidence, now it's here!) and can only tell you guys to stay tuned, stay posted and stay seated if you're planning to shit yourselves on either/or side.

In conclusion, Park Bom may or may not be completely innocent however, what I can take from this?

1) She wasn't actually druggin' (over-consuming the pills; she obviously took them)
2) There's a problem with her health (whether it's mentally or physically)
3) This is just petty news

Hopefully, the people who made fun of Bom for the past few years would quit it because she actually, to me for a long time, seemed to be a sensitive person. She may laugh or not actually admit it, but she probably does get sad at everything that is thrown at her as every single idol. We never know what's going on in the interior regardless of how the exterior acts. Maybe instead of idols reflecting, we should reflect at how low we are. How hypocritical we are. How insane we areAfter we take a moment to vote on the polls below and comment.

Park Bom's Drug Scandal. Innocent or Naw?

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  2. I totally agree. I'm also a huge huge fan of Bom and 2ne1, but I know she's not a saint. She's probably not totally innocent, but it certainly doesn't seem like she was using the drugs recreationally. In any case, I'm just feeling sick to my stomach about all of the hatred she is STILL getting from netizens, and the fact that she still has to be "reflecting" and isn't allowed to promote. I just hope that her health doesn't get compromised any further and that she's doing okay...


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