Posted by : KPopRanter October 25, 2012

The song that came out 3 days ago was nominated 2 days ago... being out for only ONE day.
This nomination seems oddly suspicious and my mind can only think up two possible answers for this: 

1) Bought her way to the top:
Cube Entertainment pulled a SISTAR and bought their way to be nominated

2) She gave them the goods:
She bubble-popped in whoever the hell it is making the nomination's face and then 'melted them down like ice cream'.

Aside from this, I don't find this nomination truly fair: 1) because she released the song less than thirty hours prior to nomination counting and 2) because she's been nominated in categories in which the song doesn't even deserve-- "Song of the Year" and "Best Dance Performance - Solo".
Either way, its just feasible to conclude that HyunA really doesn't deserve these spots. Whether you're a 4nia or a non-4nia, it's obvious that with the one day interval between her comeback and the nomination announcement was only a 1 day interval between her comeback and the day the announcement of nominations, this happening was more than just coincidental.

What's your thoughts of the nomination? Rigged or right? Comment below!

By the way, I'm putting my bet on answer 2.

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