Posted by : KPopRanter October 22, 2012

Check out the music video for Ice Cream below.

Before watching this music video, I was anticipating the same old Pikachu, squeaky-squeak singing and squeaky-squeak rap. However, when watching this music video, I was surprised that the Pikachu has evolved to a Raichu (yes, I know my Pokemon. Don't judge me) and was actually not as bad sounding as before! 

Yet, alhough HyunA doesn't sound like Pikachu anymore, it doesn't mean I am completely impressed by this song and music video. It wasn't as catchy as her previous songs Bubble Pop and Change even though her vocal and rapping ability improved a lot. 

The dance was average and wasn't that memorable nor was the music video. In fact, the best part of the video was the part when PSY appeared in the beginning and ate all of the ice cream--I even chuckled a bit at that part--yet the rest just seems like a blur, me not remembering it much at all. This comeback was basically just meh and didn't really make HyunA prove herself or add more on HyunA's behalf.

To conclude, this comeback was something I actually anticipated, but wasted my time anticipating over. It was good, yes. Cube Entertainment and HyunA spent a little more time in this comeback, yes. But was it mind-blowing and even comparable to her other songs? Hell no. I was expecting something beyond this... but maybe it was just too much to ask for.

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