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Watch the video below:

Ga In, coming back with a provocative and memorable 'Bloom' on October 4th, proceeded to gift her fans a short video due to the large support of her song 'Bloom' so well. With a goal of receiving the same amount of support from the fans for this video, LOEN Entertainment recently released Ga In's new song 'Nostalgia' accompanied by a video.
To start off, the video was horrible. Though I can partially understand because this song wasn't meant to be a promotional track and only a gift, many other groups have released songs accompanied by videos with the intention of gifting their fans and many other groups have released better quality videos than this. This video seemed as if the director used a camera that costed at most 20 dollars and took the video at Ga In's house. There was also no present story-line or overall connection to the song and was just a bunch of shots of Ga In's face while she wore different facial expressions and occasionally smiled for the cheap camera.
Nevertheless, her transcendent vocals were evidently there and made up for the unworthy video. The softness of her voice, flowed extremely and undeniably well with the song and was flawless, giving a soothing  mood to the viewer and being worth the buy of this song.
Subsequently, this video isn't worth anyone's time. The nearly 2 minutes was 2 minutes of nothingness and didn't give a long lasting impression to the viewer. However, though the video was not worth the time, the song and the existing is a good lullaby and tranquilizing to the the ears.

What did you think of Ga In's 'Nostalgia' comeback? Voice your opinions below!

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