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That's right, guys! Wonder Girls' vocalist, Sunye, is tying the knot! She released a letter translated by allkpop below.

A letter I am sending on November 27, 2012…
I’m not the type to get nervous on stage.. But right at this moment.. Honestly I’m a little nervous.. While there are times that I might post things for no special reason, today there is a rather special reason.
Although I can’t always see you, as people who are close to me and I am truly thankful for, I would rather tell you myself than have you all hear this from other people. January 26, 2013 will be a very special day to me. I will be getting married, making two people one and beginning to walk the path of life together.
Don’t be too sad! Like the way we’ve laughed and cried together throughout the years, I hope you can share my feelings from where you are on January 26th. And the Wonder Girls members who were there for me and believed in me throughout the decision-making process.. And the JYP employees and family.. Thank you all so much!” cr. allkpop

For anyone who has been on a Korean entertainment news site, Twitter, Facebook or any 
20130331_seoulbeats_SNSDother largely used news/social networking website within the last few hours, one would be well-aware that Sunye is engaged with her boyfriend of at the least 1 year. Firstly, I would like to say that I am ecstatic for Sunye and her recent engagement, contributing to the new K-Pop trend of getting into relationships with a huge bang, and I'm hoping that this marriage last long.
However, apart from my overwhelming excitement that an idol is espousing with the partner of their choice, I'm still wondering about the future of Wonder Girls from here on. Yes, Wonder Girls is still one of Korea's top groups arguably after Girls Generation and 2NE1, and, yes, Wonderfuls are still full of fans who support Sun's decision on tying the knot. Nevertheless, with Wonder Girls being a popular and established group, having a member who no longer is referred to as "innocent" or even "still available" will not receive good attention in the eyes of one of the most conservative, developed countries in the world--South Korea. And even if there was with a small chance that South Korea wouldn't mind, Sunye cannot remain an idol, going around the world and not even at the least communicating with her newly-wed husband for time periods ranging from days to weeks would be impossibly manageable. As Sunye is tying the knot, I would not be shocked to think that Sunye would want to settle down and leave the high and mighty life of being an idol with a farewell message and a few hugs shared and tears shed as she said her final goodbyes to her company and to her fans.

Yet now, I still have to contemplate about the Wonder Girl's future. JYP already stated that Wonder Girl's Sunmi will not rejoin and Wonder Girl's Yenny already confirmed with a message that Sunye are receiving loads of hate for this huge decision. With Wonder Girls Sunye not ending her contract with JYP in Wonder Girls as of now, it can be inferred that the Wonder Girls as a whole are receiving loads of hate because of their now newly engaged member as well. Though, subtle, Sunye's large contribution to the 2012's relationships gives Wonder Girls no longer their Wonder Girl title and instead makes uncle fans who meditated to the thought that the Wonder Girls will never grow up flip tables angrily in shock and cause nothing but trouble to Sunye and the Wonder Girls as she marries her fiancee in January and they whole-heartedly support her. It can also be inferred that not only because of her engagement but also because Wonder Girls prolonged inactivity which resulted in their lost of number 1 girl group that Wonder Girls will disband or do something drastic within the next few years, the unbalance and instability of JYP's arguable whole-group breadwinner becoming near if not already too much to handle.

Furthermore, though I am dreading the effect of Sunye's recent engagment, I am also ecstatic that she has a person in which she can call her love.

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  1. I'm thinking if they tried another incursion into the American market, this situation really wouldn't matter. I'm not talking about as a Nickelodian Disney wannabe teeniebopper thing. I'm talking a REAL entry into the US market.
    If they could pull a project together with ANY of the big names they'd like to work with, I think they could pull it off. Here we don't care so much about "availability". We understand that it's entertainment and could care less if they're taken or not.

  2. That's a good assumption, being that the US market isn't so "conservative" about things like this.


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