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To begin, Girls' Generation is South Korea's super group, being the most popular and most influential girl group in Korea, raking in millions of fans throughout the world and producing hit songs that keep all SONEs on their feet. Throughout 2012, Girls' Generation has unsuccessfully completed a Korean comeback with all 9 members however made numerous Japanese comebacks some by the names of All My Love is For You, Paparazzi and of course, Flower Power.

For starters, in the beginning of the music video, there was no sound at all. I thought that my speakers were broken or the sound was too quiet so I turned them up all the way, only to be startled by the deafening and piercing sound when I realized that the beginning was actually MEANT to have no sound. After I had to quickly recover from my broken eardrums, I watched the music video and stared intently.
This song was meh and nothing to brag about. The video was just more meh and showed off aesthetics rather than the song itself. The choreography was great for a girl group, obviously showing SM Entertainment put some effort into the choreography of this song like they do with every Girls' Generation song and tried to maintain Girls Generation's high (however, not KARA high) position in Japan. The outfits were great, my favorites were the ones in which they did their solo shots in, Taeyeon's being the most memorable.

I also must mention the division of parts was more equal, Hyoyeon actually getting more than 2 lines in the song and Tiffany getting the amount of lines she deserved. The only set-back of the division of parts was that Yuri is getting less and less as other members get more and more. It was already noticeable from their Korean comeback in 2011, The Boys, and now is just getting a bit ridiculous. To be honest, I didn't really notice Yuri much in the music video, her part basically non-existent in the whole song, even the close-up shots of her were scarce and is getting to be a bit of a problem for SM.
All in all, Girls Generation's Flower Power was a meh comeback. The song was average and the video just blurred into the background. 

What do you think of this comeback? Was Flower Power your favorite song? Voice your opinion below in the comment section!

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  1. Seohyun only got one line too. And Hyoyeon only got one and a couple of backround "ah ah ah'"s


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