Posted by : KPopRanter March 29, 2013

Earlier this week, it was revealed that G-Dragon's new single name would be called 'Michi Go'. Along with the relevance of the name, he also brought out a few photos to show off his new and "improved" look.

Don't get me wrong... I love G-dragon but these teaser photos? I don't love them at all.
His new hair-do, even though G-Dragon is known to have crazy ass hairstyles, is possibly one of his worst. He obviously made a mistake by going to Taeyang for hairstyling advice. His teaser pictures, it's partially like he's trying to hard to be a mixture of "gangster" and "original" but he fails at both of them and just ends up as "weird".
Though I'm not going to judge the track just over simple photos, I'm not going to let this one slide.
He looks weird (in the second picture, he looks like a demented chick who just hatched from it's egg... probably what he was going for) and just unnecessarily causing people to raise their eyebrows and wonder "What the hell is he thinking?"

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  1. Hahaha I applaud GD for trying new things but I think this time it went overboard. It's not "in style" for the public eye.


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