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f(x) Anna Kendrick Funny or Die Feature

It seems like nowadays, everyone wants a "piece of the world star pie" after PSY's success with Gangnam Style and are taking any opportunity at advancing in America regardless of the consequences (I'm looking at you, JYP). And if you're well updated with K-Pop's recent foreign advancements, you would be well aware that f(x) has recently filmed on a shocking American comedy called 'Funny or Die' with Pitch Perfect's star 'Anna Kendrick' available to be watched here.

After watching this skit probably twice, I'm cut through the middle at my opinion of it.
This skit wasn't that bad... I actually chuckled a bit here and there. I liked Amber's f(x) dominating role in the skit as well as Luna and Victoria's Engrish.

But Krystal's acting was unbelievably obvious and unnatural and Sulli seemed like she was the just a shadow and didn't even get a single line (probably because her Engrish was too bad to understand, but even so...). Not only that, I actually like Anna Kendrick however, there were some times in it where she was just... awkward? out of place? trying too hard? maybe even all three?
Also, in this, it talked about K-Pop and even had that Anna girl sing in her bad Korean and learn the Electric Shock dance, it really didn't capture the elements of K-Pop nor really showed what it really was about. It sort of just teased it a bit rather than made it sound appealing to a non-K-Pop listeners view. Lastly, I noticed that whenever the 'Electric Shock' music video , they only played the English chorus part rather than the Korean words... again, not really showing K-Pop's elements.

Though there's more negatives listed here than positives, I really did enjoy this clip. It was a good laugh in less than five minutes and it made me somewhat interested in more f(x) comedies. Nevertheless, Anna Kendrick is a great person to work with however, I really did which this show showed more of K-Pop rather than the short clip of Anna Kendrick, Amber, bad acting Krystal, the Engrishing 2 and their shadow.

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