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Seo_TaiJi_And_BoysIt's been years since I've first been into K-Pop. Those scarce K-Pop fans who have been hooked to first generation idols, from memory can name all the members of SHINHWA as well as their group position and current ages, knows all the words to Baby Vox's debut title track 'Scissors' and still fangirls whenever I see the now disbanded Baby Vox's Kan Mi Yeon making a solo comeback... yeah, that's me. 

Throughout the years, it seems like the more and more we hear songs like Girls' Generation's Gee, watch dances like Rania's Doctor Feel Good, and fap fangirl over the next promiscuous oppar grabbing his non-existent and sock-stuffed crotch, we forget about the good ol' days. The establishment and the whole... creation of K-Pop. We always remember the popular groups of now but why can't we also give a bit of a tribute to the popular groups from the past

Baby_VoxAnd that's where I come in.

Every Friday, with my new segment on K-Pop Ranter, I'll be giving a flashback to the past. A lil' bit of... the roots of oppar's and unnir's history. A little shake up from those crotch-grabbing, ass-popping shenanigans we all are used to seeing in modern day K-Pop.
So let's get started, shall we?

Today's Lesson: Beginning of Time K-Pop

Ah, yes. K-pop back in the 90's. Most definitely one of the best times of K-Pop. 
To start, K-pop started in the 1992 with the boy group Seo Taiji and the Boys. If you barely know anything about them, you probably would know that YG Entertainment's current CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, was actually the maknae of the group. Interesting, right?
Anyway, this boy group brought some fans to K-pop though not as much as it currently does right now (mostly because technology became bigger in this century). Even though they were only popular domestically and not much internationally, they were still a pretty great group and foundation for K-Pop as it is today. In fact, this group was basically the first point in the metaphorical K-Pop timeline and the beginning of a new era and style of music.

Recommended Song:

Seo Taiji and the Boy's debut broadcasted on MBC in 1992 and was judged by critics.
Though the judges gave the lowest score in the show, the audience thought the new style of music was great and wanted to see more of it in the future.

Eye Candy:
Yang Hyun Suk_Seo Taiji_Kim Won Jun
From left to right, Yang Hyun Suk, Seo Taiji and Kim Won Jun

Additional Info:
As stated before, Seo Taiji and Boys (if you were wondering, consisted of members Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun Suk and Kim Won Jun) were extremely famous domestically. In 1992, they debuted with their hit song "I Know", making it big in Korea. In only 18 weeks, they were considered "famous" and had 17 impressive number one records (record broken by Big Bang). Unfortunately, in 1996, the group retired and split they went their own ways, Yang Hyun Seok still in the music business with his amazing company YG Entertainment. 


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  1. Seo Taiji and Boys are amazing. After watching the video, I actually like them....
    (a little to late, I suppose)


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