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In January of 2013, Wonder Girl's Sunye made Korean Pop entertainment history: becoming the first idol to walk down the aisle while still being considered relevant in the K-Pop industry. With that occurrence  numerous netizens and journalists their expressed conflicting emotions, some wanting Sunye's happiness and some wanting Sunye heartbreak, nonetheless, both sides wanting the news that we all knew was bound to come sooner or later... and it did; only 3 months (2 months if going by the American age counting method) after the wedding, Sunye revealed on Twitter that she had a growing bun in her oven.

As expected, curious minds looked at JYP Entertainment for the answer to the question that everyone was thinking: Will the now expecting mother continue to promote with Wonder Girls? With all our minds set on how Sunye will begin to settle down with her husband and now incoming baby, it's safe to say that we all immediately guessed that JYP Entertainment would choose to let Sunye go. However, when news came forth that she was actually staying in the group and causing the Wonder Girls to fall into yet another damaging hiatus (If including Wonder Girls' flop American promotions which hurt popularity), there is yet another question beginning to arise among us curious netizens: What will Wonder Girls' future be?

To sum it all up in five words: The Wonder Girls will (probably) disband. (The probably doesn't count as a word!)
It's what everyone was thinking, anyway. In my opinion, there's no way for the group to gain back their fallen popularity with a married mother in their hands. Not to mention, Wonder Girls' was already at a unrecoverable decline and as one netizen stated

 [+44, -12] They're not even that popular now and are well behind other rookie groups. 
Ultimately, although Sunye is my bias in Wonder Girls and I wish her a comfortable future, I also do wish that she would just drop out of Wonder Girls instead of being the overall cause of their disbandment. On one hand we have Sunye's happiness and on the other hand, we have a group of 4 still operative and promote-able girls who I'm pretty sure no one would like to see disband just because one member's doings. And in the end, I honestly do hope that Sunye realizes that she can't have everything and finally makes the mature decision that it's either her new married life or Wonder Girls, not both.

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