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Before 2012, if any knowledgeable K-Pop fan were to be asked by someone new to the Korean music phenomenon what the Big 3 was, without hesitation, the answer would be SM, YG and JYP. It was basically common knowledge that these three companies not only sit at the top of the K-Pop "food chain" with their cash in one hand and their bitches artists in another, but also mercilessly dominate music charts, as well as the hearts and money of vulnerable, pre-pubescent girls who would do virtually anything for their oppar's concert tickets, pubes and sarang. 
However, the times have changed. Although the sophomoric fangirls assuredly still remain, the top of the K-Pop "food chain" seems to have shrunk in size in which no longer has enough room for three companies. This abatement now leads to a bigger question: Is the Big 3 even the Big 3 anymore?

snsd_yoona_geeThe change in competition
My answer to the above question? Most definitely not. While SM and YG have been prospering abundantly during 2012, JYP has been on a constant decline. And as a result of the devastating implications that have been taking a toll on the company, JYP has started to lose it's overall strength in the Big 3. Along with their drop in revenue, a drop in artists' overall stability is also notable and it seems as if the company truly no longer know what aiming for at certain points in time (for example, JYP's liquidation of their American company). Because of this and the already stated factor that the remaining two companies of the previous trio, SM and YG, have been contrarily experiencing great prosperity, it has basically inevitable that the latter have no longer really regarded JYP as a worthy enough opponent or threat anymore and that the previous head-to-head-to-head competition has to condensed to a silent yet malicious two participant duel.

Park_JinYoung_JYPBut what about JYP?
With revenues still exceeding the fourth runnier-up, Cube Entertainment, established artists like Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM and Miss A, and of course, Park Jin Young's extremely irresistible plastic pants, there is no doubt in my mind that JYP is still in the game... just a bit more subtle. And with the company promising to use this year to redeem their name with numerous comebacks planned from their artists during 2013, I have to say, I'm actually looking forward to what they have in store. Nevertheless, before JYP can even dream of getting back on top, they have to fix their artists' stability first which is much easier said than done given the seemingly forever increasing baggage that JYP has managed to pick up (including Wonder Girls' wasteful American advancement that kicked them from the top spot in the Korean world and got them no where in the American world, Sunye's recent marriage and pregnancy announcement hitting yet another blow on the company's arguably most popular group, Miss A's Suzy basically being source of popularity and the imbalance causing the whole of Miss A to not be able to strive fully and of course, Wooyoung out of all the artists' basically putting dinner in JYP's plate last year).
Contenders for the 'Big Three' to worry about?
As JYP dove, not only did SM and YG prosper, lesser-known companies like Cube, Starship, Pledis, and TS have also grown and have became more and more successful, raising chart-topping groups like After School, 4 Minute, B.A.P and SISTAR. With these companies moving up the chain so quickly, the sharks at the top of the food chain, YG and SM, need to being preparation as well as the fallen company, JYP. In the future, there's no telling what the Big 3 will look like and what companies will fall, rise or stay the same.

Fundamentally, it's safe to say that the two members of the Big 3, SM and YG, are still chilling at the top of the food chain, battling it out between each other in the midst of all the unsurity... However, is it also okay to say that JYP still has a permanent spot in the Big 3, even though they experienced downfall? What do you think about this? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I hate the Big 3 title. It creates elitism, and fans abuse that title. The ones from smaller companies get shafted aside because they're not from ~the Big 3~ even if their materials are waaaay better.

    Excuse me while I rummage past all your older stuff. Hehehe.

  2. Exactly, I never really liked the Big 3. People think when their biases are from the Big 3, they're better than others but that's not always the case.

    It's fine, lol! Go ahead xD

  3. Other idols also shine without the big 3 title though? Cube artist? BAP? b1a4? Sistar? etc :) beast belongs to the top tier idols too i guess? nothing's wrong with it. they dont belong in the big 3 ;)


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