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Shoujo Jidai_Beep_Beep

Most definitely a video directed by Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Shoujo Jidai released a very pink short music video for their Japanese comeback, Beep Beep, which will be released May 29th.

Though the full version isn't released yet, my commentary for this short version: I actually like it. Although, I'm not usually into cute concepts, this minute and a half of watching SNSD say "Hello" in numerous languages, dance around in a pink levitating telephone room and sing while animations swirled around them was quite enjoyable.
Nevertheless, I still can't quite understand Girls' Generation's concept anymore. One minute, they're singing about how they have a boy and tries to do the tough concept, and another minute, they're attempting to go back to the 'Gee' era, releasing cute songs and continuing to act like Girls' Generation are still... well, girls. With their constant alterations between mature, sexy and cute, it's getting more difficult to make out Girls' Generation's approach anymore and almost as if they're sprawling around with ideas by looking into the past... which isn't always the best idea.

What do you you think the short music video?

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