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4 Minute asked 'What's Your Name?' with their long-anticipated comeback on April 25th.

After more than a year of waiting, 4 Minute finally released their new album as well as new video for 'What's Your Name', still leaving me with mixed feelings and emotions after I watched the video four times and listened to the track about ten. 


The song
First, to be quite honest, 4 Minute usually brings out songs that a great and catchy, however, just last for a little while, this song not being an excuse to the 4 Minute's song discography. Second, though I like the song beat, yet, I find it... like... Something I can't put into words without constantly contradicting myself due to my own inherited confusion.

It's trying too hard to be a comeback for the five girls and it was just not right. Or maybe, it tried too little to be a comeback for the five girls and it was right. The song fit them, but it didn't fit them. The song was good, but it wasn't good. HyunA sounded like Pikachu but HyunA didn't sound like Pi-- I'll stop there.

Third and finally, the lyrics make no sense at all. At one point, someone's talking about how they want to know a person they've never met or seen before's name, but two seconds later, they say they're not an easy girl and asks the newly-met boy to spend the night with them. 


The video (Warning - Somewhat random ranting ahead):
The music video was more or less a disappointment. It was a mix of really bad acting, a really unclear story-line and the remnants of really bad lies. For those who remember, Cube Entertainment revealed months ago upon the announcement that 4 Minute will be having a comeback soon, that 4 Minute will go back to their concept from 4 years ago... but oh boy, was I fooled. Sure, I'll give this to Cube: the majority of the video was kind of like the Muzik/What a Girl Wants/Hot Issue days but....
Did I really need to see HyunA's non-existent ass everywhere?
Honestly, I was really really hoping for 4 Minute to go back to previous times because I wanted to see HyunA most of all going back to previous times without the Cube over-sexualization of their female performers. Was that so hard Cube?


Previously, I used to excuse HyunA's constant floor-humping and self-groping choreography because I knew that Cube just wanted to make some extra cash... however, now? I just simply sit there and let it happen.
It's getting a bit redundant now.
In fact, Bubble Pop was okay but after Trouble Maker and Ice Cream, I really couldn't anymore. Enough is enough, Cube.


The dance
The dance was pretty decent, one of the only positives of my review. I have no complaints to the dance. It looked fun and easy to learn, the 'La La La' and '이름이 뭐예요? 뭐, 뭐예요?'  part being the most memorable part of the dance. 


To Sum It All Up
To sum, I was disappointed with this comeback. Not only was the song pretty much average, but the over-sexualization of HyunA is just getting on my nerves. Hopefully, in the future, when Cube Entertainment says they'll go back to a concept towards their debut days, they let everyone go back to a difference concept... including, HyunA.

Do you agree with me on my review of 'What's Your Name'? Voice your opinions below!

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