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Big Bang's G-Dragon came back with yet another amazing song, 미치GO, showing his wild side. If you're one of the people who haven't spent their 3 minutes and 43 seconds sitting in front of their computer screen to watch the video, it's down below, ready to be viewed.

G-Dragon came back on April 19th with his new track , 미치GO, not only leaving fans impressed as usual whenever he releases a song but also confused with the rampant set changing, the camera man acting like one on a music show and going everywhere and anywhere and of course, those crazy ass fuck lights that leave make you have a seizure. With all that said, this is by far one of the craziest videos I have seen released by a K-Pop artist to this date. 

The song
Scaring us with teaser pictures of him dressed as a demented chicken, YG Entertainment and G-Dragon made it up with the release of the song nearly a month later. The song itself is addicting and really fun to listen to, me, probably playing it over a hundred times only a few hours after the release and feeling satisfied. I just had to note that this track reiterates the  signature line of Gentleman 'Mother Father', but other than that, MichiGo is no doubt a success.

The video
This music video, just like the title of the song, is crazy. The mixture of G-Dragon and Taeyang's fugly hairstyles, an unexpected Teddy with the supposedly army-enlisted SE7EN appearance as well as the amusing female comedian Ahn Young Mi all in one video created the perfect recipe for an epic win. G-Dragon really never fails to leave me at awe and with this new release, it's inevitably a fact that G-Dragon is going to do more than just 'fade into the darkness' when he ends his career of artistry. 

Something I would say negative about this video? Nothing. 
This video's sole purpose was obviously to be crazy and unexpected, G-Dragon bring that to the table and more.

The dance
There wasn't really a dance to go along with the song and instead, was just a mixture of people acting crazy and doing the most random shit, some catching my eye and some being forgotten. The most memorable random shit dance, however, was Ahn Young Mi's appearance in the video, doing small robotic movement, dropping it like it's hot as well as that oh, so memorable boob adjustment move.

To Sum It All Up
Once again, G-Dragon brought out another amazing video with 미치GO and despite my previous doubts, left me speechless with yet another chart-topping and fun song.

What's your thoughts of  미치GO? Like it? Hate it? Voice your opinions below!

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  1. Hahaha I applaud GD for trying new things but I think this time it went overboard. It's not "in style" for the public eye.

  2. To be honest, I don't really think it is a "direct lift" after seeing the video for "Scream".

  3. Though I do see it not being so in-style for the public eye, G-Dragon pulls it off just because he's...

  4. Hahaha I applaud GD for trying new things but I think this time it went overboard. It's not "in style" for the public eye.

  5. One of the most horrible tracks ever in the history of Kpop. Recently, GD seems to be trying to make his videos as crazy as possible to gain more ''blind love'' from the musically blind teenagers these days. In short, MichiGO is a piece of trash, as usual, from the subpar GD.

  6. Was the duet-dance section with Ahn Young Mi a direct lift from Michael and Janet's "Scream"? It seems like such a blatant homage to me, but none of the reviews have mentioned it.


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