Posted by : KimAngie August 08, 2013

The somewhat highly anticipated twerking girl-group, WASSUP, has debuted with- oh my gosh- WASSUP...and it was a complete disaster. Watch the video below.

The video - I had to pause in the middle to regain the conscious I had lost due to secondhand embarrassment.  It takes place in a basketball court and the girls? They're surrounded by men... who don't seem to be having nothing but forced fun. Oh and there's also that one white dude there, yeah...hip hop and west-style, yo. Not to mention, the video had a bit of an awkward feel due to some of the members looking like they feel uncomfortable and rather be at school (yeah, it's that bad), except maybe the girl with pink hair, the gray leggings and yellow crop top.

3 years of training for what?
All this was, was a torture device for the female-- and maybe even male as well-- population, with only zooming in on their asses, terrible effects, and equally terrible editing.

The song on the other hand? ... It was also unpleasant. Aside from the semi-catchy 'Hindeul hindeul~' phrase in the chorus, everything else was awful. The 'hahaha' part really got to my nerves... anyone else? It just seemed so off as if they ran out of lyrics and just decided to put that in instead. You don't have to tell me to say 'hahaha', WASSUP-- I was already doing it.

Dance? What dance? Oh, the twerking? That was twerking? The video barely gives you any time to even have a grasp of their dancing abilities. I really feel bad for the pink hair girl especially... she seems to be a good dancer but this concept...just won't let her showcase her skills.

I was hoping that this group would actually bring something different to the k-pop 'hip-hop' concept rather than the artificial and prettified one that has been inaugurated over the past decade, only to be left with utmost disappointment. Even CL did better, c'mon WASSUP.

What did you think?
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  1. Lol. The whole thing is an abomination. The song was just pathetic, and the dancing.....Don't even get me started on that shit. They call THAT twerking, please! On the live performance they only do it once. ONCE! They all sounded like a bunch of preschool kids throughout the entire song. Just awful. Tbh, this this is one of the saddest groups debuting in K-Pop.
    Even some idiot thought that this song was better than 'The Boys' and 'The baddest female'. If you say that this piece of shit is better than 'The baddest female' then you must not have any ears. I agree, putting one white guy in it DOESN'T make it Hip-Hop or anything like that.

  2. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    I don't want to hate this Group because hating is pathetic ACT!!..

    but i hate their company and concept department ...

    1. Who the F**** want twerking in kpop in general?..
    2. What audience are they aiming? American Swag or Typical korean viewers?
    3. Instead of twerking? they should showcase their talent "Twerking is not a talent"
    4. Twogging is getting more popular than twerking now....

    5. the song is suck .chi chi chi chi.. and production was cheap and i understand that...

    6..... kpopranter are you in antifangirl too?..hehe

  3. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    The poor dude looked so lost and out of place in the vid, I lol'd. I have yet to see the live performance, but I'm surprised they even got to perform with so much vulgarity going on. They make JYJ change their lyrics to mirotic from "I got you under my skin" to "I go you under my sky," but don't block these nugus from shaking their asses on tv-- whooot?

  4. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    I mean, I was sort of hoping that they'd bring real 'hip-hop' whether it's vulgar or not-- because hip hop itself isn't a pretty thing, imo-- but not only did they fail to portray it, it's vulgar as well. Not ok. I prefer a planking k-pop group over this, c'mon.

  5. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    ooops i remember that planking ..and that one of the amazing trend happen....

    true..hate to say this but they are trying hard..

  6. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    Too hard in fact, I get that they want attention-- but they really shouldn't resort to this. The last thing you want as a rookie girl group is to attract attention for the wrong motives and be referred to as 'that one group with the cheap ass shaking girls.' I don't even get why after they heard their concept, they decided to stay with such a trashy company. Go in search of another one, if you're talented enough-- that should be reason enough for you to stand out without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

  7. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    I agree with you..

    I know Cutesy concept in kpop is now trending right now but its NOT getting GOLD as long as the song was good and catchy ..

    i don't understand why those DAMN COMPANY obsessed with swag thing. I understand if they wanted to debut in US but this is KPOP ..they don't have research team or planning team?..or just damn random Agency ?...

    and one more thing ..anyone of you remember
    GLOBAL ICON TOMBOY group?.. because they think TOMBOY concept is trending that month..but they end up failure and that's sad..

    Just Imagine HOW GIRL Group debuted now...
    and just add the new one this list

  8. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    Though it may not be for everybody, I admit cutesy-concepts do have a charm and sometimes manage to win people over-- if there's not too much exaggerated and forced sugar.

    OMFL GLOBAL ICON, I FORGOT ABOUT THEM-- wow what a flop. Really, I agree-- what the hell is up with the 'swag' and 'hip-hop' obsession in k-pop? Like it's not meant for everybody, even the groups that somewhat manage to pull it off and become successful are still cringe-worthy. I seriously can't stand that concept. Find your own damn route don't follow the ones already made, gosh. And the tomboy trend thing was only pulled off by the major groups like SNSD-- no you know what, not even SNSD pulled it off-- not even CL pulled it off. It's a concept that takes skill to pull without making the public cringe and facepalm out of second hand embarrassment.

  9. Awful.

    Their dancehall cover video wasn't bad, though:

    Maybe if they had debuted with a different song/concept they would have made a better first impression.

    Although the Nana-ish one with purple hair is hot.

  10. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 10:51 PM

    The girl with the purple hair is such a loss. Like her dancing and face went to the wrong company.

  11. @OfficialKARALover I'm just a person who reads the articles xD. I'm not an article writer though...

  12. If you see the comments, the top comment is "it's really catchy" or something along those lines. Catchy? Catchy? Since when is catchy a viable reason to like a song?

  13. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 9, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    True, maybe OP's trying to sugar-coat it?

  14. Sorry what's OP mean again?
    Someone's definitely trying to sugar-coat it.
    Don't know why, but kinda reminds me of I Got a Boy, only snsd had a massive fan base to fall back on and this song is their debut.

  15. Lol I had no idea that this came out! It's blocked good for me I guess? XD

  16. Yea I have to admit that I was disappointed in the some and the video. Especially how they added the orange effect in the video, the girls are no that orange in other videos.
    Honestly I still don't think they deserve all the hate they're getting, they're just some young girls trying to make their dreams come true.

  17. 'Honestly I still don't think they deserve all the hate they're getting, they're just some young girls trying to make their dreams come true.'

    Exactly. It's all allkpop's fault. If they didn't market them as twerk-dols, they wouldn't be having so much hate. Not to mention, after I watched that dancehall I can see they have talent... it's just showcased through shitty mvs.
    But I heard this reactioner MrPopoTV might compose their next song so it might be good?


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