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After the infamous T-ara bullying scandal with the expulsion of ex-member, Hwayoung, and the addition of Ahreum as well as planned addition of member Dani, Ahreum decided it was best to pack her bags, run the hell out of T-ara and start a solo career. Her video explaining her plans as well as the translation given below.

"There's a new update. It looks like I'll be seeing you all as a solo artist. Don't forget T-ara's Ahreum. Thank you for giving me so much love. I felt so much love at the fan meeting and while promoting with T-ara. In the future, I'll be meeting you all with an image that's a few thousand times better than the Ahreum you saw in 'Countryside Life'. The time I had with the unnis will be a fond memory, but Ahreum will most likely be returning solo. Still, the unnis will continue to be active, so don't forget them and don't forget Ahreum either. Ahreum fighting and T-ara fighting. Thank you so much for loving Ahreum until now. Please don't ever forget the songs or performance I had with T-ara. I miss you. I love you." 

With commenters going on both sides, some hating Core Contents Media and T-ara while others hating Ahreum herself, I can kind of see the light on both sides.

The Against CCM side:
As stated by some commenters, it was supposedly already planned out that Ahreum stayed in the group for a little over a year then leave... but why add her in the first place if that plan was already made? And apparently, they're deciding whether or not to add the untalented member Dani to the group but really, can they not?
What's going to happen to T-ara N4? What's going to happen to T-ara's vocals now that Ahreum is gone and Soyeon is basically the only one who can support them? What's going to happen to Dani? Do you realize this is just even more bad reputation being that the prior newest member, Hwayoung, left the group and now the current newest member, Ahreum, is leaving the group? Are you just trying to stir up controversy and hate?

The Against Ahreum side:
I'm questioning the reason why she even joined T-ara if she wanted to be a soloist instead. Maybe joining the group with a bad reputation and getting the same sympathy and popularity as ex-member Hwayoung would help her solo career or maybe she's been locked in CCM dungeon after years of training and had no other choice but to join T-ara... either way, this seems a bit fishy to me.

Which way are you going with this? Against CCM, against Ahreum or simply neutral? Leave a vote and comment below!

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  1. SHINeeGirlinSHINeeWorldJuly 10, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    CCM and their fucktard of a CEO. I really do think there's something wrong with that man.

  2. It's all ccm there also aid g 2 new members to speed for no Real reason!!! CCM has to be the worst management company in kpop

  3. I'm not sure exactly what to make of this, honestly.

    Ahreum's been looking sickly thin and has been sounding depressed on Instagram lately. So, I wouldn't be surprised if either she or her parents made the decision. I also doubt that she or any of the other T-ara members have been paid in the past year (due to the slump they're in), so it's not like there was much financial incentive to stay, either.

    On the other hand, Kim Kwang Soo is notorious for making irrational decisions. He could have decided on a whim that he didn't want her in the group anymore and cut her. The fact that he also announced today a bunch of changes to all of the groups in the company suggests that her departure could have been part of his big shakeup.

    No matter the reason, I am sure more than ever that T-ara is near its end. She is better off - regardless of whether she wanted this or not. There will be no "solo career", of course, but I'm sure she knows that.

  4. yellowslugreviewsJuly 10, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    It is really strange that CCM would put Ahreum in a brand new sub-unit only to pull the plug on her so soon after. With the way that T-ara is managed, any explanation is as likely as the next. Was it voluntary? Coerced? With the way that CCM runs things, probably both.

    T-ara is the sideshow attraction that keeps on giving. Can't wait to see what Kim Kwang Soo cooks up next.

  5. "No matter the reason, I am sure more than ever that T-ara is near its end" - Exactly what I was thinking. Even if this leave wasn't for bullying, of course, it'll still give T-ara bad rep and from the looks of it, there's no way to weasel out of that hole because they continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper in it.

    Also, of course, her going solo > her staying here... Now that she was the second member who left T-ara and everyone (or at least on nb) is claiming she was bullied, she'll get interest through that. Eh, from the looks of it atm, she might actually get a solo but whether it'll flop or not is a different story.

  6. Exactly! Especially when they claimed they were planning her solo debut for 5 months (T-ara N4's Countryside Life is within the range; they could've easily pulled the girl from the T-ara N4 line-up or just debut the sub-unit as T-ara N3). From the way it seems, CCM is claiming it was voluntary but who knows with KKS's mouth?

  7. I'm sure this wasn't planned ahead of time. That wouldn't make any sense.

    Plus - it's not like you have to leave the group just to prepare a solo single that won't come out until next year (if we're to believe the whole "solo" thing at all).

    She's also included in their new Japanese single that hasn't even been promoted yet.

  8. I don't think there was any bullying. She did seem a bit disconnected from the rest of the group, though.

    I think the most likely scenario here is that she hated idol life and quit. The rest of it is just CCM attempting damage control.


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