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We all have them: that one group that you'd really love to see pack their bags and leave the K-pop business for good. Sometimes it's for frivolous reasons such as not liking the way one or a few of the members look, others are more serious like having members that are total jackasses or a fanbase that gets in the way of an otherwise enjoyable group (*cough*EXOtics*cough*). Either way, there are those groups that we despise for one reason or another and I'm going to list three of many reasons why someone might want to see a group disband.

1. Disbanding would be best decision for wellbeing of the group

Everyone faces a scandal every now and then, but groups like T-ara who are stuck with a scandal they just can't shake would probably benefit from disbanding. T-ara is still suffering the consequences of their bullying scandal that occurred a little over a year ago. With something like that stuck to their image, disbanding really is the only option (if only CCM was smart enough to realize that). Then we have EXO, whose fanbase has a good portion of batshit insane sasaengs for fans. It's because of these fans that EXO is now being portrayed in a negative light. Disbandment would be best not only for their reputation but for their safety as well (but then again, think of the shit storm that would occur if they were to disband). 

2. The personalities of the one or more of the members is unappetizing

Some groups just have assholes/bitches for members one prime example being Shindong from Super Junior who once said that he wouldn't date girls he considered to be fat and named Miss A's Suzy as an example. Super Junior is pretty much done for as it is and it would make this girl extremely happy to see them disbanding in the near future. 

3. Having no real reason at all

Sometimes we just don't need a reason to dislike a group whether it be because their music sucks or something about them just turns us off and makes us want to go gag ourselves with a spoon (though not always that extreme). For me that would be Teen Top. I don't known why but something about them just irks me. The only song I ever liked by them was Miss Right and even then I was somewhat ashamed of myself.

So what groups would you like to see disband and why? Give your reasons below!

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  1. there's really no group that I "hate" and want disbanded but I gotta admit EXO has really been pissing me off lately, and its all because of their bat crazy fans allover the place.

  2. LMAO "even them I was somewhat ashamed of myself".
    i can totally relate though...Teen Top, T-ara, and i'd say Rainbow all need to go. first i don't even see a group with the name "Rainbow" ever becoming very popular, and nothing against the members themselves, but they're just missing a certain appeal. idk there's a lot of other mediocre kpop groups we could definitely do without, they're really just floating around, with weird names and no way to draw fans in.

  3. For'd be SNSD, APink, Tiny-G, and AOA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA *embraces the hate*

  4. If SNSD / EXO disbands, then kpop wouldn't be as famous anymore ...

  5. You act as if k-pop revolves only around them....................................................................................................They're not the only group there, sweet-pea.

  6. I understand there are many other famous and talented group, but these two groups are really influential, so it may affect kpop in general. It's just my opinion though.

  7. As are many other groups, such as Big Bang, Super Junior, etc. In fact, I believe, they are more "influential" than EXO. Truthfully, their biggest fanbase is China, on the contrary, Big Bang and SuJu have a large worldwide fanbase. And yes, SNSD may be big, but truthfully there are other groups just as capable. Besides, does the fact that, like you believe, k-pop might not be as "famous" anymore really dictate whether you listen to it or not? I'm pretty sure people will still listen to k-pop if they's not the end of the world. It's just my opinion though...

  8. I agree, SuJu and Big Bang both have big fanbases. But to be really honest, I kinda want EXO to disband. I prefer SuJu to EXO, their songs are much better in my opinion.

  9. I mean it's all a matter of preference, but yes, I have to say I agree. I prefer SuJu rather than EXO, although it wouldn't make a difference to me if EXO disbanded or not. If EXO was to disband, it would cause chaos in their fandom but I think everyone else would just go on about their day. Truthfully, those outside of the EXO fandom pretty much classifies them as the group with shitty music, a sociopath fandom, and unnecessarily long hiatuses and teasers.

  10. Yeah, T-ara is totally going to disband when they sell more than 99% of girl groups. Smart thinking there.

  11. breatheliveandworshipraviNovember 25, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    Of course they're obviously not famous to those oblivious about k-pop and those outside the fandoms, but what I meant is MOST who ARE into k-pop. I stress 'most' because, of course, not every k-pop fan in China is going to be an EXO fan since it's mostly about personal preference, but the majority of EXO's fanbase is China.

  12. As I mentioned before, I'm not saying they're nugus but from everything that I hear, most think they're like the equivalent of... what? Beyonce or One Direction in China when it's not really the case because if that were true, like 95% of the public would at least know who they are whether or not they like them and it's really odd that all of the Chinese students who I talked to, none of them connected in a way and all from different parts of China don't know them.
    Most people are into K-Pop in A LOT of Asian countries if not most but the width EXO's popularity in China is truly questionable.

  13. Exhibit Z of EXOtics acting crazy--now, it's attacked a small blog on the Interweb.

    "if exo wanted to disband they would. "

    You already ruined your spiel with your first sentence. It's not up to EXO to disband. They're under contract. It's in SM's hands.

    "exo is a group who love each other and what they do dearly, and it really doesn't matter that they disband if you talk about the sasaengs."
    Again, ruined your spiel with your second sentence. You can't prove something you don't know like their position in friendship among each other unless you are one of the EXO members and you sound like you're high saying it doesn't matter that they disband if you talk about sasaengs cause it makes no damn sense.

    Listen, this isn't an place for idiotic arguments and biased fools. This is a place for actual conversation. Obviously, if you actually read the post instead of started firing shots so soon, you'd understand it however, since you lack a level-headed mind and decent comprehension, that's not the story.

  14. its time for SNSD to go. A group with that many members and that little talent can only last so long anyway. I'm still annoyed that Taken disbanded. They only dropped one song but it was bad-ass. It might have been a little corny, but it was catchy and cute. I feel like I was their one and only fan but yeah. Let's see , who else? I think suju will disband eventually just because they've been at it for a while but I don't want them to. They're like the original faces of kpop.

  15. Maybe I'm biased, but personally, I think it'd be sad if EXO disbanded. Yes, they have shit crazy sasaeng fans. Yes, they are over promoted. Yes, there are too many of them. But it's not like they have any control over that. They're just boys.. young men who had dreams of being a part of the entertainment industry. They only followed what their company told them to do, and within two years they gained a lot of popularity. They've only been out for two years, and you want them to disband.. I think that's pretty selfish.

    Some of them have trained for more than two years, and that's just not fair.. Imagine if you were them..think from their perspective.. you had trained for 4-5 years, doing everything your company asks just so you can have the chance to debut and finally perform (what you've always wanted to do), and then when you finally debut, you're song is a hit, within two years you've gained a lot of popularity and all that hard work finally paid off..but then, all of sudden..your company disbands your group.. like what the eff? How would you feel? (not that SM will disband EXO anyways..they're the breadwinners now)

    But people should honestly try to put themselves in other people's shoes before saying shit like this.. It's like you go to school and get into a good college and finally get a decent job and your boss is like "AHAHAHAH, bitch, people don't like you, you're fired..." sorry, but not sorry..

  16. personally i want EXO to disband and came up again with Minseok,Yixing,Jongin,Jongdae,Kyungsoo,Luhan to be one. am not gonna talk much and not biased of course. i think those 6 guys deserve to be one. the other are just 'nothing' (i know im cruel with my words but i've been watching them from the start) compared to mentioned members. this my opinion of course not yours. but if came agree to this ,talk to me. thanks for reading ^^ even my grammar not good as the other fluent.


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