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Not even a week ago, the only conflict that SECRET's Hyosung was in was the netizen and uncle fan vs. Hyosung battle on her weight loss, her loving her weight loss whilst others hating it. However, on May 14th, Hyosung (aka Ilbe Girl) has dug herself in a huge, gaping hole with just the use of one single, misleading word on SBS Power FM's "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time", and adding SECRET to the forever-growing line of hated female idols.

 Hyosung stated, “Our team respects each other’s individuality so our group doesn’t utilize democratization.”

Though the average human-being would just stare at the screen thinking "What the actual fuck is wrong?", the no-life netizens have another side of the story to say:

The word ‘democratization’ is used to indicate when a country or society transitions from an authoritarian regime to a democracy. However, Hyosung seems to have misunderstood what the word meant and misused the phrase.Even worse, some have pointed out that the website full of conservatives Ilgan Best uses the phrase ‘민주화시키다 / democratization’ not for its original meaning, but as something to mean ‘the citizens create chaos’, ‘to destroy’, or ‘to make disappear’, meanings which seem to suit Hyosung’s use more. Because the way she phrased it, there are people who believe that she could possibly be a member of the site as the site’s user are notorious for phrasing it that way (‘민주화시키다’ with ‘시키다’ part being the key part), which is different from how it would be normally used. The website is full of many extremists and is the target of much criticism, there are some posts on the site which make fun of people’s deaths and is generally thought to be a negative place.
Honestly, I can see both sides to this story. 
The pro-Hyosung side: Hyosung used a word, trying to sound 'smarticles' and instead of being the meaning that she wanted it to mean, the instead used a whole different meaning. It was just a mistake and, hey!, get over it. We all have misused words before.
The anti-Hyosung side: Hyosung used a word, trying to sound 'smarticles' and instead of being the meaning that she wanted it to mean, the instead used a whole different meaning. Hyosung should have either just used a smaller word, trying to be smart isn't worth the struggle of even trying to spit out that long word or known better because she's in her 20's and should use words that she knows the meaning to rather than words that she hears once and just guesses the meaning.

In my point of view, Hyosung shouldn't be getting all that shit. Demanding Hyosung being edited out of 'Yes', being called 'Ilbe Girl'.... for what? Just not knowing a word? Yet, she should still be sort of held accountable for her actions, her being old enough and can now differentiate the right and the wrong, should have known better than to have spit out the word 'democratization'. 
What do you think of this controversy? Are you pro-Hyosung or anti?

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