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f(x)_Krystal_FaintDear Diary,
For years, Secret's Hyosung has been getting shit about her weight.
Back when she was 50kg (110lbs), she was hounded with the word "fat" by netizens, but now that she weighs 45kg (99lbs), she's being hounded with a new word--ugly.
Translated by allkpop, a few weeks ago, when she was questioned about her new body, she answered:

“I was personally happy that I lost a lot of weight,” she said. “But people around me say that I looked better before. Don’t you think I look better now?”

Only to be met with male members exclaiming

"You were prettier before"

Not only that, on May 11th, while appearing on MBC's Quiz to Change the World, Hyosung admitted

“I had an unintended one-year hiatus, and I got depressed because I feared that the fans would forget me,” she revealed. “I was shocked by the comments that said I became ugly after I lost weight.”

And the only person who had a brain, former member of H.O.T Moon Hee Jun commented

“I think it might be better if you don’t look at internet comments... Compared with your debut days, you’re 40 times prettier right now.” 

hyosung crazy in loveAm I the only one who remembers her UNFtastic Crazy in Love solo performance where she still had the tits that everyone is worrying about intact? What about her 'Yes' model pictures where she looked amazing despite the shitty photoshop? Though, it's inarguable that one of her charms before her weight loss was in fact her weight, Hyosung is still pretty UNFtastic if you ask me.  And as long as she's happy, then I'm happy. 
While everyone does have varying opinions, it's completely vile and uncalled for to more or less force her to lose weight and then bitch at her when she finally does reach her weight loss goal, making her feel guilty about her weight loss and want to gain it back. To be honest, I really sympathize Hyosung. I bet basically every single person in the world has their own self-esteem problems and their own flaws they'd like to change... flaws people have been pointing out since basically the beginning of time and flaws they would like to change, Hyosung not being an exception to this and changing her weight, only to get a shit load of backlash back. And I really wish people would just stop giving Hyosung shit and instead of just focusing on her body just take a damn seat.

- T

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April 12th, 2013

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