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Hey, ladies and gentleman! Today we are going to look at the real legends that have made their eternal mark in K-pop History, are known for standing together, dealt with all the advantages and disadvantaged of fame and being a star... yeah, those legends. Most articles say that the expected duration of an idol is normally five years but is that really true? My answer? No. In fact, I don't really believe this theory. And because of that, today on K-pop Ranter, I, Jazmine am going to go back and look at the stars that have never failed throughout the years, have made my hearts burst, my ovaries explode and brain wild. By the way, if you have missed any of our previous 'Flash to the Past' segments, you can check them out here! So without further adieu, let's get started!

Anyway... this is kind of a new thing! About every week till I give up (kind of limited!) I will be releasing a legend that has made their mark. All you old K-pop lovers know what I am talking about, haha...! 
First up are my all-time favorite babies. SHINHWA they will forever be my oppars no matter if they are ahjusshir's (or harabojir's). 

They, SHINHWA, debuted in 1999 and even since then, they have that young energy that not a lot of back-in-the-day K-pop singers have today. Songs like "T.O.P" and "Perfect man" made high school Korean boys lose their girlfriends over the sounds of the all time legends. Ultimately, their name says it all and they have proved themselves to be the all-time winners. Although, groups such as "Super Junior" and "Supernova" are tried to surpass them throughout the years, they haven't even came close. SHINHWA's already have it marked down.


SHINHWA has not only swayed the hearts of teenage girls and other "youngens" all around the world back in the day, but they also influenced other great K-pop groups and artists, too and have won many awards. They have had the most hardest choreography to do, have been in hundreds of variety shows, have even begun to mentor new groups and start their own company. And, of course, let's not forget to mention they started their own variety show called " Shinhwa" that have their own variety show called "Shinhwa Broadcast" that have
showed people old and young that they still have that spark they had from when they started. Shinhwa came back in 2012  with "Venus" and man oh man, did it surprise me! Their concert also was a huge promotion for them too. I was like "Woohoo they got a concert called 'The Return'" and then later with their 16th album title concert "The Classic".... OMG!!! These men have truly shown once again (I say that no matter what) that they are legends forever.

Additional Info :

Taken from wikipedia, Shinhwa made history in the Korean music industry by becoming the longest-running Korean boy band with the release of its sixth album, Wedding, on December 6, 2002. They also became the second artist in South Korea to release two albums in a single year. Wedding debuted and peaked at #3 and sold 273,714 copies.

On December 10, 2004, Shinhwa was awarded the Daesang for Best Artist of The Year for the first time at the Seoul Gayo Daesang Awards. Several weeks later, on December 29, Shinhwa was awarded their second Daesang at the 2004 SBS Gayo Daejun Award.

Shinhwa received the most awards, totaling thirteen or more, from various places: the KMTV Music Video Festival, Seoul Gayo Daesang, Golden Disc Awards and MBCKBSSBS Gayo Awards. The awards other than Best Artist of the Year included Best Male ArtistBest Dance Artist, and Overseas Choice Award.

Shinhwa was the first boyband to transition from the "Shaggy hair" to nice cut neat hair and were the first to use suits in their music videos witch was uncommon among boy groups. 

Though Shinhwa was on hiatus, the members expanded their solo activities even further, including the members leaving Shinhwa's management company to start their own: M Rising (Min Woo), New Dream Entertainment (Andy), JF Story Entertainment (Jun Jin), H2 Entertainment (Dong Wan), and Top Class Entertainment (Eric).

Shinhwa became the first K-pop group to own their own entertainment company, when they established the 'Shinhwa Company', a joint venture agency for members to perform as a group. It is helmed by Eric and Min-woo as co-CEOs, with the remaining members as shareholders. The Company manages the group as a whole, whilst members' individual activities are managed by their respective agencies

Shinhwa has sold an excess of 5 million records worldwide, an incredible feat for an Asian group and one of the highest album sales in Asia.
A star in 2005 was named after Shinhwa.
Their dance moves has been describe as "evil," "complicated," and "difficult-to-follow" with few people being able to copy their dance moves.

Lastly, here are the top 10 songs by Shinhwa


                                                                 Hey come on


Perfect Man

                                                                Brand New


Throw My Fist

Hey dude



What song do you think was the most successful of SHINHWA? Do you agree or disagree with us? And who is the next to follow after SHINHWA?

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