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Apart from the scandals that keep piling up surrounding this group, SM Entertainment has released a promising group in the midst of the Sulli scandals entitled Red Velvet. Singing about Happiness, though, ironically, these girls can't be happy with the fact they're already in conflicts, you can check out the music video below.

First off, I'm going to say that the accusations of these girls looking extremely similar are true however, I can clearly make out small differences between the girls (other than their hair color) to distinguish each and every member--Joy, Seulgi, Irene and Wendy (I said their names without having to Google it. Thumbs up for me?)--such as a more sloped eye shape without even trying to therefore, I'm more convinced that people just aren't well, paying that much attention. I mean, without paying attention, though could look like the same one girl to certain people, they have their own individual colors--Irene (red) being the more sexy one, Wendy (blue) probably being more of the girl next door type, Joy (green) being the more cutesy one and last but not least, Seulgi (yellow), being the more fierce type... or maybe that's just my distinction when classifying their faces and how they acted in the music video.

The person who stood out to me the most was none other than the red haired girl, Irene, (had to Google that one. Yikes!). Not only was she the one with the most screen time... in what I acquired, at least, but she seemed to be the one with the most... flair. She had the biggest hold on me regardless of how bad she was at rapping. She seemed to be the most promising one hence why she stood out the most during the music video. Definitely her as well as Joy are probably ones I will be paying more attention to as the time goes on.

Now let's get on with the actual review. SM Entertainment promised to deliver a group that was the mix of f(x) and Girls' Generation in subtle consideration that these girls don't have much time left with them. Yes, I said it. Fans of both groups can hang me and burn me at the stake if they like but it's true. And this group was really what they said--a mix of both f(x) and Girls' Generation. I mean, it was more towards the f(x) side--a fiercey song--however, there were cutesy elements that were incorporated and made me remember the days when Girls' Generation were still well, girls. However, though they wanted to deliver a mix of both successful concepts which would later be known as original, this girl group has nothing to leave me caring about them other than the fact that their apart of a huge company. This debut was good but it didn't stand out to me like I wish it did. These four girls have no elements that draw me to them, really. This song has no elements that draw me to the girls. And this music video has no elements that draw me to the song.

Which leads me to explain why.

The music video, to SM Entertainment's standards, was pretty well made. I mean, I'm not saying it was perfect or going to give it the extreme credit of all credits because there were other SM Entertainment music videos that stood out to me more than this such as EXO's Overdose even though it was mostly dancing, however, is this necessarily bad? No. It's just not that... stand-outy. Sure, there was a bunch of tropical shit with plants and exotic animals but am I really impressed and dying to know more about the girls? No, again. This was ordinary. This was bland. This was, meh.

They should have given as much originality and draw to the girls as they tried with EXO.

The song? It was pretty well made, as well. It's not perfect, again, but it's audible. Can I listen to it sometimes? Do I see myself listening to it for years and years to come like I do with f(x) and Girls' Generation songs? No. It's not memorable. It's not drawing. It's just... there. Wendy's (blue) random solo part where she sang Shine on Me was probably the most memorable because it was the most out of place thing yet. Other than that, the song isn't much of a hold for these girls.

Lastly, this debut was fine. The song was fine, the music video was fine... but it wasn't outstanding or great especially comparing to other groups out there at this present day with their songs coming out. Of course, because it's an SM Entertainment group, these girls are going to prosper eventually. However, I'm not going to be the one to jump on the Red Velvet boat until I actually do see their originality... shine.

What did you think about Red Velvet's Happiness? Loved it? Hated it? Comment below!

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  1. I thought the song grow a bit after a couple of listings, not too bad. I like the "rap" parts of the song. I think this groups have potential and the members feels competent. My favorite is Seulgi.

  2. To be honest, I think this group is much better in vocal wise compared to SNSD and f(x), and though they look so similar with their make up (they did that too with SNSD), I can easily guess Wendy and Irene are the visual, and considering Irene can't really sing that well, she will bcm the main visual. Anyway, even with that, many female groups now has good if not great vocals. SPICA, MAMAMOO (I LOVE this group so much)..and if not bcs Red Velvet came from SM, I won't pay much attention to them. Song is generally good. But is that enough? SM need to stop to think ppl will just rushing spend their money on RV just bcs RV came from them. Since it's not and their record sales proved that. I will wait for them to showcase their real skills in better song.


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