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After over a year of waiting, EXO released their first single, 'Wolf' for their album, XOXO.  It features lots of dancing and comes in both Chinese and Korean. If you haven't seen their MV, watch it below!

After watching both, I could kinda finally understand why EXOtics were really anticipating this music video, however, I wouldn't say I really enjoyed the music video, though. What is absurd to me is how both MVs have both EXO-K and EXO-M members, them EXO-K members having to learn Chinese.

What I dislike/like
The song is catchy, maybe more like a rap. The constant howling makes my ears burst, actually. They have nice dance choreography, but if it wasn't for all that leaping, I would enjoy it much more.
I hate how SM Entertainment has changed Kai's hairstyle to cornrows. Although a big fan of Kai, I personally feel that the MV focused on Kai more than the rest of the members. Why? When howling, there is always a solo scene of him howling and when dancing, he is always at the front, disregarding the fact that he is nicknamed 'Dance Machine'.

To sum it up
Wolf is a pretty nice song, from an EXOtic perspective (of course), however, to me, it's a pretty big disappointment for how much I really anticipated it. But even with that being said, it's still worth a listen.

How do you think of the music video? Comment it below now!

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