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The queen of kpop, Lee Hyori, has finally returned with her 5th studio album, Monochrome, with the title track "Bad Girls". As part of her comeback into the kpop scene, she has released 3 music videos for this album, namely Miss Korea, Amor Mio (previously reviewed here) and the aforementioned song. Do check out the music video of "Bad Girls" below:

Contrary to the teaser image of Bad Girls (above) which boasts of Lee Hyori's bold sexy charisma (a killer glare + bold accessories + a vintage style jacket, as per, the music video was unexpectedly entirely hilarious and entertaining. Incorporating clever animation elements, it was generally really fun and quirky, though somewhat wavering towards eccentricity.

Apart from the handful of scenes where Lee Hyori lip-syncs  the music video was all about a storyline tracking several significant events in the life of a Bad Girl, specifically a revengeful, manipulative, scheming and violent one. Many scenes which could have been otherwise unsightly, controversial or rated were all presented in a much more light-hearted and comedic manner (though KBS has still decided to ban it on the premise of disrespect and sexual malice shown). Check out some of the scenes that were part of the MV below:
'Throwing a grenade' at a group of students who made fun of her, one of which pevertedly flipped up her skirt
Bringing great pains to her birth mother during childbearing, who eventually passed away when she was conceived
Skillfully pulling down the pants of her teacher who had leaned perhaps too closely to her during class
Charming this invigilator during examinations with a grenade and getting him to take her place
Lee Hyori took up many acting roles simultaneously during the video, which increased its amusement appeal greatly. There was a scene where a policewoman was in hot pursuit of the Bad Girl, in which Lee Hyori hilariously acted as both parties. 
come here you bad girl
hah hah catch me if you can

Since she is Lee Hyori after all, sexual appeal was still present in the video. The infamous scene of Sharon Stone's interrogation from the 1992 film 'Basic Instinct', was parodied, which involved the spreading of her legs in front of a panel of interviewers.
Turning men into wolves with her 'strange charm'

It is fortunate that Bad Girls has such a fantastic music video, because this made up for the audio aspect of the song which fell short. Yes, the song is certainly amazingly catchy with its systematic structure and easy to sing-along to tune. But Lee Hyori's vocals was really quite flat and very much lacking in colour or variation. It didn't help that the instrumentals were relatively toned down too. On a whole, the song wasn't that impressive.   

Dance Version

The dance for Bad Girls was on a whole really powerful, and 'sexy with a touch of class' (quoted from a comment in the video). While there wasn't really many impressionable dance moves (the only one for me being the finger twirling during the "Bad bad bad bad girls" part), she exuded an extremely strong charisma throughout.

To sum it all up, both videos are really worth checking out, even though Bad Girls is really not too great in terms of musicality.  

Did you enjoy the music video of Lee Hyori's Bad Girl? Do type your comments in the section below!

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