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There have been many past collaborations in the history of KPOP, be it to collaborate to perform a cover of a song, to collaborate to perform one of their songs, or to collaborate to release an original. To name a few, there have been collaborations between Big Bang and 2NE1 for Lollipop (above), f(x) and Super Junior for Oops, Yonghwa and Juniel for Fool and the list is virtually never-ending. Unlike stages by the individual acts themselves, the amount of attention these kind of performances receive is often short-lived, perhaps due to the fact that these kind of performances are usually one-off kind of affairs. 

Today, I stand (or more appropriately, type) here with the simple desire of wanting to bring some of the past KPOP collaborations back into the spotlight because they really do deserve to be appreciated once again for the musical and/or entertainment value that they offer. After much research, blood, sweat and tears, I have finally come up with a collated a list of past K-POP collaborations (mostly stages) split into many different categories for your easy reference. I have also provided the Youtube videos for the better ones (of course, these are just my personal picks). Enjoy! (do note that these only involve musical collaborations, not dance ones!)

1. Bromance & Sisterly/Family Love
One of the cutest and most adorable K-POP collaborations ever has got to be this - a special stage on the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards jointly performed by hyung Kim Jongkook and dongsaeng Haha, a brotherly relationship that they have long established on Running Man. They performed December (orginially by Turbo) and Rosa (originally by Haha). This special stage eventually goes on to include the hilarious dance featurings of Lee Kwangsoo and Yoo Jaesuk, showcasing the rapport and chemistry between the 4 lovely Running Man cast members.

Other performances to check out:
  • December + Black Cat + Twist King by Jongkook + Haha - Another collaboration between the brothers performing 3 Turbo hits, but in a much darker setting, comparably more serious, less freestyle, but just as fun!
  • Tik Tok (originally by Ke$ha) + California Gurls (originally by Katy Perry) by Jessica Jung + Krystal Jung - 2 collaboration performances between the Jung sisters for SMTown concerts along with choreographed dance moves. 
  • Definitely not a 'performance', but boasting of such a strong tangible family love between the Running Man members way beyond that of cast members from any typical variety show (tsk and because I am a Running Man fan) that I had to include it. So here's their Turbo Dance Party! It's slightly saddening that Running Man is becoming so scripted in recent times, because it is simply this wild lovable side of Running Man that anybody needs to see to fall in love with them. 

2. Sunbae-Hoobae
This is the exact stage that convinced me to write this post! As part of an SMTown Concert, Girls Generation's TaeTiSeo and EXO's members Chanyeol, D.O., Sehun and Luhan's performed a take of  DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again (originally by Usher ft. Bull). And this is truly incredible as throughout the performance, TTS and EXO were completely in sync. The energy level was great, and (keke) the interaction between TTS and EXO was unbelievably adorable and loving.

Other Performances to Check Out:

3. KPOP Star Special Stages
There have been many collaboration stages on KPOP Star between contestants (within the same season as well as across seasons 1 and 2) as well as between a contestant and an idol from the Big 3. The most impressive stage to me would be the joint performance by Lee Hi (Season 1) and 2000 Won (Season 2) of Love The Way You Lie (originally by Rihanna). The song choice was great (the song style suited both very well), and the arrangement of the song was brilliant, where all 3 of them could stand out comfortably yet equally. Very emotional, beautiful. 

Other performances to check out:
4. Couple Duet Style
When it comes to music collaboration stages of any form, this type of collaboration is a definite must! There is no better typical collaboration than that between a guy and girl singing of true love. Singing their digital single We Fell In Love is Jokwon and Ga-In (the Adam Couple on We Got Married) in the performance above. It's my pick because it feels like they are really singing the same tune both out loud and with their hearts, as though they really share some special connection, not to mention the loving expressions that they exchange throughout the stage.

Other performances to check out: 

5. Instrumental-Vocal Collaboration
This is where one side takes the instrument (usually a guitar or piano), while the other side takes the vocals. My top pick of such collaborations would have to be the acoustic rendition of Lonely by 2NE1 featuring Jung Sungha (popular Korean guitarist). 2NE1's solid vocals were spot-on and along with the toned down guitar strumming in the background by Jung Sungha, it was a musically really great performance. 

Other Performances to Check Out:
  • I Love You by 2NE1 featuring Jung Sungha - Another acoustic collaboration between them, and just as brilliant. 
  • That XX by G-Dragon featuring Jung Sungha - Fellow YG labelmate with the aforementioned guitarist, but a vastly different performance style from the 2 videos above. More toned down on vocals accompanied with the sweet guitar strumming, a performance worth listening.  
  • Can You Hear Me by Taeyeon featuring Seohyun - A performance of the Beethoven Virus OST originally by Taeyeon at the 36th Korea Broadcasting Prizes, except with Seohyun on the piano. It was more of Taeyeon taking centre stage with her beautiful vocals and Seohyun at the side, but a collaboration all the same. 

6. Instrumental+Vocal-Vocal Collaboration
This type of collaboration is an extension of the previous one, when the one on the instrumentals also has his/her share of vocals in the performance. The grandest performance I know from this category would definitely be Love Rain performed by Kim Tae Woo featuring Seohyun

Other performances to check out:
  • None of these performances are really fabulous, but they're worth listening to. And they both do away with all the glitz and glamour so this is really music for the soul. (Tsk and IU fans can get their treat here) So here's presenting IU and Taemin performing a song medley of Gee, Juliette and Hello and IU and Yonghwa performing Lucky (originally by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat).

7. Background Vocals - Lead Vocal Collaboration
This isn't your typical kind of collaboration, but I managed to find one between IU and Red Soul (an Acappella KPOP group) performing Good Day (originally by IU) at the 21st Seoul Music Awards. This softer twist of the hit song is extremely pleasing to the ears, worth a listen!

8. Across an Entertainment Company
Artistes from many entertainment companies have released a song as a whole before, namely SMTown, YG Family, JYP Nation and United Cube, or have performed a song live together before (most commonly being at their company concerts). I for one have kept my attention on songs by SMTown for a long while, and the most memorable songs of all would have to be Only Love. It is a song that truely captures all heartfelt emotions in its lyrics well. And it actually doesn't sound disjointed even when it is really one line per person. 

Other performances to check out:

  • Here are 2 more of SMTown songs that I like, Let's Go On A Vacation and Dear My Family. The former song is an upbeat, catchy and really fun song released in 2007 during Summer, while the latter is a more emotional song featuring only the vocal powerhouses from all of the idol groups. 

9. Between the vocally strong
When all the vocal powerhouses come together for a performance, we get this kind of collaboration which is extremely musically-centred and less on the entertainment side. Performed by Davichi, Taeyeon and Sunye in the video above is Stand Up For Love (originally by Destiny's Child). All of them executed their vocals really beautifully, and Davichi also demonstrated great chemistry and sang in harmony really beautifully. 

Other performances to check out:

  • The KPOP finalists of the first season have collaborated on several occasions after the season has ended for vocal performances, namely Mercy (originally by Duffy, starting at 4:30) and We Found Love (originally by Rihanna). The former is performed by Park Ji Min, Lee Hi and Baek Ah Yeon, while the latter is only performed by the Park Ji Min and Lee Hi. Both of these performances are vocally strong, though not really impressive. 
10. For a Cause

So far, all of these collaborations mostly revolve around the performing idols. But lets do some deep soul cleansing here, for music surely can't just be for the money and the fame. Music is for everyone, and more importantly, it should also be used to encourage, to support, to uplift the soul. Sure enough, there have been many instances of idol groups (not restricted to KPOP) collaborating among themselves to sing for a purpose, or instances of idol groups collaborating with special ones on stage as a testimony of love. Get all those hankies ready for this heartwarming, tear-jerking rendition of You Raise Me Up by TVXQ and Yoo Ye Eun, a 5 year old (correct?) blind girl.

Other Performances to Check Out:
Do you agree with my favourite KPOP collaborations? Or do you have some of your own favourite KPOP collaboration stage picks which did not appear on this list? Do type your comments in the section below!

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  1. I think out of all of them, TTS & EXO and the Hyorin & K.Will ones are my favorite. The Lee Hi one and 2NE1 x Sungha Jung one were great, too.

  2. Yeah - the Hyorin+K.Will duet was probably the best that I've seen.

    This is a great compilation, though.

    I don't know how these rank, but I also thought of the IU+Thunder acoustic covers of 'Sorry Sorry' and 'Lies'. They were pretty damn cute, if nothing else.

  3. Just finished watching both of them and I have to say, I am impressed. I didn't write this and Kai did but I would probably guess it being in: 5. Instrumental-Vocal Collaboration


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