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It's a fact--South Korea is the leading country in cosmetic prodecures, in 2008 alone, a whopping one in every five women in South Korea went under the knife, while in 2010, three out of twenty men went under the knife (thought nearly one in two men considered taking the procedure). Of course, since that time those numbers already increased significantly, more and more "hopefuls" pressing their luck and wishing for a bigger and better future with the new accessory of bigger and better eyes or a bigger (higher) and better nose tip, not thinking of the risks or the consequences however, just thinking of "[becoming] more beautiful".
And when they finally become more 'beautiful' and go under the knife, their families finally become able to say their child is pretty, their employers finally find a reason to hire the employee, their salesperson finally gives them discounts at stores and finally presents them with a better attitude... but is it really worth it?

"I like Girls Generation," said Korean schoolgirl Kim RyeoGyeong. "They have double eyelid and a small face; a round forehead -- from an implant. They say they didn't do any surgery, but I know they did."
Sure, in the morning, you get to look at yourself in the mirror, feeling unnatural but with the feeling what seems like a ton of weight removed from your shoulders because you no longer have to dread over that one small, hideous aspect that has been haunting you for ages.

Moreover, there's numerous upsides and downsides to cosmetic surgery, the positives being the:

     As stated above, you can get love from families

     and discounts from stores and respect.

     Plastic Surgery can arguably boost your self-esteem.

     And you can get a job easier because apparently:

27 percent of Korean college graduate job seekers blamed a failed interview on their looks.  28 percent of job seekers have already undergone plastic surgery (or plan to), in order to correct this 'error'.

And the negatives being the

     You can never go back to the way it was no matter how bad your surgery screwed up.

     There's always a chance something can go wrong. You're basically putting your life in the hands of people who care little to nothing about you. Perhaps the doctor is having a bad day... he can screw up your surgery. Perhaps all the electricity goes off in the surgeon's office and he cuts into your face... and screws up your surgery. Perhaps the anesthesiologist overdoses you with anesthesia... your surgery is screwed and so is your life.

     All that money is being used on something that can be easily covered up with make-up.

     Arguably, you can acquire a lower self-esteem. For example, people hound plastic celebrities like 2NE1's Park Bom and T-ara's Boram with 'plastic monster'... also, it's common when you go to the surgeon's office, looking to get only one procedure done, they pick out flaws and recommend you to fix your whole face because of course, you're an ugly ogre when it comes to money in the surgeon's pocket.

     There are FOREIGN OBJECTS inside you depending on the surgery you get.

     If you get too much surgery, your face can get frozen... forever.

Lastly, being that there are so many positives to overcome the negatives and vice-versa, maybe you'd over-think your previous preference towards plastic surgery and look from the other side's perspective and of course, vote on the poll below:

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  1. If there were zero risks and no side effects, sure.

    But that's not the reality. There are risks associated with it. Worst case scenario, just Google "botched plastic surgery" for a horror show. Other more minor issues can include long-term health issues, nerve damage, etc.

    Then, there's the issue of longevity of the results. I don't think it's a coincidence that the K-pop idols who are considered plastic surgery "monsters" tend to be the older ones. The two you mentioned, Bom and Boram, are nearing 30 years old. The surgeries you get in your late teens/early twenties will look better at that time because your skin is more elastic when you're younger. As you age, those procedures may end up looking worse and worse and give you that creepy mask-like face (which in my opinion, is way worse than just being unattractive).

    Unless you're significantly deformed, I'd say the risks outweigh the potential rewards in most cases. I'm sure there are exceptions (minor procedures where the risks are very low) but some of the more drastic stuff I've seen (jaw shaving, etc) must have some nasty side effects at some point.

  2. I'm the same, except, I would add "free" too. #cheapmofo
    There was supposedly a woman who died from just jaw shaving procedure... if that could happen on a surgery that's pretty common in Korea, what about something that's even less typical?

    Exactly, it looks better when the surgery is when you're younger, but once you start to age (for example, SNSD's Tiffany is starting to show), it gets more and more noticeable and tasteless.

    And for the significantly deformed thing, I think if you're someone like Daesung who got in a car accident and had their face screwed up after, it's more rewarding than consequential however, if the person is already pretty but just selfishly trying to get a bonus, maybe the person reconsider getting surgery and instead maybe just trying to cover it up with make-up... or gain some more confidence (easier said than done, I suppose, though?)

  3. It's just not worth it.

  4. Only if it was reconstructive. For example if I was in a car crash and half my nose was chopped off, or something like that.

  5. Very good point--similar to Daesung after his car accident where he didn't get ps to look better but instead, to look like his same self.


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