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You're Beautiful - 미남이시네요

It's been around a year now since I came across the wonderful world of K-dramas... and everything started with this one.

Who doesn't know it? It was really popular when it came out, and still is popular to this day. Nevertheless, for those who have never even heard about it, here's a little summary without spoiling anything important:

Go Mi-Nyu, a sister-in-training, disguises herself as her twin brother Go Mi-Nam, who auditioned to be in the famous boy band A.N.JELL, but had to leave for the US for some type of surgery before he could even meet his new band members. Mi-Nyu, wanting to be a good sister, pretends to be him for the time being until he came back. 

The cast is full of great actors such as Park Shin-Hye, Jang Geun-Suk, Lee Hong-Ki... and even the girl group After School takes part as the girl group 'Before School'... 

 In addition, if you liked the Korean original production, you'd like the two remakes for sure-- a Japanese version of this was released two years after the original and the Taiwanese remake is still running-- which they may be have the same synopsis, yet they are totally different.

Likewise, there ain't much to say about this drama besides that I'm really grateful I've watched it a year ago and it's a great start or those who never watched K-Dramas before.

It's funny, cute, easy to understand, has great music, awesome actors, and even though the love story is sooo stereotypical and expected, it just adds some charm to the whole package ^_^

5 out of 5 stars for 'You're Beautiful'

CLICK HERE an give it a shot :D

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