Posted by : AndiSweets July 24, 2013

It’s been about a year since the release of f(x)’s Electric Shock and after SM Entertainment endlessly teasing us for several months about f(x) eventually making a comeback this year, they’ve finally returned with their new single Rum Pum Pum Pum. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, check it out below!

The Video: The video takes place in SM Entertainment’s signature box sets. There isn’t much to be said about it due to the fact that it’s reminiscent of every other box set their artists record in. The only remark I have about it is that at the part where they’re walking around, pointing and grabbing at flowers floating in the air, I’m reminded of the video for Electric Shock. At least this time they’re actually looking at something rather than touching all over the wall in amazement. Now, onto the girls. Krystal and Luna look damn good with their new styles. Though Luna has rocked the long, black hairstyle before with Chu, it’s the style that looks best on her so far. Krystal’s new hair caught my attention when the first teasers were released and I think I’ve found my new bias in f(x): Krystal’s maroon colored hair. Victoria almost always looks good no matter what the stylists do with her. However, Sulli and Amber aren’t looking too hot in the video. Amber’s hair is way too blond and Sulli only looks good half of the time. The dance is relatively simple and easy to duplicate, much like dance for Electric Shock. It follows the beat nicely and looks like it would be fun to attempt at home but nothing about it really stands out to me except the upside down, hand clapping maneuver

The Song: The first time I listened to the song, I was extremely surprised that they sung in a round to lead up to the first chorus. It’s a risky move and you don’t normally see rounds utilized in pop music. At first, I thought it wouldn’t work out so well but I was proved wrong when they managed to blend it in with chords that are pleasing to the ears. The chorus has a way of getting stuck in your head, much like other f(x) songs. Another thing that stood out about the song was the lack of f(x)’s usual heavy electronic synth sound. This time, they opted to go for a more string instrumental type of song. Despite this change, you can still tell that this is an f(x) song. And finally, we move onto one of the more integral parts of the song (but not really): Amber’s rapping. Finally, we get to see – or rather hear – a clear improvement in Amber’s rapping skills. It’s not as awkward as before and she seems a lot more confident this time around. I’m not saying she’s now the best female rapper out there or that it’s an actual good part of the song. It’s just a lot better than before. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I actually like the rap in the song but they do a good job of leading up to it instead of surprising us with a random rap break like we’re used to seeing.

Overall opinion: I honestly wasn’t expecting much when it came to this song. SM Entertainment has been pumping out some really terrible songs this year with the exception of SHINee’s Dream Girl and Henry’s Trap (I’m not going to include BoA because she’s been working on her music on her own) so you can imagine my surprise when this song actually turned out to be good. The chorus has a way of getting into your head despite the lack of a random English hook for international fans to scream out loud at random, unless “rum pum pum pum” is somehow applicable to everyday life. Overall, I’d give this song a 4 out of 5.

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  1. IMHO, I think the saving grace to the song was the chorus--everything else was a bit... dreary and blegh

  2. Yeah, the song was pretty good but I'm tired of those damn box sets! So un-creative.

  3. At least it didn't make me cringe like Wolf and I Got a Boy did. At least, dreary and blegh is a step up from god awful. SM is starting to lose a bit of its luster.The first half of the year has been pretty terrible music wise but it looks like things might be improving in the second half of the year. There have been some pretty good releases recently.

  4. True~ Rum Pum Pum Pum actually was a bit better than the other two.

    Yeah, probably!

  5. I think, but I could be wrong, that SM is fucked when SNSD disbands.

  6. That could very well happen. SNSD are their biggest money makers and their managing skills are sub par. Theydo have SHINee but I doubt they will last much longer than SNSD. I don't think f(x) and EXO have the potential to create the same hype and fan base as SHINee and SNSD. But you never know. SMbis at the very least extremely good with advertising their idols.

  7. That's actually not that far-fetched, tbqh.

    Being that their new idols aren't that popular (like EXO), SuJu is done for already, SHINee & f(x)'ll probably end not long after SNSD disbands... BoA is their only saving grace but... well, you know.

  8. SM should really "pay more attention" to f(x) comebacks... These girls have talents... really good and varied talents. I hope they'll have a better comeback soon. The song is okay for me. I really like the Nu ABO era though.. : )


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