Posted by : Anonymous July 17, 2013

Ma Boy - 마보이

Gender-bender dramas are quite overrated, don't you think? 
I mean, the first gender-bender drama I've ever seen was 'You're Beautiful' and it was amazing... but after that...? Just no. I never said that others are bad (I actually liked dramas as 'To the Beautiful You' or 'Nail Shop Paris'), but it was quite obvious what was going to happen and how it would end.

To be honest, while watching 'Ma Boy' I wasn't like 'Oh. Em. Gee. (yeah, I said it), I wasn't expecting that at all', however, it's still a lovely drama.

The BIGGEST thing that made me watch it? The main character is a cross-dressing boy! All the gender-bender dramas are usually about girls, so I was really happy to see something different (and the boy's such a cutie, too!).

And though it's expected that he's trying to perv on the girls in school, I'll say NO it's totally not that! He had his reasons for doing it and if you want to know them, watch the drama!

I give the drama 4 out of 5 points (: 
{plus one extra point for only three episodes that wrapped up the whole drama perfectly!}

CLICK HERE and give it a try ^.^

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  1. I've watched the drama, and I think some of it was somehow cheesy yet addictive :^D


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