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As you all probably know by now, a member of the ever-rising group, SISTAR, has been swept into a speaking controversy recently, Hyorin not only caught not smiling but also caught giving a 'snarky' and 'cocky' remark back when trying to defend herself against the hatred. Because of course, Korean netizens are 'so forgiving', they still gave her a plethora of shit. Here's a few comments below:

[+2,612, -357] But I think Hyorin just has a hot temper. On Immortal Song, she'd talk to senior Moon Hee Jun with a straight face and you can tell just by the way she interacts with other people. I get that a person can't always be smiling but she's a celebrity... she lives off of her fans. She should be treating them preciously.
[+2,195, -183] The problem is that she could've just apologized but instead she said that she can't always be smiling. What she said was cocky, like she was being forced to apologize when she didn't want to. Celebrities are a part of the service industry, fan signings are not charity events. It's a part of their job. She wasn't professional at all. She should really look in a mirror and practice smiling instead of sleeping in the car. 
[+1,833, -139] Hyorin makes it so obvious that she thinks she's hot stuff.. She needs to return to her roots. 
[+1,478, -103] There's a line that people will think she's cute and cool up to... once you cross that line like she did, you just end up looking cocky and star diseased

Similar to the Hyosung democratization controversy, I can easily shed light on both sides, not one being better than the other because both have their own logic and reason behind them.

The pro-Hyorin side:
To be honest, she is definitely right. Whether you're a celebrity or not, you cannot hide the fact that a single person cannot smile all day, everyday. SISTAR's Hyorin was not feeling it today and shouldn't be getting targeted for such a small thing--most of the people who are talking shit about her haven't even attended the fan-signing and blowing it completely out of proportion as opposed to the fan accounts of people who actually did attend and appeared more understanding.

The anti-Hyorin side:
The problem with this whole controversy is not that Hyorin didn't smile, but what she said about her verbal action to defend herself. She truly could've just apologized and this whole thing would have been swept under the rug... however, she resorted to cockily saying,
How can a person only be smiling for 24 hours 365 days a year, right? So it wasn’t that I was in a bad mood, I just didn’t have any expression on my face.
 As a celebrity, she should first understand that even though people don't smile '24 hours 365 days a year', it's her job to act like she's happy all the time, and furthermore should take responsibility for her poor choice of words. In addition, she should be grateful fans even came to the fan-signing to see her and shouldn't have kept the 'pissed-off look' the whole time.

Lastly, I think the similar underlying problem with the not only this incident but also the past Hyosung incident is that both of them had the key, most popular and basically 'face' of the group screw-up. Because the spotlight is concentrated so highly on these key players, it's important for them to keep their image 'sparkly clean' and I doubt that if any other person from the group said the same exact thing (because of course, they're less popular), the scandals would have been as big as they are now. However, it was the most popular member who caused the whole group's image to tarnish.

What do you think of the whole controversy? Are you with Hyorin or against Hyorin's choice of words? Comment below!

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  1. This whole contraversy is ridiculous its like the korean netizens don't have much time on their hands.

  2. 'its like the korean netizens don't have much time on their hands.'

    You mean have too much time on their hands xD

  3. I think this will blow over quickly (if it hasn't already).

    But Korea has to be one of the most unforgiving places in the world to be a public figure. You're almost guaranteed to piss off netizens over some stupid little thing or be involved in their definition of a "scandal" at some point.

    Hyorin is more real than most idols. I like her back-handed "apology". Screw 'em.

  4. I think the buzz about it will blow over by next week being that scandals happen all the time and cover up other scandals, but this small, little thing will stay on Hyorin for the rest of her career... especially judging from what people still say about 'scandalous' idols such as Hyosung who was mentioned in the post, it's undeniable she (Hyorin) will still be famous however, people will start referring to her as 'The girl who can't smile 365 days a year, 24 hours a day' and the 'Iljin girl' as they've already resorted to already.

    Exactly, I love Hyorin for that. She's one of the few idols you can actually kind of rely on for telling at least some of the truth when they speak and not sugar-coating it (Hyoyeon being another person who does this) and in my opinion, what she said wasn't at all cocky... it was just telling them the truth and standing up for herself without having to give a half-assed apology.

  5. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was joke. I can't believe the netizens are making such a big deal out of this!

  6. Precisely! I still can't fathom as to why this has gotten so far as to even people calling her things like iljin and cocky.

  7. Seriously what is up with these people

  8. I like Hyorin. I don't follow Sistar, but ever since that gif of her responding to a fan's gwiyomi 2+2 with a total dry 4, I'm fascinated by her. She has enough backbone to not succumb to aegyo, and that wins cookies from me. I hate excessive aegyo. They turned me off a lot of groups.

  9. Can I see the gif please if you still have it xD?


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