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Dear Diary,

At first, I wasn't going to write about this issue--obviously, it's a huge, racial topic so I didn't want to add more to the ruckus. However, with me going around the blogosphere as well as simple websites like allkpop and SPIN, I changed initial thoughts and decided to write about what's happening.
I think what's extremely hilarious to me is how 99% of the people who are speaking about what blacks should and shouldn't do aren't even of the black race. Likewise, another hilarious factor is that a lot people are going on and on about how blacks should keep quiet but I've literally seen less than ten people of the African descent speak out about this topic openly on websites like Twitter or Youtube, around half not even siding with the anti-GD/he's-a-racist-twat side while the rest of the people talking about it are either Asian and white (men, specifically) whom are trying to preach about 'race', the meaning of life and even the history of the world as if they've turned to some type of college history professor and are the acclaimed messiahs of right and wrong when I bet they're in the same or a similar boat that I'm sailing on and hearing little to no outburst from the African and African-American community. I mean, let's be honest here for a second, there's not that many black K-Pop fans if comparing to the massive amount from other races so it's a bit obvious it's not that large... but why do people keep going on about it like there's a huge amount that's doing it?

Anyway, what I really want to base this post on are the things I've heard people say regarding this. 

"Blacks think blackface is racist"

First off, give me ten pieces of evidence from an actual African or African-American ranting about it in a negative way towards G-Dragon's recent stunt that you've seen before all this buzz and stupidity came out and then we'll talk...oh, you don't have any? Wow, that's funny. Then why are you speaking about it like you've just seen an angry mob outside your window?

Secondly, obviously it's expected... in fact, if a Caucasian like well, Miley Cyrus were to pull her eyes back, making an Asian-like face, and seeming racist towards my race, what's the difference between me having the right to call out or talk about her racist actions towards me and blacks (actually, most aren't even black who're calling this out) getting metaphorically stoned, humiliated and shamed as if they're "the real racists". Not to mention, I somewhat understand the view because it's like a cultural difference. Koreans literally don't see blackface as harmful or racist because it's tradition...and frankly, there's not even that many blacks in Korea to speak up about it however, for people outside of Korea who are used to and protected to calling out things that they find offensive don't realize the cultural difference and instead see it as shaming their race. 

From my point of view and as a minority in the society I'm living in where I get picked on for my 'small eyes' and inability to drive correctly, I really do see sympathy. Like, at first, I brushed off the G-Dragon thing because I truly didn't give that much of a shit because I knew the whole concept of blackface wasn't meant for offense however, after seeing the insensitive comments that were 100% more grueling, talking about 'black outrage', people saying blacks are more racist than them when in fact, every single race has their bad apples, insensitive racially-charged comments using derogatory terms, irrelevant past experiences with 'that one black person who did something wrong' and of course, people acting as if themselves being racist and saying racist and demoralizing things towards a whole, basically unresponsive community isn't racist since blacks are the true racist (one commenter even said 'blacks don't know the difference between racism and jokes'. My thoughts? No racially-motivated joke is funny. Watch 'Asian Girlz'. Likewise, I remember someone said to me a few months ago that 'Asians are good at everything except driving' when I was driving them somewhere and apparently went too slow. I said that's pretty stereotypical and racist back and they said 'No, it's a joke. It's not racist.' How can someone from an outside race tell the person inside the race that's being targeted what's racist and offensive and what's not?).

Would you like me to do your nails and cosplay for you since all Asian Girlz know that shit?
So in conclusion, I had to speak up and write this diary entry, letting out my fumes towards the stereotypical and hypocritical ignoramuses of the worldwide web who fail to see life on the other side. Likewise, I'm guessing next time someone says I can't drive, am good at math and have a ninja pussy, I should just take it like a man and wait for people who's outside my race to justify the doing because it's not racist as long as someone who isn't even receiving the hate says it's so. I'm not saying what G-Dragon did was racist but I can understand why the African-American community would have outrage, them, not being used to the whole concept of blackface and of course, seeing it as a racial thing when it's not.
Not so sincerely,
That Asian girl who's against the racist buffoons who sit behind a computer screen and watch porn 24/7.

P.S. The person who wrote the 'SPIN' article which started everyone to think of 'Trayvon Martin' and get pissed off? Yeah, he's a white man. 
P.P.S. Fuck the 'facial mask' bit. I'm a female. I've been to sleepovers. If that shit was a facial mask, it'd get in your eye and blind you before you even had the time to take pictures. YG Entertainment already released a statement saying that it was for a photoshoot for his newest album (we can't be 100% sure that's true, though) but well... these college history professors never know when the semester is over and still have to argue about irrelevant topics and feel the need to call out a race for being racist when they've probably, again, are in the same boat as me.
P.P.P.S. Again, I never said anything about what G-Dragon did being racist so before you shove words in my mouth that haven't even left my lips, please hold on a second.
P.P.P.P.S. I'm pretty sure many native Koreans know who Trayvon Martin is....

August 3rd, 2013

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  1. I know what you mean. Honestly, as a black person myself, I was a little offended. But as I read the article I just brushed it off. I hate how people act like we (the African-American community) take every thing that's racist seriously. Yes, we do sometimes, and it's just some of us. If the person is saying something and it's an ACTUAL joke. Than that's fine I understand. But if they sit there and say something that's ACTUALLY racist, then they shouldn't use the "oh, it's a joke" excuse to not be called out. To me, every race is racist at equal.

  2. I hate when people pull the "oh, it's a joke" card because if they even had pull it in the first time, then clearly their "joke" wasn't funny and they just made themselves look like an asswad.

  3. I don't know what GD was thinking when he posted this. In my opinion GD has been trying to be a bit too artistic lately. I mean the guy is wearing skirts in airports and is always wearing crazy make up wherever he goes. I get it he's trying to express himself but seriously some times I think, "is that really necessary"? I think he did cross the line with this picture but not in the way others are trying to portray it. I don't think he was being racist, instead I think he was trying to be artistic. Yes, it was a total fail, like what he was wearing in CL's video.
    so I think he should just dial down his weirdness cause it really is getting over the top.

  4. Agree indeed.

  5. " I hate how people act like we (the African-American community) take every thing that's racist seriously."

    These people are simply asswads and probably only knew like 1 or 2 black people throughout their lives, judging the rest off of them.

    "But if they sit there and say something that's ACTUALLY racist, then they shouldn't use the "oh, it's a joke" excuse to not be called out."

    EXACTLY! One time someone said a racist thing to me (I forgot tbh... it was something about rice or something) and I called them out and kept insisting 'It's not racist'. Like, literally, for the next 5 minutes then I just rolled my eyes and ignored the douche.

  6. lmao ikr... the pants, though, oh gosh. I think he was just trying to show his 'I'M DIFFERENT. I'M EXPRESSING MYSELFFFFF' side but just turned up starting controversy. I like GD but he just turns up looking stupid half the times I see him.


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