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Hosted by Sony Music Korea and Mafia Record, a new, seven-member hip-hop group named Wassup is about to debut, revealing their twerkalicious teasers just yesterday which can be viewed below.

Jeana: I am looking forward to Wassup’s debut. Their prominent street dance hip-hop group concept is something, I feel, to be severely lacking in the K-Pop scene. While there have already been several noticeable attempts at hip-hop concepts for female groups in the K-Pop scene, none of them hit hip-hop in the target as well as Wassup did in the short video. To me, previous hip-hop K-Pop concepts came off as either too techno/eccentric (The Baddest Female by CL) or too feminine (I Got A Boy by Girls’ Generation). So i'm glad that Wassup might just pave the way in K-pop hip-hop. 

At the core of Wassup’s hip-hop concept lies their move to bring twerking to the K-Pop scene like never before. Twerking is definitely not new to K-Pop (Bubble Pop by Hyuna), but it has comparatively been much more subtle and laid back as compared to what Wassup displayed. Honestly, as a fellow female, twerking disgusts me, disturbs me and completely puts me off, which is kind of self-explanatory. But on a whole, my anticipation for their hip-hop concepts rises above everything else.  

Look at the girl on the far left, LOL.

Tiffany: To be honest, I don't even understand all the hate for this group, at all. I'm one of those odd people who actually don't really hate twerking nor really care if someone twerks to their hearts desire therefore when I saw the teasers, instead of cringing in my seat like I do with most people who booty shake and do explicit choreography, I simply just sat there and watched the whole thing through like it was no big deal... because it really wasn't. Likewise, the girl in the grey tights (who looks healthier than most idols) was working it--she looks kind of mixed, though... is that the reason why her badonkadonk is so large?

Many people on the comments are using the 'it's degrading' card--one that I use a lot--which I can't really argue with but the song hasn't even come out yet... give them a chance. No one said shit when Miss A's Min did it, why is it different here? And lastly, people are complaining how they have no ass (which is true, only the grey tights one has a some apparent  but really... how many of you have huge asses?

Andi: When you live in the Atlanta area like I do, twerking is no big deal and practically everyone knows how to do it. I've seen all types of people do it of different statures and racial backgrounds (though I doubt anyone would want to see a chubby Hispanic guy twerk his way into oblivion) so it doesn't really effect me the same way some of the commenters on the videos are effected. It's just a part of street hip hop, and like Jeana said, there's very little of that accurately portrayed in Kpop. I think part of the reason there's so much hatred for the group could be the fact that a good majority of Kpop fans are so big on slut shaming that if you dance like a slut, you are a slut, and you deserve to be hated for it. Of course, I don't feel that way but it's disturbing to see it happening so often with netizens' comments.

As for Wassup's debut, I'm not really sure how I feel about it personally. I'm interested to see what they bring to the table and I will be on the look out for them but I generally don't get too hyped up about new groups coming to the scene. I will say that the first video reminded me of something I'd see happening around where I live so it was something I felt comfortable watching  it and I even found it a little refreshing. We don't usually see idols trying to appeal to that type of crowd without seeming pretentious or missing the point entirely. 

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