Posted by : KimAngie August 12, 2013

We'll just have to wait and see...

With intentions of tackling a new concept, group NU'EST is coming back to the k-pop scene. Soon to showcase and promote their incoming single, Sleep Talking, they've released teaser photos that left their fans' hearts fluttering. The comeback is scheduled to be on August 22nd.

Although many groups as well as solo artists, such as G-Dragon and Seungri, are making their comebacks this august as well-- NU'EST shows they are not afraid of competition. Hoping to remain relevant, they challenge in the charts. Let's see if they can capture my heart, though.


Last year, these 5 good-looking boys debuted and took the k-pop world by storm with Face, later released Action, followed by their most recent Hello. Face, to me, was not as good as I was expecting. They promoted themselves with bringing something different to the mainstream k-pop table, which they did, but the song itself was...well...lacking. What I think it lacked was an impact. The song went in through one ear and out the other, not leaving anything too special behind.

Action, on the other hand, was a much better release-- and Hello, with its praise worthy-vocals, was no less if not better. With a tendency of going opposite of the stream, I did not- although Face kinda was- find this group all too different from the other groups, contrary to what they intended to promote. Like ZE:A, for them to completely secure the spot in my heat that's lacking by 2%, this comeback needs to make me eat my words.

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  1. I've always liked NU'EST, so I'm really excited for their comeback! I hope the song doesn't disappointing me or whatever, although I have realized that if I listen to any song long enough, then it'll grow on me lol


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