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Famous actor Cha Seung Won's pro gamer son Cha No Ah has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor not long ago. The victim, a 19 year old high school student, had reported to the Seoul Central Police that she was locked in a studio apartment and sexually assaulted by Cha. "Mr. Cha (No-Ah) locked her into a vacation house that his grandfather owned since April until now and sexually assaulted and threatened her multiple times" the victim's lawyer claimed. More on the matter can be explored, here.

This is not the first time Cha has been in trouble with the law. Previously, 6 famous as well as non-famous icons were suspected of consuming marijuana, which is completely illegal in the country of South Korea, and amongst them was Cha No Ah. Who knew that that case would only be the beginning of what tarnishing Cha No Ah would do to his family's name.

With the first case mentioned above came a big blow for the respected Korean actor, Cha Seung Won. Receiving hate and having no choice but to take it, he apologized on the behalf of his son:

"I am Cha Seung Won. Before the actor Cha Seung Won, as a father who wasn't able to raise his son well, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Aside from all of the facts, as a father with a son who has been hit with a controversy, I feel a sense of moral responsibility and I am unable to hold in my deep sadness. I bow my head and apologize once again."

As though that wasn't enough, which I agree to an extent, the victim's father then asks of Cha Seung Won to kneel for his daughter-- his son's victim. And top of such request, netizens have been putting all the blame on Cha Seung Won-- bashing him for improperly raising his son.

Although I agree to a certain degree, I don't agree with all the blame being put on Cha Seung Won. My reason being that although parents do indeed play a big factor on who their off-spring comes to be, I also believe that the off-spring play the majority. Parents are there to guide you through the way they believe is right, but only you can create your own persona-- taking in what you feel comfortable with.

Cheerleader, top of the class, and valedictorian was a drug addict. She was guided, but misguided herself. See my point? Even if we are taught right from wrong, it's up to the person to pick whether they want right or wrong-- to pick between the two.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree on what you say.. Although it's kind of the father's fault of not raising his son well, he shouldn't be put on all of the blame for this. It's mostly the perpetrator's fault for doing this. I don't think that he should kneel for his son. His son needs to do it himself. He needs to know the consequences of his actions.

  2. Koreans must not understand the idea of individual choice.


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