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Whenever an idol group decides to perform while lip-syncing instead of using their natural vocals, the story is always the same for their fans: "It's really hard to dance and sing at the same time, therefore, oppar and unnir need to lip-sync to have a better performance". And contrary to the allkpop article defending lip-syncing, in my opinion, (I do realize that idols do both dancing and singing) I'd find this claim equivalent to bologna, idols still being able to put on a good show without having to split the effort in half by not singing while doing so.

OK. That makes a lot of sense. It almost made me forget about this.
There are a multitude of past performances that didn't include lip-syncing yet still turned out impeccableAs said by netizens who claimed to attend the concert, Jay Park performed around 15 songs, live singing and dancing included, and though was out of breath, still gave a close to perfect result.

4. [+56, -16] I saw him at the JTN concert and he was amazing. Sang 15 or so songs in a row while dancing without rest and not one breath was out of place. Daebak. 
6. [+44, -12] I was really surprised with him at the JTN concert. For 50 minutes, he sang 14 songs with dancing... He was clearly out of breath when he was talking but as soon as the song started, his voice never faltered... Really amazing. 

And even the group 4minute, who received hate for HyunA's lip-syncing incident last year, performed What's Your Name including live singing and live dancing, still managing to sound alright during the performances.

So why is lip-syncing really that necessary? The method of when-it's-the-time-to-sing-don't-dance-as-much is used all the time... in fact, most performers actually use that already for an easy alternative to lip-syncing... so why must others lip-sync for other reasons than:

     •  being ill (if a whole group is sick, then that's a serious problem however, if one person who sings five words per song is sick, that's not an excuse)
     •  having extremely intense choreography that makes them shit their pants (should invest time in using the method above, though)
     • or just being shitty vocalist, sucking live and accepting it?

In addition, as stated by a forum user:

(Click to Enlarge)
which is something I actually have to agree with to an extent.

So what do you think about lip-syncing? Is it good overall, bad overall or does it just depend on the situation? Voice your opinions below!

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  1. Even when they're not completely lip-syncing, there's almost always a "backup" vocal track.

    I don't really care one way of the other. If you are an excellent singer, sure - do it live. But if you're not (most K-pop idols), then go ahead and lip sync. I'd rather not hear them butcher the song while doing the dance moves half-assed.

  2. I'm annoyed both by lip-syncing AND loud back-track. Lip-syncing is lying, especially if your profile says you're a singer. You're too tired to sing live? Oh.... okay I'm too tired to listen to your song then. Loud back-track is probably a foolproof way to cover up potential mistakes ie cracking voice, but if it's too loud and drowns out the singer's actual effort to reach his notes then lawd.

    I guess I'm just being extra nitpicky when it comes to these things, because it's Kpop and others will definitely go all, why so serious?, at me.

  3. "You're too tired to sing live? Oh.... okay I'm too tired to listen to your song then."

    I should put this statement in a plaque.

    I agree with the loud backup track, it's more-or-less lip-syncing because you can barely hear the voice... only at some moments you can, to be honest but most of the time the back-track doesn't really capture the vocals.

  4. I actually clap out loud in the privacy of my room whenever I catch someone making a mistake during their stages because lord knows I need to be reminded that these people are human and they are not at the goddess-level of Younha. /bias showing/

    No, I have expectations and unless they fulfill it, I'm totally fine to look for people who /do/, or at least /try/ to. How else do these people expect to improve if they can't see for themselves how far they need to go to achieve and deserve their singer title? And everywhere they go saying they'd like to be called as artists instead of idols.

    Okay why am I ranting so much about this >____>

  5. LOL well, that was unexpected. But yeah, when someone makes a mistake, it kind of urks me when people get at the idol for it... I mean, they're not perfect so of course, they'll make mistakes. Just as long if their singing is good most of the time, tbqh, I don't care. lmao 'goddess-level Younha' IS amazing, I love her vocals oh geez.

    True, I think they should at least TRY... I mean, for example idols like Wonder Girls' Sohee who has been improving her vocals lately is trying but there's idols for example, Goo Hara who stay at the same place and resort to things like lip-syncing instead to make-up for por vocals.'And everywhere they go saying they'd like to be called as artists instead of idols.' - YES! IMHO, the base of being an artist is having actual talent and being able to make up your own, original content... not content fed to you by companies, tbh.

    K-Pop 'Ranter'. Get it off your chest, it's welcome, here. XD

  6. Right now I'm following Infinite, and Sungyeol (and Sungjong, to an extent) makes me proud. He gets a lot of flack because of his lack of lines and he really is unstable live especially if he's nervous, but his effort is amazing, so much that everytime I see him singing live, it just makes me want to squish something. Kudos to Woollim for making them sing live, even if backed by back-track. That's better than lip-syncing.

    Younha is just..... just...... perfect. I've followed her since 2008 when I first stepped into Kpop, and I'm constantly awed by her materials.

    Even if you're fed content, please at least manage to deliver it, no matter how shaky. It's amazing how fans can coddle your inability to deliver with multiple defensive reasons. I'm not expecting them to pull a Taetiseo. A singer should sing, at the end of the day.

    Lmao this blog is nurturing my whiny side. XD

  7. That's great! I know talent isn't much of a given when it comes to K-Pop training so Sungyeol is somewhat off the hook but the fact that he tries whereas other artists literally just sit there and stay at the same exact level with OBVIOUSLY little to no effort is appalling to me... how do they expect me to spend money on buying their shit when they can't even give a shit?

    1,2,3 is my jam, my gosh, I can seriously have that track on replay for the rest of my life and even to the afterlife.

    Exactly, fans cannot give it a rest--anything to just prove their oppar and unnir is perfect when in fact, they're not.


  8. Depends, if they are absolutely horrible singers in general that I must shut my ear to stop listening then YEAH lipsync all they want... if I like the song but the singer just sucks without autotune and sings it live... then I might just end up not listening to the song because of constant reminder that the voice is fake -.-'
    I'm weird like that :P


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