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It hasn't been long since the release of 2ne1's Falling In Love which immediately topped the charts almost as soon as it was released. 2ne1 has released yet another chart topper, Do You Love Me, after gifting us with two teasers and the choreography practice that we wouldn't be able to see in their music video. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!

The video: Due to tight schedules because of the song's release date, 2ne1 didn't have the time to record a professional video filled with the glamour and bombastic feeling that we're used to seeing. YG Entertainment instead opted to make a very bold move and shed themselves all the perfection and glitter to have the girls record the music video themselves. How? By simply having a jolly old time with some cameras on deck. This is perhaps the most raw portrayal I've seen of an idol group, possibly ever. Scripted or not, this music video seems more natural and fun than any of 2ne1's other videos. They even had their friends join in on the fun with a little dance party and the girls run around with their phones and record various people with beautiful lady lips mouthing "do you love me?". 
All the girls look pretty good especially considering the fact that its harder to use lighting and special effects to make them look better with that type of recording style. Park Bom actually moves her face a little; Dara looks kind of dull because of the blond hair; Minzy doesn't look too hot either but that's probably because they didn't get too many good shots of her; and CL, despite not being the most good looking member in the group, oozes a sexy confidence throughout the whole video. There are some parts where they look kind of drunk, though - especially the parts when they're bouncing on the bed and fooling around in the bathroom. 

The song: The song starts off right away with a sort of magical, feel good vibe to it (which reminded me a little bit of Epik High's Up) followed by CL chanting "D-O Y-O-U L-O-V-E M-E" which you will hear multiple times throughout the song. I wasn't necessarily impressed by the chanting but it did fit well enough with the song. At first, when they began singing "do you love me?" it sounded out of tune and I thought that maybe Park Bom's singing wasn't quite on point but when CL followed suit in the same tone, I realized it was intentional. After a few listens, I could no longer notice it and I started to like the sound of it. However, Dara nearly ruined the song when her part came up. It's no question that she is not a great singer and her voice is usually drowned out by heavy robotic autotune to hide that fact. Unfortunately, this time they didn't try to hide her voice, nor did they seem to try to fix it, unless even autotune couldn't save the dead sound of her voice. Minzy picks up Dara's slack with her segment, which make's her sound like the best singer in 2ne1 after Dara's terrible vocals (and it seems that she's working her way up with the way Park Bom's vocals are slowly deteriorating). Dara's first segment was bad enough, but she has yet another part in the song. Granted, it's not as bad as the first time because it lacks that high note that is terribly off pitch. Perhaps it was to make her sound slightly better in comparison. 

Overall opinon: Though this isn't one of 2ne1's best songs, it is a pretty decent track. It would have been even better if YG had cut off the fat (so to speak) and made Dara's parts smaller or drowned out the sound of her voice the way they usually do. The music video's style was unique and quite good compared to all the other experimental videos other groups have been releasing throughout the year. 

What do you think? Did you like this new music video style?

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  1. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    Due to tight schedules because of the song's release date, 2ne1 didn't have the time to record a professional video filled with the glamour and bombastic feeling that we're used to seeing.

    ok this is how i analyze this matter.

    The cost of decent Music Video something around 200k to 400k
    and $20 to $50k to produce a decent singles album right now.

    1. now lets begin to CL the Baddest Girl digital release

    as you can see its not cheap MV right?and its digital release.

    did YG eared from it?...i doubt it..because its not doing well so there's no revenue from it that's for sure. we all know the profit sharing of digital sales.

    2. Falling in love of 2ne1. its not that cheap too. but its not doing very well also.

    as you can see they have to pay for their dancer. production etc.

    and for sure they have sponsor as well to produce 2ne1 MV or YG its from YG itself.

    3. "We all know Filming an MV is easy ..its like Whole day or 2 days of filming is good enough to finish the Whole MV. take note

    it takes 2 days if they have different set .or

    Solo Version,
    Dance Version
    Drama Version
    any kind vof version.

    and now i think DIL is doing well in chart but Not 2ne1 Standard so i doubt there's revenue from it to cover all expenses ..sohaving this excuse is not really logical

    """Due to tight schedules because of the song's release date, 2ne1 didn't have the time to record a professional video""""

    so i think YG prefer a BIG production for 2ne1 Next album or they prepare to release their Real Weapon to the next 2 MV of 2ne1

  2. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    Omfl, perfectly thought- out. *claps*

  3. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 9:32 PM i think 2ne1 still have 2 MV to release ..or 1 MV and ALBUM next?

  4. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 9:43 PM

    I think 1 mv and album. I don't think they can be spending anymore dough unless they want to keep filming low-budget videos like these-- though I wouldn't mind. What they should do is release an album and pray for the best that it's an all-kill. Even if it's not, I bet they can just put off any more promotions until they gain enough profit from the merchs and albums to pay that shit.

  5. OfficialKARALoverAugust 8, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    yes I agree.. 1 MV and should be FULL album next because ..they release 4 MV and its not a joke money ...
    and remember YG have PSY and big bang and other artist to release an MV too..

    so its gonna be YG vs YG charts?..
    it doesn't matter as long as they are doing well .

    and you are right ..if they keep release MV w/o assurance of income ..its hard to think what will happen next ..and they also have no cf. endorsement now and only CL magazine ...
    and everyone knows that in KOREA there's not much income in music industry. CF and endorsement and solo project offer and event is the real deal *money*
    and take note ..2ne1 still not listed in Incheon kpop wave in sept 1.. as always ..

  6. whyaminotmarriedtoraviAugust 8, 2013 at 10:12 PM

    I really don't get how YG thinks. They basically alienated 2ne1 and that's obviously going to affect them. If they were properly endorsed with a bunch of cf offers and they were to not sell well, it wouldn't be a problem because they'd have what they earned through cfs and shows to back them up. I seriously can't with the big 3. Don't know when to get their shit straight.

  7. I agree with everything, but I heard a rumor that the real reason as to why the MV isn't high quality is that the director they were originally going to get got paid by SM not to do it o.O

  8. Is it sad I love the music video more then the song? It just feels really raw and fun.

  9. tbh, I think that's with like 99% of the songs for the passed year xD. The songs were meh but the mv saved it from shame.


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